IRELAND: Co Antrim Census 1851


Up Glenarmy Barony, Draagh Townland

Isaac Gillespie, lodger, age 39, unmarried, n.m, R.W. labourer. b Co Armagh. Living with James McAleer, Road Overseer and family.


Ballyhill Lower Townland

Margaret Gillespie, 55, head, Widow (married 1829). None.(Antrim. R

  • Samuel Gillespie, age 20, son, unmarried, shoemaker, (Antrim), (R/W)
  • Mary Gillespie, 16, daughter, unmarried, sewer, (Antrim) R

Ballyhill Upper Townland

Sarah Gillespie, 21, servant, unmarried, house servant (Antrim) R

 Ballymacelhoyle Townland

Henry Gillespie, 36, head, unmarried, farmer (Antrim) R/W. Living in home with William & Eliza Banks & children. Died since June 6, 1841: Samuel Gillespie, 54, brother, farmer Natural death, July 1846

Grange of Carmavey Townland

John Gillespie, 64, servant, married 1808, former linen weaver (Piedmount, Antrim), R/W.  Living with Archibald & Susanna McComb and children & servants.


Townland Dromain  Census as of April 3, 1851

Mary Gillespie, 38, servant, unmarried, house servant. (Antrim) R. Living with John & Mary McFall (father/daughter).


Old Town Street, Larne Town

Prudence Gillespie, 46 (sister-in-law) unmarried. NONE. (Antrim) Deaf & Dumb. Living with James & Anne Fleck (they married 1843), and many others.

Larne Coopers Lane, Larne Town

John Gillespie, 37, head, married 1838, unreadable (Antrim) R/W

Elizabeth Gillespie, 30, wife, married 1838. None. (Antrim) R

  • Mary Gillespie, 11, daughter, unmarried. At school (Antrim) R
  • William Gillespie, 9, son, unmarried, at school (Antrim) R
  • Jane Gillespie, 4, daughter, unmarried, none (Antrim)
  • Elizabeth Gillespie, 8 months (daughter) ummarrid. None. (Antrim)

Absent from Household 30th March 1851: Alexander Gillespie, 7, son, at school (Trensh Hill, Co Antrim).

Died since June 6, 1851, John Gillespie, 1, son, none, consumption, Summer 1847.

Record Count 16

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