Genealogy records on this website have been copied from multiple sources . Source of records has not been a feature, but will be added over time.  Records are not subject to copyright protection. Record information may or may not be accurate, because people providing the original information may have had their own reasons for distorting the truth, or may not have known it and simply guessed.

My own history involved such an incident when a man in his late 60s in age pretended to be in his 50s when marrying a woman in her 20s. Perhaps he thought the minister might object to marrying them. In one known case, a circuit minister recorded the groom’s name as that of a man who was a witness at the wedding,  so the bride probably never knew that she was not actually married in official records to the man she lived with.

So records themselves are always suspect as to accuracy. Nonetheless, most records are considered fairly accurate and can sometimes be a guideline in discovering other information.

Finding more than one record to prove something is especially helpful, such as a death records and a tombstone inscription. Even they do not always match, especially when time passes between the events. Census records are netorious for being inaccurate by up to five years as to age of individuals, often because the question posed changed over the years, or were sometimes rounded down or up  in various countries or time periods, and once it was rounded for five years.

Only records of deceased persons are listed on this website, unless linked to a published news event and obits. No change in spelling is made when copying a record, even if obviously an error has occurred.

Copying of records to this website may accidentally involve typing errors due to tiredness and other factors. However, each page is proofread before being released, and sometimes redone.  There may be problems with microfilmed records that are very dark and hard to read. A question mark (?) is used to indicate this,  as interpretation should be rechecked.

In some cases a personal  note will be added in italics as suggestion or guide for those from other countries unfamiliar with a location, especially in Canada, as an example.   These do not form part of the record.

Although records are not subject to copyright, the presentation of the information certainly is. No attempt has been made to block the downloading of these records for personal, private use.  Pages may be freely linked to. However, anyone attempting to reproduce these copied pages for profit of any kind is breaking copyright protection laws.

These are records that I have personally collected over a lifetime for private use, and unless specifically noted otherwise, do NOT include records in archived files provided by other researchers, unless duplication happen to occur from my own research efforts.

No attempt is made to collect personal information about individuals visiting this site. However, this office does try to put people together who are researching the same family lines, and the simple contact form is to help you request that. All correspondence is kept private. Emails frequently go debunk, so an annual email update for your file would be gratefully appreciated if you wish to be contacted when someone wants to reach you through this office. Why not do that now.

Anyone with a concern about privacy issues may request that their name and/or research information not be released to anyone, or mentioned in the Archives section of this website. The word “anonymous” may be used at your request on the Archives page.

Would you like your research protected and preserved for you, especially for future generations,  but especially as a backup in case you have a computer crash or fire that destroys your work? Kindly designate an heir for your file for copyright protected material. However, research is ongoing and  never ending it seems, and it may be that some of the information in your file needs updating to correct your own early work.

It is my hope that this website will encourage  family history research and preserve the history of the past.

Norma Gillespie


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