MILITARY: World War II Pearl Harbor

There were 402 Gillespies on Muster Rolls of

Pearl Harbor, World War II,  1937-1945

(Details about each person’s tour of duties is available, such as dates aboard various ships called “Munster Rolls”  An index is provided here)

Allan E Gillespie, Naval Shipyard Dec 1, 12, 1945. Changes.

Benjamin F Gillespie, Submarine Base March 31, 1939 to June 30, 1940. See also ship Widgeon.

Briges A Gillespie. Submarine Base Dec 31, 1941. (see also Briggs A Gillespie – Aug 31, 1841 to June 30, 1943.) Notice ships, Dolphin, Jarvis & Rigal. Is this the same man?

Charles President Gillespie, Ammunition Depot Nov 30, 1944 to Feb 28, 1945. Changes.

George Kimpton Gillespie, on ship Reid, mainly 1942 to 1944.(middle name also given as Nimpton)

Gordon  Gillespie on ship Dewey 1940

Gordon Dowds Gillespie on ship Selfridge 1939 to 1940

Joseph W Gillespie on California 1940

Leonard Albert Gillespie at 14th Naval District Headquarters Aug 31, 1943.

Loren D Gillespie on ship Tangiers, no date

Loren Dale Gillespie, 14th Naval District headquarters 1943, 1944, 1945

Loren H Gillespie Receiving station Pearl Harbour 1941, Jan 31.

Louis A Gillespie Pearl Harbour Naval Hospital Feb 28, 1942.

Louis A Gillespie, Squadron VJ-1, 1942

Louis A Gillespie on ship Ontario 1942.

Louis A Gillespie on ship Medusa 1942 Sept.

Luther B Gillespie Receiving Station Pearl Harbour 1941

Luther Cecil Gillespie, on ship Nevada 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944

Luther O Gillespie, Receiving Station Pearl Harbour 1941, Aug 31

Paul V Gillespie Pearl Harbour Naval Shipyard 1942, 1945

Paul V Gillespie on ship NAS Kaneohe Bay 1945

Paul V Gillespie, NAS Pearl Harbour 1942, 1943

Paul Vernon Gillespie 14th Naval District HQ. 1942, Oct 31

Percy C Gillespie, on ship Whitney 1940 Oct 31.

Ralph L Gillespie, NAS Pearl Harbour, March 31, 1941, Sept 30, 1941.

REVIE, Isabella Gillespie on ship NAS Kaneohe Bay 1945, March 31

Richard G Gillespie on ship Reid, 1943 July 25

Richard G Gillespie on ship Regulus July 25, 1943

Richard Graham Gillespie on ship Raleigh 1942, 1943.

Richard R Gillespie on ship NAS Kaneohe Bay 1944, 1945

Robert C Gillespie on ship Whitney April 30, 1939

Robert E Gillespie on ship Solace 1942, March 15

Robert H Gillespie on ship Dobbin, no date.

Robert O Gillespie on ship Raleigh 1944, 1945

Roland Andrew Gillespie on ship Cassir 1944, Feb 5

Roy Payne Gillespie on ship ‘Vestal’ 1945, Aug 1

Samuel M Gillespie on ship Rigel March 31, 1939

Shelby A Gillespie on ship Dolphin June 30, 1941

SMARTT, Joseph Gillespie, Squadron VP-11

TEMPLAT, Gillespie J, on ship Solace 1942, Nov 15.

William Gillespie, Ammunition Depot 1946, Jan 3

William Brooke Gillespie on ship Paterson 1943, Dec 3

William Gordon Gillespie on ship Honolulu 1939, 1940

William G Gillespie on ship Dale July 3, 1940.

