CANADA: Ontario Marriages

In name order, then date.  Some script on microfilm records very difficult to read (identified by ?)  Individuals with middle names are listed after those  sharing the same first name. Affects date order. Early records prior to 1850 are highlighted in red. See guidelines at bottom of page. See notes at bottom of page.

William ALLEN, 32, gardener, Whitchurch England, Gloucester, s/o William Allen & Ellen Davis, married Mary McCaffrey, 28, Co Mayo, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Anthony McCaffrey & Margaret Gillespie, Witn: Patrick Lyons of Fitzroy & Annie McCaffrey of Ottawa, on Feb 25, 1879 at Ottawa (RC). (Carleton County)

John D ANDERSON, 35, physician, Mariposa, Port Perry, s/o John & Janet, married Mary Miller Gillespie, 18, Cannington, same, d/o Donald & Isabella. Witn: W Gregg of Oshawa & J W Cameron of Laskey, on Sept 7, 1881 at Cannington. (Victoria/Ontario Counties)

Thomas Russell ANDERSON, 25, bookkeeper, Galt, same, d/o David Anderson, b Scotland & Mary Elizabeth Russell, married Helen Margart Bell, 24, Toronto, Barrie, d/o Baird Bell b Scotland & Jessie Rebecca Gillespie, Witn: Audrey  Forman & Joseph H Bell, both of Barrie on Sept 29, 1925. (Waterloo/Simcoe Counties)

Leonard George ARGUE, 19, farmer, Flos Twp, same, s/o William George Argue & Louisa Jane Gillespie, married Velma Berna Mills, 19, Flos Twp, same, d/o Thomas John Mills, b Ontario & Mary Jane Manning. Witn: Annie Mary Bowman & Christena Shortt, both of Barrie, Nov 29, 1926 at Barrie (Simcoe County)

John ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, March, same, s/o James & Ann, married Hanna F Smith, 19, Torbolton, Nepean, d/o Henry & Ann. Witn: William & Hannah Gillespie of Ottawa, on March 10, 1881 at St John’s Church, March. (Carleton County)

Thomas A BELLAMY, 25, teacher, Canada, Dorchester, Middlesex Co, s/o William & Sarah Ballamy, married Mary Jane Moore, 21, Canada, Innisfil, d/o John & Nancy Moore, Witn: W. J. Gillespie of Barrie, & William Reid of Innisfil on March 26, 1878 at Innisfil. (Middlesex/Simcoe Counties)

James BERMINGHAM, 35, farmer, Ireland, Laxton, s/o Edward & Mary, married Mary Ann Gillespie, 23, Canada, Laxton, d/o Hugh  & Margaret. Witn: John & Caroline McKinley, both of Laxton, on July 16, 1872 Laxton. (Victoria County)

Clifford Alexander BERRYHILL, 32, widower, trainman, London, London, s/o Stephen Berryhill (b London) & Caroline Schussler, married Bessie Hyde Lanyon Calhoun, 31, divorced, saleslady, Belfast in Ireland, London, d/o Samuel Gillespie (b Ireland) & Agnes Tenant. Witn: N H Wickett of Toronto, & H Chamney of London, on June 3, 1926 at London. (Middlesex County)

James BLACKWOOD and Ann Clark, b Andrew Jeffrey, saddler and George Gillespie, brewer, both of Cobourg. Married Sept 12, 1832 at Cobourg. Northumberland Co (confusing record that I have difficulty figuring out. See Marriage Bonds by Thomas B Wilson, page 215).

Albert BLAIR, 30 of Osgoode, born Osgoode,  bachelor, farmer, s/o John Blair & Margaret Wilson, married Annie M Gibson, 29 of Osgoode, born North Gower, spinter, d/o R A Gibson & Lucinda Gillespie on Feby 14, 1898 at Osboode. By Rev John Gibson, license, MS932, Reel 77, ID 002373. Carleton County.

