SCOTLAND: City of Glasgow Births & Baptisms

Andrew Gillespie, birth March 28, 1864 Hutchesontown, Glasgow, Scotland, son of Peter Gillespie & Agnes Dyer

Campbell Mushet Gillespie, (male) birth May 12, 1860 Milton, Glasgow, Scotland, son of David Gillespie & Margaret Mushet

Elisabeth Gillespie birth May 26, 1866 Central District, Glasgow, Scotland, daughter of John Gillespie & Ann Currie.

George Gillespie, born at Glasgow during 1683, Educated at Glasgow University, Presbyterian clergyman and author. Emigrated from Scotland to New England (USA) in 1712. Ordained in 1713. Served in New Jersey. Rector of White Clay Creek, Delaware from 1713 until 1741. Died on Jan 2, 1760. (Source Directory of Scottish  Settlers in North America, 1625-1825,  Vol II.)

Helen  Gillespie, birth June 25, 1832 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland daughter of Peter Gillespie & Mary Irvine

John Gillespie, christening Sept 10, 1689 Glasgow,  Lanark, Scotland, son of William Gillespie & Isobel Dugald

John Gillespie birth June 21, 1864 Calton, Glasgow, Scotland, son of Thomas Gillespie & Sarah Nixon.

Margaret Gillespie birth June 27, 1857 High Church, Glasgow, Scotland, daughter of Alexander Gillespie & Margaret Ramsay

Thomas Gillespie, birth Dec 9, 1870 Calton, Glasgow, Scotland, son of James Gillespie & Grace Hosie

William Gillespie, birth October 24, 1866 Calton, Glasgow, Scotland, son of Robert Gillespie & Isabella Mclaren

Source of Records: Mormon website, Scotland Births & Baptisms, 1564-1950

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