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New England Immigrants

Andrew Gillespie of Boston, Massachusetts from London 1759, tobacconist at the North end of Boston.

Salem, Massachusetts Crew Lists Index

George  Gillespie, second mate, age 21, born Delaware, residence Philadelphia, brown complexion, 5 ft 8 inches, brown hair, scars on corner of left eye and above right eye. On ship Endeavor. Destination Marseilles, France, departing Nov 21, 1804.

George Gillespie, First Mate, born Delaware, age 25, residence Salem, USA. Height 5 ft 8 inches. On ship Endeavor destination Isle of France, departing Aug 8, 1805.

Patrick Gillespie, age 22, born Lowell, MA, residence Lowell, light complexion, 5 ft 9 inches, brown hair. On ship W E Symonds (schooner) Departing Oct 23,1878 for Prince Edward Island, Canada. Registered in Beverly.