George E J BROWN, 27, lawyer, Canada, Creemore, s/o James Brown & Mary M Osborne, married Annie Currie, 26, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o James Currie & Christina Gillespie, Witn: R J Niddrie, Creemore & Mary J Currie, Nottawasaga, on Oct 6, 1897 at Nottawasaga. (Simcoe County)

Alexander CAMERON, no age given, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Lochlin Cameron & Florence Gillespie, married Christina McNabb, no age given, Mariposa, same, d/o Andrew A & Christina McNabb. Witn: Archibald Cameron & Mary Ann Gillespie, on April 18, 1900 Mariposa Twp.(Victoria County)

Angus CAMERON, 27, McNab, Scotland, s/o Angus & Catherine (Gillespie) married March 22, 1861 Isabella McNab, 18, McNab, Canada, d/o Duncan  & Mary (Campbell) (Renfew County)

Duncan CAMERON, 19, of McNab, born Canada, s/o Angus & Catherine (Gillespie), married July 20, 1864 Catharine Cameron, 17 of McNab, born Canada, d/o Alexander & Flora (Gillespie).

John CAMERON, 27, farmer, Eldon, same, s/o Lachlan Cameron & Flora GillespIe, married Mary Calder, 20, Eldon, same, d/o John Calder & Betsy Campbell, Witn: Hugh Cameron of Eldon & Mary H Gilchrist of Woodville, on April 1881 at Beaverton. (Victoria County/Durham)

William CAMERON, 42, wheat buyer, Glasgow, Scotland, Woodville, s/o Hugh Cameron & Elizabeth Dallas, married Katie Campbell, 25, Islay, Scotland, Mariposa, d/o Archibald Gillespie & Ann Mathewson. Witn: Lachlan Gilchrist of Mariposa & Duncan Gillespie of Eldon, on Jan 20, 1880 at Woodville. (Victoria County)

Robert CAMPBELL, 22, farmer, Tossorontio, s/o James & Margaret married Elizabeth Jane Grimble, 19, Momo, Torssorontio, d/o Robert & Mary, Witn: James & Margaret Gillespie of Adjala, on April 12, 1878 at Rosemont. (Dufferin/Simcoe Co)

Rose CHAPMAN adopted daughter of M & M Thomas Gillespie married Andrew Hamilton of Glasgow Station, Sept 27, 1911 Stewardville. Renfrew Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Steven CHURCHILL, b 1849 Canada, age 22, s/o Ezra Churchill & Charlotte Delail, married Margret Hughes b 1855 USA, age 16 in Newboro, Ontario Nov 22 1871. d/o David Hughes & Mary Gillispie. 

John CLAIR, 24, of Oxford, born Co Antrim, Ireland s/o John Clair & Ann Jane (Gillespie) married Matilda Straught, 2, residence & birth, Augusta, d/o John Straught & Jane McDowell Dec 25, 1850. Rev Boyd. Witnesses Samuel Straught of Augusta. Grenville County

Mrs Eliza COLLINS, of Garafraxa, d/o John Gillespie, married James Cook, 1866. Wellington Co, Ontario

Herbert Amelias COOK, 29, lumber shipper, Berkshire, Vermont, Ottawa, s/o Robert Cook & Amelia J Armstrong, married Annie Florence Dourley, 19, Ottawa, same, d/o John Dourley & Margaret Gillespie. Witn: Harriet E Hagar & Mary J Herey, both of Ottawa, on March 20, 1894 at Ottawa. Carleton County

William CUMBERLAND, 28, farmer, Adjala, same, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Jane Lamon, 20, Toronto, Adjala, d/o Robert & Jane, Witn: J B Cumberland & Margaret Gillespie, both of Adjala, on April 3, 1872 Fintona. (Simcoe County)

Thomas Scott DAVIDSON, 34, widower, auctioneer, South Dumfries, Paris, s/o James Davidson & Isabella Tennant, married Marion Bullock, 30, South Dumfries, Paris, d/o Joseph Bullock & Margaret Gillespie, Witn: John & Cora Bullock of Paris, on Aug 31, 1892 at Paris. (Brant County)

George DONALDSON, 27 of Enniskillen, born Ireland, s/o William & Margaret (Gillespie) married Feb 16, 1860 Jane Dobbin, 25 of Plympton, born Ireland, d/o John & Mary (Francy). Lampton County, Ontario

John DRISCOLL, 24, mechanic, Eldon, same, s/o James Discoll & Catherine McDonald, married Jane Cameron, 25, Eldon, same, d/o Lachlan Cameron & Flora Gillespie, Witn: Archy Cameron & Mary Drisoll, no residences given, on Nov 9, 1892 at Eldon. (Victoria County)

