Go to the end of list for most current information, and the pattern of adding Gillespie records by country for each week of the month (in red),  to know when to return for areas of your interest. This site is spidered on Mondays to update the search box for new records added the previous week.


December 6 – 10, 2016 – home page developed for four countries. Canada – Ontario census 1851 just started.  Ontario births – 5 pages of them. Maps Upper Canada 1824; Canada West Districts 1845 Great Britain – Ireland Map; Immigration, Co Antrim Births; Co Armagh Parish Map; Co Amagh Births & Deaths; Co Armagh 1828 Freeholders Lists;  Co Armagh 1796 Flax Growers; Co Antrim Births; Co Tyrone Early Settlers. USA – state maps showing counties: Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee.  Early pioneer maps: Major Colonial Trails & Roads, British Colonies in North America 1700s, From Natchez to Buffalo.Summary notes for USA census:  1790, 1800, 1810, 1820 MILITARY:  Early Soldiers in Ireland IRELAND: Births for Belfast, Co Fermanagh, Co Londonderry, Co Down, Con Monaghan.  Marriages for Co Antrim & Co Armagh IRELAND: Marriages for Co Donegal, Co Down, City of Dublin, Co Fermanagh, Co Monaghan, Co Tyrone. Births for Co Tyrone, Births & Marriges for Co Mayo Co Antrim Deaths, Tithe Appotment Records,1851 census Antrim; Griffiths Valuation Antrim. Deaths Antrim MILITARY: Soldiers of American Revolution. Added Belfast Soldiers to Ireland Soldiers WW 1.IRELAND: Co Armagh & Belfast:  Tithe Applotment Books, Griffiths Valuation. Directory of Armagh City 1888; Miscellaneous Records for Belfast;

Week of Dec 11 to 17 – SCOTLAND – adding marriage records by county. Ended with Stirling with more records yet to do.

Week of Dec 18 to 24 – IRELAND/SCOTLAND – continuing work on vital statistics: births, marriages, deaths, listing main Gillespie families in these countries by region

Week of Dec 25 to 31 – AUSTRALIA – Immigration, Convict List, Obits, NSW Births, Marriages, Deaths, Persons Lost & Found; Newspaper Articles



One military record added first week each month. Here is the pattern:

Week One   CANADA

Week Two  USA

Week Three IRELAND

Week Four    SCOTLAND            

Week Five  AUSTRALIA, ENGLAND and other countries: Week of Jan 29, April 30, May 29th July 30, Oct 29,  Dec 31.  


Week of Jan 1 to 8, 2017:  CANADA:  Ontario Births & Marriages (not finished yet), 1861 census (not finished yet) Military Records for major participants in World War I (not finished yet)  Newsletter Index begun.

Week of January 9 to 15  USA: Virginia Marriages; A video of a 4-year old explaining life to my Social Justice column; Developing Virginia home page,expanded Virginia map to make counties easier to read. North Carolina Home Page & Marriages, Map, Checking links to other researchers’ websites for both VA and NC., USA Social Security Death Index link. Adding family photos to my family history. More North Carolina marriage records.

Week of January 16 to 22- IRELAND: Parish maps for Antrim and other counties; added records for Co Cavan and Co Clare: Tithe Applotment Books, Griffiths Valuation, 1901 and 1911 census. Some births & marriages. Ongoing death records for: Co Antrim, Co Armagh, Co Laois, Co Louth, (a long slow project to be continued) Now working systematically adding more records and parish maps to counties  alphabetically from Co Antrim to Co Fermanagh. Finished adding photos to my own Family History for my life.

Week of January 22 to 28, 2017:  Bookstore; Newsletters. SCOTLAND Isle of Islay, Argyll records:  Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, Passenger Lists, Islay Immigrants to Ontario, More Argyll Marriages. Islay Tenants, Islay Researchers, Islay Travel Tips; Birth Records for Lanark, Fifeshire,  Stirling.  Preparing Newsletter Nov 2012 to be read online. Births: Bute,  Clackmannan, Edinburgh,  Renfrew.

Week of January 29 to Feb 8, 2017:  Publications; Australia NSW Births; NSW Marriages, Western Australia Marriages

Week of February 6 to 12, 2017 Canada – Ontario Marriages; added links to Canada Census 1901, 1911, New Brunswick census 1851, 1921; Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba 1906 Census; Vietnam War records; Earliest Gillespie settlers to Upper Canada (Ontario); Publications; American Civil War 1861-65: Confederate soldiers; developing home pages for each Canadian province (draft). Soldiers buried in AFRICA.

