USA: Indiana Marriages

Addie Gillespie, of Shelby, Indiana, d/o Jane Sofevers, married May 24, 1896 Milton Bassett in Shelby County, Indiana, USA.

Anna V. Gillespie, married Nov. 20, 1881 William O. Broxen. Marriage officiated by William Bell in Whitley, Indiana, USA. Marriage licence date Nov. 17, 1881.

Bysise Gillespie, married Oct. 13, 1872 Christian F. Kolling. Marriage officiated by W. W. Rigdon in Shelby, Indiana, USA.

Charles Robert Gillespie, born Nov. 2, 1917 in Ambrosia, West Virginia, s/o John Gillespie and Lucy Beckett, married May 31, 1955 Madalyne Glass of Columbus, Ohio, born Dec. 10, 1917 in Cleveland, Tennessee, d/o Richard Jones and Margaret Holland. Married by Raymond H. Wehrly in Wayne County , Indiana, USA. (see below record for other marriage)

Charles Gillespie, born Nov. 2, 1917 in Ambrosia, West Virginia, s/o John C. Gillespie and Lucy A. Beckett, married March 1, 1957 Margaret V. Reuter, born Oct. 16, 1917 in Pomroy, Ohio, d/o Howard B. Russell and Hazel C. Gloeckner. Married in Wayne County, Indiana, USA by officiant John R. Longstreth.

Clarence A. Gillespie, married Nov. 2, 1907 Sarah L. Parr. Marriage officiated by G. R. Grady in Wells, Indiana, USA.

Geneva Gillespie, 48, of Columbus, Ohio, d/o Grover Delander and Mae Walker, married June 16, 1956 Arthur Stelzer, 36, of Columbus, Ohio, s/o Carl Stelzer and Myrtle Tinkham. Marriage officiated by Albert R. Swasko in Wayne, Indiana, USA.

John E. Gillespie, married May 10, 1888 Emma D. Hollibaugh in Noble County, Indiana, USA. Officiant H. T. Buff. Marriage licence date May 9, 1888.

Lee Gillespie, married June 30, 1951 Doris Rhodes. Marriage officiated by Jesse James in Lake, Indiana, USA.

Lavina Gillespie, married April 7, 1836 Simpson Lile in Putnam County, Indiana, USA. Officiant William W. Woods.

Leroy T. Gillespie, married April 20, 1946 Sarah E. Mcguire, 35, of Gas City, Indiana, d/o Garfield Davis and Lydia Loy. Marriage officiated by Homer W. Achor in Wayne County, Indiana, USA.

Lula Gillespie, married July 30, 1919 Walter Denison in Franklin, Indiana, USA.

Margaret Gillespie, married Oct. 4, 1898 James Shea in Morgan County, Indiana, USA. Officiant H. Alerding. Marriage licence date Oct. 1, 1898.

Nettie Gillespie, married Nov. 1, 1893 Albert H. Enteman in Scott County, Indiana, USA. Officiant J. H. Walls. Marriage licence date Oct. 31, 1893.

Philip Gerald Gillespie, 24, of Danville, Illinois, s/o Lowell Gillespie and Isa Cass, married Aug. 28, 1924 Helen Katherine Powell, 20, of Danville, Illinois, d/o John O. Powell and Kate Lucas. Marriage officiated by E. W. Johnson in Fountain, Indiana, USA.

Roy D. Gillespie, married July 17, 1954 Martha L. Harris. Marriage officiated by Harvey T. Minas in Lake, Indiana, USA.

Sarah Gillespie, married Feb. 19, 1855 Phineas Little. Marriage by officiant Christian Pew in Washington County, Indiana, USA.

William M. Gillespie, married Jan. 30, 1919 Faye Reubarger. Marriage officiated by W. A. Settle in Wabash, Indiana, USA.

Wilma Juanita Gillespie, 23, of Columbus, Ohio, d/o Raymond Gillespie and Marjorie Yanse, married April 23, 1955 Robert O. Coppes, 31, of Columbus, Ohio, s/o Edward Coppes and Clara Mims. Marriage officiated by John R. Longstreth in Wayne, Indiana, USA.

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