John P DUNN, 26, farmer, North Dorchester, s/o John Dunn & Margaret Nairn, married Eliza J McLeod, 21, Scotland, South Dorchester, d/o Daniel McLeod & Margaret Gillespie, Witn: John Campbell of Southworld & Jessie Dunn of S Dorchester, on June 1, 1870 at South Dorchester, Elgin County, Ontario

William EATON, 25, Otonabee, born Scotland, s/o James & Mary (Taylor) married Jan 27, 1860 Margaret Esson, 21, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o Alex & Jane (Gillespie) Peterborough Co, Central Ontario

George ESSON, 29 of Otonabee, born Otonabee, s/o Alexander & J (Gillespie), married June 29, 1866 Jane Chamberlain, 24 of Otonabee, born Peterborough, d/o William & E (Ingram). Peterborough County, Ontario

Alexander FERGUSON, 31 of Brantford Twp, born Scotland, s/o John & Agnes (Lottimer) married March 17, 1865 Elizabeth Hastings, 27 of Brant Twp, born Scotland, d/o John & Ann (Gillespie).  Brant County

Donald FERGUSON, 28, school teacher, Paisley, Scotland, Oro, s/o Duncan Ferguson & Mary Adair, married Mary McArthur, 19, Oro, same, d/o Peter McArthur & Catharine Gillespie, Witn: Gilbert Bell & Isabella Fletcher of Oro, on Dec 21, 1869 at Manse, Oro. (Simcoe County)

John FERGUSON, married Margaret Steele, both of Sunnidale, on Dec 27, 1850 by license. Witn: Alexander Gillespie & Martha Ann Steele, by Thomas Loury, Presbyterian Minister of Barrie & Innisfil. Simcoe County

George Delmore FIELDER, 29, machinist, West Malgrove, Bexley, s/o John Fielder & Sarah Eade, married Mary Levenia Washington, 16, Lutterworth, Bexley, d/o Andrew Washington & Ellen Gillespie, Witn: Andrew Washington & Mary Lucinda Fusee both of Bexley, on June 20, 1892 at Victoria Road. (Victoria County)

Annie M GIBSON, age 29, of Osgoode, born North Gower, spinster, d/o R A Gibson & Lucinda Gilespie, married Albert Blain, 30 of Osgoode, born same, bachelor, farmer, s/o John Blain & Margaret Wilson. Married Feb 14,1898 at Osgoode. Methodist. By Rev John Gibson. License, MS 932, Reel 77, ID 002373,  Carleton County, Ontario



Adam Scott Gillespie, 24, birth 1838 Sutherland, Scotland, of Woodstock, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Margaret, married on Sept 11, 1862 Mary E C Clement, 22, birth 1840 Queenston, Canada West, residence Queenston,  d/o Peter B Clement  & Elizabeth,   Oxford County. Marriage at St John’s Church, Eastwood.

Agnes GILLESPIE married Charles Le Minn, both of Hamilton, Jan 14, 1845. Rev McCullough. Witnesses Wyat C Linte and William Gillespie. Newcastle District, implying Northumberland County re Hamilton Twp. 

Agnes Gillespie married Charles Moffatt. No details. Careton County, Ontario

Albert Gillesby, 29 yrs, of Sydenham, born Hamilton, bachelor, farmer, s/o Bernard Gillesby & Agnes Hutchinson married Jennie Atkinson, 23 of Sydenham, born Sydenham, spinster, d/o Thomas Atkinson & Marjery Robinson on March 28, 1894 at Owen Sound. Both Methodist. By Rev William Hinds, Licence. Witnesses: King Gillesby, Sydenham, William Campbell, Sydenham (Grey Co)

Albert Daly Gillespie, age 26, birth abt 1911 Ontario, son of George Gillespie & Elizabeth Gillespie, married Dorothy Alleen Hamilton July 5, 1937 Geraldton, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

At St George Church, Woolwich, (Waterloo Co), on 26th  Dec 1844, Alexander Gillespie of Toronto, son of the late George Gillespie of Biggar Park, Lanarkshire, Scotland to Marion Holmes, second…..need page 190 to finish and forgot to copy it from the book,  Reids Marriage Notices. This is from Page 189.  Excepts from the Church publication from June 1840 to July 1846 published alternatively from Cobourg and Toronto.

