ENGLAND: Births & Baptisms

Alfred Gillespie, christening July 15, 1869. St. Mary-de-Lode’s Church, Gloucester, Gloucester, England, son of James Gillespie, Ellen, Gloucester, Gloucester, England

Alice Gillespie, christening Nov 8, 1894 Heywood, Lancashire, England, daughter of Alexander James Gillespie, Alice. Residence Heywood.

Annae Gillespie, birth January 1, 1866. Christening Jan 16, 1866 at Chester, Cheshire, England, d/o Andreae Gillespie & Annae Buckley.

Annam Gilaspy, born Aug 26, 1810, child of Joanis Gilaspy & Annae Gealy, Great Britain

Christin Gillespie christening Sept 23, 1849, Corsenside, Northumberland, England, daughter of William Gillespie & Elizabeth,

Dorethea Gillespie, birth Jan 22, 1780, christening Jan 22, 1780, London Wall Scotch Church, London, England, d/o John Gillespie & Anne

Elizabeth Gillespie, birth Jan 1, 1866, christening Dec 15, 1866, St Mary’s, Bury, Lancashire, England, daughter of George Gillespie, Ann Gillespie

Elizabeth Gillespie, christening December 26, 1888 St. John, Barrow, Lancashire, England, daughter of Robert Alexander Gillespie & Mary Jane, residence Barrow, Lancashire, England

Francis Lawrence Gillespie, male,  christening Jan 7, 1903 St. Athanasius, Kirkdale, Lancashire, England, son of Wm Gillespie, Emily, residence Kirkdale, Lancashire, England

James Gillespie, christening  Oct 1, 1884. St. Peter’s, Liverpool, Lancashire, England, son of James Gillespie & Sarah. Residence Liverpool.

Jessie Gillespie, christening Oct 12, 1902, Manchester, Lancashire, England, daughter of William Joseph Gillespie, Mary Ellen Gillespie. Residence Manchester.

Jessie Drummond Gillespie born Jan 7, 1882, child of Alexander Gillespie & Jessie Hacket, Merchant Marine, at sea, Great Britain.

Joanna Gillespie, christening October 8, 1854 Moongate, Middlesex, England, daughter of William Gillespie, Joanna Gillespie

Joannem Gillaspy born May 12, 1793, child of Petri Gillaspy & Rosan Lennon, Great Britain.

John Gillaspy, s/o John Gillaspy, born March 21, 1722, Great Britain

June Gillespie, birth March 25, 1853, christening Sept 18, 1853, St Johns Old Haymarket, Liverpool, Lancashshire, England, daughter of Charles Gillespie & Emma

Laura Constance Gillespie, birth June 21, 1857, christening Nov 12, 1857 St Margaret Lee, Kent, England, daughter of John Gillespie, Lauretta Lousa.

Margaret Jesie Stokell Gillespie, birth Sept 21, 1877, christening Oct 19, 1877 St. Hildas, South Shields, Durham, England, daughter of Thomas Gillespie, Margaret Gillespie,  residence South Shields, Durham, England

Mary Gillespie, christening 1819  St. Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England, d/o Charles Gillespie & Elizth, residence Liverpool.

Richard William Gillespie, birth Sept 4, 1869, christening Dec 26, 1869 Rushall, Stafford, England, s/o Richard William Gillespie & Rosa Caroline, residence Rushall, Stafford, England

Robert Gillespie, christening April 19, 1835, Bishop-Wearmouth, Durham, England, son of James Gillespie, Margaret Gillespie, residence Bishop-Wearmouth, Durham, England

Thomas William Gillespie birth  July 13, 1872. Christening Aug 4, 1872. Bishop-Wearmouth, Durham, England, s/o James Gillespie & Mary Ann. Residence Bishop-Wearmouth, Durham, England

William Gillespie, birth March 22, 1828, Christening March 30, 1828  St. Patricks Park Place, Liverpool, Lancashire, England, son of William Gillespie, Elizabeth Kelly.

William Edward Gillespie, christening March 10, 1872, St. Bartholomew, Salford, Lancashire, England, s/o William Gillespie, Jane. Residence

BROOMER” child of S. W. Broomer & Caroline  Gillespie, Great Britain.

DEVENNY, Mary Ann  d/o Patk Devenney & Mary Jane Gillespie, Great Britain

ELLIS, Ellen child of Wm Ellis & Jane Gillespie, Great Britain

“McLean” child of Alexander McLean & Christiana Gillespie McLean, Great Britain.

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