IRELAND: Co Fermanagh Death Records


Holy Trinity Church of Ireland, Clogh near Rosslea.

In loving memory of Margaret Gillespie, died 28 March 1929 and her husband John, died 31st Oct 1939, and their son William died 19th Dec 1967. Their daughter-in-law Ethel Mary died 18th Sept 1984. Her husband John died 28th March 1987.

In memory of Robert Gilelspie, Legnakerry, who died 3rd Feb 1940, and his wife Mary Anne, died 10th May 1931.

In loving memory of Robert Gillespie, Cumber, Clones, who departed this life on March 7, 1914, age 84 years. Also his wife Ellen Carleton who departed this life at (Carton) Jan 7, 1891, age 58 years. Mary Eleanor Gillespie born 27th Feb 1866 died 13 Feb 1947. Sarah Ann Gillespie, Locarno, died June 27th, 1952, aged 88 years and their son, George Gillespie, Cumber, Clones, who died  7 Nov 1950, age 82 years. Also his wife Jane died 1st Jan 1969, age 86 years. Vera Gillespie, Cumber, died 29th July 1972, aged 47 years. “Forever with the Lord.”


Gillespie, death unknown, Clones Parish, Fermanagh Co, Ireland

Catherine Gillespie died 1969 Drumeeran Parish, Fermanagh Co, Ireland

Ellen Gillespie died 1881 Clones Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland

Ethel Mary Gillespie died 1974 Clones Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland

George Gillespie died 1950 Clones Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland

Isabella Gertrude Gillespie died 1970 Clones Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland

James Gillespie died 1982 Drumkeeran Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland

James Noble Gillespie died 1915 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland

Jane Gillespie died 1969 Clones Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland

Jane Gillespie died 1969 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland

John Gillespie died 1919 Derryvullan Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland

John Gillespie died 1939 Clones Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland

John Gillespie died 1987 Cones Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland

Kathleen Gillespie died 1966 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland

Margaret Gillespie died 1926 Clones Parish, Fermanagh, Ireland

Margaret E Gillespie died 1935 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland

Mary Eleanor Gillespie died 1947 Clones, Fermanagh, Ireland

Patrick Gillespie died 1945 Derryvullan, Fermanagh, Ireland

Robert Gillespie died 1914 Clones, Fermanagh, Ireland

Sarah Ann Gillespie died 1952 Clones, Fermanagh, Ireland

Vera Gillespie died 1972 Clones, Fermanagh, Ireland

William Gillespie died 1967 Clones, Fermanagh, Ireland

William John Gillespie died 1965 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland

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