Alexander Gillespie married Jane Brough 17 February 1846, Peterborough by proclamation. Rev Roger. Wit. George Gillespie & James Hamilton, Peterborough, Central Ontario, Canada (see Allice Gillespie)

Alexander Gillespie, 27, of Baltimore, born Canada, s/o Thomas & Agnes, married Nov 15, 1860 Sarah J Davy, 20, of Baltimore, Canada, d/o Richard & Margaret, Northumberland Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Alexander Gillespie, 25, of Peterborough, born Scotland, s/o Richard & Jane (Whyte) married Sept 16, 1868 Ellen Scott, 24, Peterborough, Scotland, d/o James & Sarah (Patterson), Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Alexander Gillispie, 28, of Petrolia, born Ontario, bachelor, labourer, Presbyterian, s/o Alexander & Isabella Gillespie, married Isabella Karr, 17 of Petrolia, born Ontario, spinster, Church of England, d/o Harry & Isabella Kerr. Married Dec 3, 1874 at Petrolia by Rev R W Waddell, License.  Lambton County   MS 932, Reel14, ID 005969

Alexander Gillespie, 26, lumberman, Cannington, Bexley Twp, s/o Charles & Margaret Gillespie, married Annie Puterbaugh, 20, Cannington, Bexley, d/o Samuel & Catherine Puterbaught. Witn: Charles Blakely & Ellen Tripp, on March 19, 1884, Bexley Twp.

Alexander Gillespie, 24 of Toronto, born Toronto, bachelor, moulder, s/o John Gillespie & Margaret Rennie, married Ethel L Chidley, 19 of Thorah, born Mariposa, spinster, d/o James Chidley & Grace Maunder. Married Jan 21, 1899 at Toronto by W Patterson. License. Both parties Presbyterian. Witnesses: Fred Hogarth of Toronto. Cannot read 2nd name.  City of Toronto, Ontario  MS 932, Reel 97. ID 001866.

Alexander Gillespie, age 60, birth abt 1875 Paisley, SCOTLAND, father William Gillespie, Mother Mary Gillespie, married Jan 11, 1935 at Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario spouse Ella Estella Shaw.

Alexander Gillespie, age 28, birth abt 1908 SCOTLAND, father Andrew Gillespie. Mother Annie Gillespie,  Married spouse Thelma Ada May Dec 1, 1935 Cobalt, Timiskaming, Ontario

Alexander C Gillespie, 31, merchant, Winchester Twp,  born Ontario, merchant, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Bridget O’Callahan married Catherine Cline, 29, Osnabruck, born Osnaburck, d/o Thomas Cline & Bridget McCrickett, on April 24, 1877 at Dickinson’s Landing, Osnabruck. Witnesses William Cline, Mary  Ann Gillespie, both of Osnbruck. Both parties Roman Catholic. Rev Murray, Priest, LIcense. Stormont County, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Alexander Love Gillespie, age 24, birth abt 1913 Hamilton, Ontario, son of Alexander Gillespie & Elizabeth Gillespie, married Sept 3, 1937 spouse Margaret Herd Bryce Hunter, at City of Hamilton, Wentworth Co, Ontario

Alice Gillespie married James Hamilton Dec 1, 1834.  Peterborough. Both of Monaghan Twp. By Rev Moore, license. Wit James Harvey & David Hamilton, Newcastle District Central Ontario, Canada 

Allice Gillespie, 30 of Otonabee, born Otonabee, spinster, d/o Alexander Gillespie & Jane Brough married John W Walker, 40 of Otonabee, born Asphodel, bachelor, farmer, s/o John Walker & Helen Gillespie. Married on Nov 15, 1892 at Otonabee.  Both parties Presbyterian.  Witness: Joseph Walker, Otonabee.  By Rev F Andrews, License. Peterborough County. MS 932, Reel 79, ID 009960

Amelia Gillespie married March 16, 1884, Leeds Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Angus Gillespie of Minto, s/o John married Sarah McClellan 1859, Wellington Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Angus Gillespie, 33, birth 1834 Islay,  s/o Dugald Gillespie & Mary McEachern, married in Ontario Margaret McArthur, 27, birth 1840 Islay,  d/o Duncan McArthur & Margaret  Campbell. Witn: Henry Glasford of Thorah, on May 30, 1867.  Ontario County, Ontari

Angus Gillispie, 29, farmer, of Kinmount, born Victoria County, bachelor, farmer, Presbyterian, s/o Donald & Catherine Gillispie, married Esther Valintine, 29, of Kinmount, born Minnesota, spinster, d/o Joseph & Margaret Valintine, Witn: J L Valintine & Sarah Hiyler, both of Kinmount. Married  Dec 24, 1891 at Kinmount by Joseph Hunt. Marriage registered at Sommerville.  Victoria County.  MS 932, Reel 73, ID 011548 (correction made & additions). 