William Jordan Gillespie, Ammunition Depot, 1945, 1946

William L Gillespie, Pearl Harbour Naval Shipyard,1943, 1944

William Lawson Gillespie, Squadron, 1942, June 30

WIESNER, William Gillespie on ship Detroit 1944, 1945

Gillespies Assigned to Ships at Pearl Harbour 

Ship                                                    Sailor

Antares                 Devid W Gillespie, Oct 3, 1939                                                     (spelling as given, not error)

Aylwin                    David William Gillespie, Aug 2, 1942-                                      Sept 1943. See also the Arizona.

Avocat                      Allin Virget Keye Gillespie Dec 31,                                              1943. Jan 30, 1944; Sept 19, 1944                                               Changes. (name also Wirgel)

Argonne                   Dale Dennis Gillespie Aug 1 to Oct 1,                                       1945 changes.

Arizona                     David William Gillespie. Dec 31,                                                   1940 to June  1941.  (No Gillespie is                                           listed as dying on the USS Arizona                                               Memorial in Pearl Harbor)

Antares                     Devick W Gillespie

California                 Joseph W Gillespie

Cassen                       Roland Andrew Gillespie

Detroit                      William Wiennan Gillespie

Dewey                       Gordon D Gillespie

Dobbin                      Robert H Gillespie

Dolphin                     Shelly A Gillespie

Briggs A Gillespie, May 31, 1941                                                  changes

Farragut                  James Henry Gillespie

Hull                            Charles Allen Gillespie March 31,                                                1941 to Dec 31, 1942. Nine Changes                                         in that period.

Helen                         Frank Anthony Gillespie

Honolulu                 William G Gillespie

Jarvis                             Briggs A Gillespie, March 31, 1939-                                           July 31, 1940

Mediesa                     Passengers Nov 14, 1945 Charles A                                             Gillespie

NAS Kannehe Bay  Paul V Gillespie; Richard R                                                              Gillespie;

NAS Pearl Harbor   Ralph C Gillespie

Nevada                      Frank A Gillespie; Luther Cecil                                                      Gillespie

New Orleans        Albert Colloway Gillespie March 31,                                         1939 to  Dec 31, 1942. Sept 30, 1943.

Oklahoma              Broen H Gillespie June 30, 1940

Loren H Gillespie

Ontario                    Louis A Gillespie

Patterson               William B Gillespie

Phoenix                   Frank Gillespie; Jackie Joe Gillespie

Raleigh                    Alvin M Gillespie March 31, 1939 to                                           Sept 30, 1941.

Richard Gillespie

Regelies                  Jack T Gillespie

Regulus                   Richard Gillespie

Reid                           George K Gillespie, Richard Gillespie

Rigel                          Briggs A Gillespie (see also submarine                                       base notes) July 31 & Nov 30, 1940

Sekfridge                Gordon D Gillespie

Solace                        Albert C Gillespie Nov 30, 1941 &                                              Dec 31, 1941 Report of Changes;                                                Edward G Gillespie Feb 4 & 5, 1943.

Squadron                William Lawson Gillespie

Squadron P-11    Joseph Smart Gillespie

Summer                   Earl C Gillespie, Oct 25 & Nov 26,                                               1941 changes

Sunnadin                John Joseph Gillespie

Tangier                    Loren D Gillespie

Tracy                         Edward Sears Gillespie, June 30,                                                  1943-June 30, 1944. Also District                                              Activity, Bishops Pt, Section Base, Aug                                      31, 1941.

Utah                          Homes B Gillespie

West Virginia      Alvin L Gillespie Oct 31 & Nov 30,                                               1940. (Name also Nay L. Gillespie)

Whitney                 Homer E Gillespie; Perry C Gillespie;                                          Robert C Gillespie

Widgeon                Benjamin F Gillespie, June 30, 1939 to                                      Dec 31, 1940

                                    B. K. Gilllespie, May 31, 1941                                                          ‘changes’

Note: Gillespie sailors were on the ship USS Gillespie, but it was not at Pearl Harbor during the attack. They left many War Diaries for the period 1942-1945. See the website Footnote.

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