IRELAND: Co Sligo Marriages

Anthony Gillespie, son of Patt Gillespie, married Eleanor Walsh, d/o Anthony Walsh on February 23, 1865 at Ballina, Ballina, Mayo And Sligo, Ireland. Both single

Bridget Gillespy, daughter of Anthy Gillespy married Michael Reiley, son of Henry Reiley, on Jan 29, 1869 at Ballina, Mayo And Sligo, Ireland. Both single.

Brigida Gillespie, daughter of Laurenti & Catherinae Hart,  married Patritius Tonra, son of Patritil & Jonannae Mullony on June 15, 1874 at Roman Catholic, Geevagh, Sligo,Ireland

Catherine Gillespie, daughter of John Gillespie, married Eugene Mcmorrow, son of John Mcmorrow Oct 22, 1865 at Cliffoney, Sligo, Ireland

Catherinam Gillaspy married Patritium Hat Feb 23, 1868 at Roman Catholic, Geevagh, Sligo, Ireland

Catherin Gillaspy age 24, birth 1844, d/o Edward Gillaspy, married Thomas Hart, age 25, birth 1843, son of Michael Hart, on Feb 25, 1868 at  Geebagh, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Both single.

Edward Gillespie, age 24, birth 1841, s/o Thady Gillespie, married Bidelia Sweeney, age 22, birth 1843, d/o Arthur Sweeney on Dec 13, 1865 at Cliffoney, Sligo, Ireland. Both single

Edward Gillespie, s/o William Gillespie,  married Winfred Cummons, d/o Cornelius Cummons, on July 1, 1867 at   District Of Sligo, Co. Of Sligo, Ireland. Both single

Elizabetha Gillasby married Johannes Armstrong Jan 11, 1860 Roman Catholic, Calry, Sligo, Ireland

George Gillaspy, son of John Gillaspy married Anne Curnan, d/o James Curnan, on Jan 6, 1857 at Kilmacshalgan, Sligo, Ireland

Margreta Gillespie daughter of Edwardi Gillespie, married MIchaelus Boles, s/o Patritii Boles on February 18, 1878 at Roman Catholic, Geevagh, Sligo,Ireland

Maria Gillaspy, daughter of Edwardi,  & Mariae Leonard, married Henricus Tonra, son of Patritii,  & Joannae Mallony February 2, 1874 Roman Catholic, Geevagh, Sligo, Ireland

Mary Gillispie, daughter of Terrence Gillispie married Edward Ferras, son of Edward Ferras on June 10, 1866  Sligo County, Ireland. Both single.

Mary Gilaspie daughter of James Gilaspie, married Richard Gethanos age 30, birth 1836, s/o Pieree Murphy July 23, 1866 Roman Catholic, Calry, Sligo, Ireland

Michaelem Gelaspie married Eleanoram Kilom May 10, 1833 at Roman Catholic, Aghanagh, Sligo, Ireland

Pat Gellaspie, 28, birth 1837, son of Anthy Gellaspie, married Catherine Nary, age 21, birth 1844, d/o Thady Nary, on March 11, 1865 at Ballina, Ballina, Mayo And Sligo, Ireland

Rosa Gillespie married Marcus Duffy, son of Bernardi Duffy, on February 12, 1877 at Roman Catholic, Geevagh, Sligo, Ireland. Mother of spouse Hanoriae Conlon

Sarah Gillaspy, d/o John Gillaspie married Patritia  (Patt) Connelly, son of Thomas Connelly, on  February 7, 1866 Roman Catholic, Calry, Sligo, Ireland

Source of Records: Mormon website Ireland Marriages 1619-1898

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