IRELAND: Civil Births

Location of these births is not listed with this record

John Gillespie and Sarah Traynor, a son, Frederick William Gillespie, born 1867, April 23, Ireland

John Gillespie and Rebecca Hutton, a son, William James Gillespie, born 1868, Jan 28, Ireland

Patrick Gillespie and Ellen Moran, a son Patrick Gillespie, born 1868, March 30, Ireland

Anthony Gillespie and Anne Flynn, a daughter Catherine Gillespie, born 1868, May 15, Ireland

William Gillespie and Ann Burns, a son, James Gillespie, born 1869, Jan 15, Ireland

Edward Gillespie and Anne Drummond, a daughter, Harriet Gillespie, born 1869, Feb 15, Ireland

John Gillespie and Susan McLaughiin, a daugher, Ellen Gillespie, born 1869, May 15, Ireland

Patrick Gillespie and Mary Loftus, a son, William Gillespie, born 1869, May 28, Ireland

James Gillespie and Maria Moore, a son Robert Gillespie, born 1869, May 30 Ireland

Robert Gillespie and Ellen Carrelton, a son Robert Gillespie, born 1870, Jan 5, Ireland

Patrick Gillespie and Catherine Coyne, a son Patrick Gillespie, born 1870 Feb 19, Ireland

Anthony Gillespie and Catherine Rutledge, a son, Patrick Gillespie, born 1870, March 8, Ireland

Patrick Gillespie and Maria Carlton, a son John Gillespie, born 1870, July 4, Ireland

John Gillespie and Rebecca Hutton, a daughter Mary Hutton Gillespie, born 1870, July 11, Ireland


James Gillespie and Elizabeth Edwards, a daughter, Margaret Gillespie, born 1870, Oct 26, Ireland

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