IRELAND: Co Dublin Marriages

Agnes Gillespie of 1 New Court Harold Cross, daughter of William Gillespie & Catherine Hudson, married James Brennan of Kilkenny, son of Edward Brennan & Mary Dunne, on Oct 25, 1896 Rathmines Congregation, Dublin, Ireland

Alicia Gillespie of 152 Great Britain St, daughter of Thomae Gillespie & Aliciae Gillespie, married John Pigott of 152 Great Britain St, on Oct 21, 1859 St Mary Pro Cathedral (RC), Dublin, Ireland

Anne Gillespie or Wilson married Daniel Evans 1846, Aug 20 Dublin 0357, Dublin

Anne Elizabeth Gillespie, d/o George Gillespie, married Samuel Irwin 1856, Dec 17 Coolock, Dublin

Anne Gillespie, d/o William Pierce, married Frederick Clarke 1862, Oct 1, Monkstown, Dublin  (?widow)

Catherine Gillespie married James Newey 1819, Sept 5, Saint Nicholas within, Dublin

Charles Gillespie, s/o Charles Gillespie, married Annabella Smith 1862, March 11 Saint Mark, City of Dublin

Charles Thomas Gillespie, of 38 Nth Summer Street, Railway Clerk, s/o William Gillespie, married Jane Hollingsworth of 28 Nth Summer Street, daughter of Samuel Hollingsworth, on April 18, 1899 St George Parish, Congregation or Church, Dublin, Ireland

Denis Gillespie, s/o Thomas Gillespie, married Kate Flood 1862, Feb 4 Dublin North, City of Dublin

Dionysius Gillespie of 1 Rutland Place, son of Thomae Gillespie & Aliciae Gillespie, married Catherina Flood of 1 Rutland Place, d/o Jeremiae Flood and Catherinae Flood by Priest Guillemus Purcell on May 3, 1863, St Mary Pro Cathedral (RC), Dublin, Ireland

Eliza Gillespie, d/o William Gillespie, married John NIchol 1858, Nov 16, Dublin, Dublin North

Frederick Gillespie of Chapelizod, son of Felix Gillespie & Maria Gillespie, married Margaret Dowling, d/o Patrick & Margaret Dowling of Lower Palmerstown, June 14, 1894 Clondalkin Parish, Church or Congregation, Dublin, Ireland

George Gillespie, s/o William Gillespie, married Mary Corrigan 1860, May 28, Saint Mark, Dublin

Henry Richard Gillespie, s/o Thomas Gillespie, married Eliza Milne 1850, Jan 17, St Anne, Dublin

Isabella Gillespie, of 16 Upper Mecklenburgh Street, d/o Jacobi & Mariae Gillespie, married Thomas Byrne of 43 Jervis Street, s/o Jacob & Mariae Byrne on August 23, 1874 St Mary Pro Cathedral, Parish, Church/Congregation, (RC) Dublin, Ireland

James Gillespie of 16 Daly Mt, clerk, son of Michael Gillespie, married Elizabeth O’Reilly, of 34 Jervies Street, daughter of Thomas O’Reilly,   on Sept 16, 1845 Grange Gorman Congregation, Church or Parish, Dublin, Ireland 

James Gillespie, son of John Gillespie, shoemaker, of Kiltegan, married Elizabeth Jane Codd of Rathnagrew, a servant, daughter of Robert Codd, on  July 25, 1893, Hacketstown Congregation, Church or Parish, Dublin, Ireland (RC). Witnesses William Gillespie, Mary Ellen Gillespie

James Gillespie, s/o James Gillespie, married Anne Harcombe 1856, Oct 11, Saint Mary, Dublin

Jane Gillespie married Thomas Boshell 1846, Jan 17, Dublin 0107, Dublin

Jane Ann Gillespie, d/o James Gillespie, of 3 Heytesby Street, married William Henry Smyth, farmer, son of John Symth, on May 28, 1868, May 28 St. Peter, Dublin.  Witness William Henry Gillespie.

Marianna Gillespie of 16 Up Mecklenburg St, daughter of Jacobi and Mariae Gillespie, married Jonannes Rigney of 2 Nelsons Lane, son of Joannis Rigney & Annae Rigney, on June 22, 1873 St Mary, Pro Cathedral (RC), Dublin, Ireland

Mary Gillespie, d/o Joshua Gillespie, married Joshua Fox 1861, March 7, Monkstown, Dublin

Mary Gillespie, born 1840, d/o John Gillespie married Thomas Devine 1866, Feb 1, Dublin

Mary Ann Gillespie, born 1848, d/o Steward Gillespie, married James Terry 1868, Dec 26, Dublin

Richard Gillespie, d/o John Gillespie, married Alice McCarthy 1868, Aug 22, North City, Dublin

Robert Gillespie of 3 Richmond Place, s/o Stewart Gillespie, caretaker, married Charlotte Kinsella, of 68 Aungier Street, daughter of Michael Kinsella, on  May 9, 1865, Dublin South, Parish of St Peter, City of Dublin, Ireland

William Gillespie, s/o James Gillespie, married Martha Keegan 1862, May 3, St Michans, City of Dublin

William Gillespie, s/o James Gillespie, married Hariett Hewitt 1865, Aug 16, St Peter, Dublin (see also Co Armagh for other Hewitt records)

William Gillespie married Eliza Wilson, no date, Dublin, Ireland

Source of Records: Mormon Website; Irishgenealogy website

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