Week of February 12 to 19, 2017: USA – Census 1790; 1800; 1810; New York home page, New York Marriages, New York County Map; New York State Census 1855; 1860; 1875

Week of February 20 to Feb 26, 2017:  USA – for second week. Continuing New York Marriages.  Travelling. SUV shopping. Not in my office very much this week.

Week of February 27 to March 5, 2017: SCOTLAND  Map for Stirling Parishes- record locations indicated in yellow. Beginning World War II military records: Gillespies at Pearl Harbour; Listed on War Memorials in several countries; buried in Africa, England, France, Greece, Holland, Italy.. a lot more to be added for World War II. note: under severe attack by hackers.

Week of March 5 to March 12, 2017 CANADA: Alberta Home page with deaths, census, and Titanic report on Gillespie survivers who lived in Calgary. Added more Gillespie military records for World War I and World War II.

Week of March 13 to March 19, 2017 USA:  Home page for Pennsylvania; PA County Map, PA Marriages, Index  of PA Gillespie researchers. PA Deaths. Added links to early PA census. Publications.

Week of March 20 to 26: Publications focus. Updated Bookstore Order Form for current volumes. IRELAND: Co Carlow Parish Map & Tithe Applotment records; Co Dublin Parish Map & 1911 census (ongoing); Co Kildare & Co Kilkenny Parish Maps & 1911 census. Co Leitrim Parish Map, Tithe Applotment Records, Marriages, 1901 & 1911 Census. Co Limerick Map of Parishes, Co Limerick Marriages. More Early Irish Soldiers to Military database.

Week of March 27 to April 2, 2017:

  • SCOTLAND focus.  Provided link on Scotland home page to a newsletter with early migration study.  Current News blog now on Menu Bar under “Announcements 2017“.  Developed Family History Newsletters Index. More Edinburgh Marriages; Edinburgh Gillespie Biographies. More Renfrew Births. New Ayr Birth (ongoing).
  • AFRICA home page with SOUTH AFRICA Map of Provinces Births; Parish Registers 1801-2004; Methodist Parish Registers 1822-1996; S.A. Marriages& Deaths. Dutch Reformed Church Registers, 1660-1970,  Orange Free State Estate Files, 1951-2004
  • INDIA home page.  Vital Stats for Births, Marriages, Deaths (ongoing). Map of India States. Military: soldiers of India Mutiny.
  • New: Immigration & Passenger Lists (ongoing), mainly to North America.  Voyage 1821 of passenger to Upper Canada. Voyage 1837 of passengers from New York overland to Upper Canada for pioneer experiences.
  • Education:  Tutoral on U-tube for WordPress
  • Continuing Scotland births, immigration records and introducting the Caribbean with records for Jamaica. Turning now to New Zealand records.
  • Personal Family History Records – new from another researcher on one of Dad’s marriages.

Week of April 3rd to April 9, 2017

  • CANADA: Ontario Death Records (ongoing) ; Quebec home page, census population 1600s; links to other census records; Quebec marriages & deaths. Link to a Quebec Gillespie family history website of another researcher.
  • Military: The Boer War in Africa; Poem High Flight & Personal History of John Gillespie Magee; History of American Civil War Leader George Lewis Gillespie, Jr.; WW II Medals & Awards; Listing of Union Soldiers in US Civil War.
  • Storm knocked out power. No Internet. Illness.

Week of April 10 to 16, 2017: USA Georgia focus.

  • Map of Georgia Counties;  Georgia Land Grants, Georgia Marriages (ongoing for some time); Georgia Deaths; Link to history of Alexander Gillespie by Bob Martin, Immigration link; Georgia Researchers’ Index.
  • Out of office for travel & medical appointment

Week of April 17 to 23, 2017: 

  • Transferring announcement articles to appropriate country pages to preserve these reports
  • Bookstore focus re publications & making wreaths (NEW). Preparing for research trip.
  • IRELAND: Co Armagh 1911 census

