SCOTLAND: Argyll Isle of Islay Researchers

Donna Alden-Bugden – Ann Gillespie & Archibald Currie to Manitoba and Saskatchewan via Bruce & Simcoe Counties, Ontario CANADA

Flo  Atherly – Alexander Gillespie, s/o Duncan and Margaret Gillespie, to Otter Lake, Ontario

Roger Bainbridge– Angus Gillespie in Creemore, Simcoe Co, Ontario CANADA

Malcolm Campbell: Margaret Gillespie married William Campbell of Octomore.

Bonnie Cameron Gillespie  –  Archibald Gillespie & Rachel Patterson. Their daughter Catherine married Angus Cameron. They immigrated with five children to Renfrew County, Ontario, CANADA

Gordon Gillespie– Duncan Gillespie & Margaret immigrated from Islay to Victoria/Ontario Counties in Ontario, Canada

Neil Gillespie– Donald Gillespie, son John. Possible links to Canada

Sharlee Hughes – Archibald Gillespie to Creemore, Simcoe Co, Ontario CANADA

Richard Sheil – Christiana Gillespie & Alexander McMillan to Cannington/Mariposa, Ontario CANADA

Barbara Wyatt – Donald Gillespie & Isabella McVicar to CANADA

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