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ABERDEEN:   Births        Marriages        Deaths                  Aberdeen Family Histories

Aberdeen Parish Map (shows location of events in yellow)

ANGUS                 Births        Marriages         Deaths

 Angus Parish Map


Argyll Vital Statistics:       Births          Marriages             Deaths

MAP of Islay Parishes                      MAP Islay Overview

Isle of Islay:    Births/Baptisms          Marriages             Deaths

Isle of Islay:      Passenger Lists        Tenants              Researchers   

Isle of Islay:     Travel Tips

Note: There are more Gillespies in Ontario, Canada from the Isle of Islay, than any other Scottish location of origin. Most of them arrived during the 1830s to as late as 1851.  Islay Immigrants to Ontario

Books: Sketches of Islay by William MacDonald, MD;  Islay, Biography of An Island, by Margaret Storrie

AYRSHIRE                     Births         Marriages       Deaths

         Ayr Parish Map


BERWICK             Births         Marriages       Deaths

                                     Berwick Parish Map

BUTE                      Births                      


CLACKMANNAN      Births        Marriages      Deaths

DUMFRIES           Births         Marriages       Deaths

                                    Dumfries Parish Map

DUNBARTON       Births        Marriages        Death

EAST LOTHIAN    Births        Marriages        Deaths

Edinburgh – see MIDLOTHIAN

FIFESHIRE              Births        Marriages          Deaths

INVERNESS         Family Histories          Marriages                                                                           Deaths

KINCARDINE        Births        Marriages        Deaths

KIRKCUDBRIGHT  Births      Marriages        Deaths

LANARK                 Births      Marriages         Deaths

Biography of Robert Gillespie, Merchant to Canada

City of Glasgow      Births     Marriages         Deaths

MIDLOTHIAN           Births     Marriages         Deaths

City of Edinburgh     Births     Marriages            Deaths                                                    Edinburgh Gillespie Biographies

MORAY                        Births     Marriages        Deaths

ORKNEY                                         Marriages

PERTH                          Births     Marriages        Deaths

RENFREW                Births      Marriages        Deaths

ROXBURGH            Births     Marriages          Death

STIRLING                 Births      Marriages         Deaths       (Note: There are more Gillespie marriages in Stirling than any other location for Scotland).                                                                                     Stirling Parish Map

WEST LOTHIAN                       Marriages

WIGTOWN              Births    Marriages        Deaths