Week of April 24 to April 30, 2017: Focus SCOTLAND

  • More Lanark Marriages & Glasgow Marriages
  • Family History of James Gordon Gillespie & Margaret Cameron: Aberdeen, Scotland to Dundas Co, Ontario Canada.
  • Family History of John Gillespie & Agnes Gibson from Glasgow, Scotland to Teeswater, Culross Twp, Bruce Co, Ontario
  • More Edinburgh and Midlothian, Aberdeen Scotland marriages.
  • NEW: Wigtown;  Orkney; West Lothian; Inverness Scotland Marriages

Week of May 1 to May 7th, 2017: MILITARY & CANADA focus:

  • Adding Canadian soldiers for World War 1 : their enlistment records, and also those buried overseas (ongoing).
  • (Ongoing) Ontario Death records
  • Removing links to online news items and replacing with articles on these web pages (hacker attacks)
  • Publications work

Week of May 8 to 14, 2017:  USA focus

  • More current news added to In the News page
  • TENNESSEE State Home Page with county map
  • Early Tennessee Brides. More TN marriages (males)
  • Early TN Name Index from County Records
  • Early Pioneers to Sumner and Green Counties


Week of May 15 to May 21, 2017: IRELAND focus

  •  IRELAND: Administrative Divisions
  • More Co Antrim & Co Armagh Birth Records
  • New: Beginning Co Louth Birth Records
  • New: Co Laois Births; Co Kildare Births
  • New: Co Westmeath Births
  • More Co Galway Birth records
  • Many Co Mayo birth records
  • More Co Donegal birth records
  • More Co Dublin, Co Wicklow and Co Down Birth Records
  • Co Cork Birth records
  • Beginning Belfast birth records  (over 200 to copy)

Week of May 22 to 28th, 2017: SCOTLAND focus

  • More Ayshire Co birth records
  • More Stirlingshire Co birth records
  • More Angus Co marriages
  • More Isle of Islay, Argyll Marriages
  • More Isle of Islay, Argyll Birth Records
  • A few more Co Dumfries marriage records
  • More Fife Marriages
  • Lots more Renfrew Marriages
  • More Kincardine Marriages
  • More Kircudbright Marriages

Week of May 28 to June 5, 2017: Other focus

  • New: Preparing Index Summary of Library Archives listing other researchers and their research focus
  • Early Birth Records of Great Britain
  • Beginning England Marriage Record (beginning 2,236 of them)
  • United Kingdom: Burials at sea.
  • Great Britain Deaths & Burials

Week of June 5 to June 11, 2017 – CANADA focus

  • More Ontario Death Records –Simcoe Co; Dufferin Co. Wellington Co, Grey Co, Bruce Co, Perth Co, Waterloo Co, beginning Wentworth & City of Hamilton.
  • Major work on Home Page – search box difficulties at the moment
  • Social Justice Chapters  Four & Five: How To Be A Millionaire & I Need A Miracle

Week of June 12 to June 19, 2017 – USA Focus

  • DELAWARE – Marriages
  • CONNECTICUT – Marriages, some census. Book by Ed Gillespie re history of Stamford.
  • MARYLAND:  Births, Marriages, History, Family History of George Gillespie & Ann Ewing early 1700s
  • MASSACHUSETTS:  Marriages
  • RHODE ISLAND:  Marriages
  • Deaths & Burials in links to “Find A Grave” for the following states:  Delaware, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia

Week of June 19 to 25, 2017:  IRELAND focus

  • Updating the home page
  • 1880 diary of train trip Ontario to Manitoba of Reeve Malcolm Gillespie of Cannington, an Isle of Islay Scot visiting family and friends.
  • Belfast Newspaper Index for 1798-1799
  • Link to Canadian Expeditionary Forces World War I website listing battalions, etc.
  • Posted Library Archives – a listing of 402 Gillespie researchers whose information is being preserved in this Library. (ongoing additions)
  • Military: World War I records for Australia. Adding more soldiers and linking them to Australia War Memorial (ongoing)
  • Co Antrim, Ireland 1911 census. Link to 1911 census in other counties.
  • Beginning Europe:  France: Deaths & Burials;  1906 Census for France Nord.  Belgium, Map/Flag, immigration records, deaths & burials (ongoing)
  • Beginning 1911 Census for Co Donegal, Ireland

Week of June 26 to July 2, 2017 Focus SCOTLAND

  • Finishing last week’s work
  • Added more Gillespie births at sea to England (for Great Britain records)
  • Starting 1,510 Gillespie births for Aberdeen, Scotland




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