Ann Gillespie, Catholique Marriage in Ottawa, Ontario in 1849 at Baslique Notre Dame. Spouse Thomas Fury.

Ann Gillespie of Nottawasaga, d/o Donald, married Peter Dallas 1859, Simcoe Co, Western Ontario, Canada. (correction made)

Ann Gillespie married Joseph Michea, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada (no date)

Ann Gillespie married Adam Thompson (between 1858-1869), Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Ann Gillespie, 38, Scotland, Oro, widow, d/o John &  Euphemia McPherson, married James Maudsley, 38, Great Crosby, England, Oro, widower, s/o James & Margaret. Witn: John McPherson & Flora McPherson, both of Oro, on March 28, 1870, Oro.

Ann Gillespie, 19, Canada, Oro, d/o Peter & Mary, married William White, 29, clerk, England, Barrie, s/o William & Mary, Witn: Malcolm & Donald Gillespie of Oro, on May 27, 1875 at Oro.

Ann Gillespie, 32,  ofThorah, born same, spinster, d/o Archibald Gillespie & Agnes Buchannan, married James Edgar, 38, farmer, of Thorah, born Dumfries, Scotland, bachelor, farmer, s/o Thomas Edgar & Sarah MacKenzie. Witn George Grant & Annie Ross, both of Thorah. Marriage July 18, 1877 at Thorah by Rev John MacNabb. License.  Ontario County.  MS 932, Reel 34, ID not recorded. (correction made).

Ann Gillespie, age 41 of Oakville, spinster, d/o Samuel & Eleanor Gillespie,  Halton Co, Methodist, married Thoms Ribble, 46, of Oakville, Halton Co,  bachelor, carpenter, s/o William & Susan Ribble, Methodist on June 25, 1877 by licence. Burlington registration.  Others: May Edgar, Toronto; Christena Lang of Burlington. By Rev S. Cleave.

Ann Gillespie, 24 of Cornwall, born Cornwall, d/o Alexander and Elizabeth, married Robert Hurley, 21 of Cornwll, born Dublin, IRELAND, s/o Robert on May 7, 1878 at St John’s in Cornwall. Witnesses Emma McDonell, Lizzie & William Gillespie, all of Cornwall, Stormont Co, Ontario

Anna Gillespie married William G Vicars Jan 3, 1900, Cannington, Victoria Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Anna Elizabeth Gillespie married James Cunningham Oct 15, 1857 at Wesleyan Parsonage, Guelph, Clerk Rev Dr Cooney.  Southern Ontario, Canada

Annie Gillespie, 28, of Kingston, b Kingston, d/o Isaac Lefft & Ann Kennedy, married William Graham, 37, b Ireland, s/o Samuel Graham & Jane Gilland, on December 27, 1864. Witnesses: Thomas Campbell & Robert Appelton, both of Kingston.   Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada (corrections & additions made)

Annie Gillespie, 25, of Stewarttown, Esquesing Twp, Halton Co, born Ireland,  d/o William & Mary Jane Gillespie, Presbyterian, married John Edward Marlatt, 23, of Stewarttown, born Canada, s/o George Marlatt & Milleson Marlatt, (Milicent) on March 18,  1875 in Esquesing. (Presbyterian Marriages of Esquesing & Chinguacousy Twp by Rev Joseph Anderson/Alexander=2 records) By licenseWitnesses: George Marlatt of Stewartown and Margaret Bill of Georgetown

Annie Gillespie, 24 of Cornwall, born Cornwall, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Robert Hurley, 21 of Cornwall, born Dublin, Ireland, s/o Robert. May 7, 1878. Witnesses: Emma McDonell, Lizzie Gillespie, William Gillespie, all of Cornwall.  St John’s Church, Cornwall.  Stormont County, Ontario 

Annie Gillespie, 21 of Howe Island, spinster, d/o Robert Gillespie & Annie Breaky, married Charles Fanning, 30 yrs of  Kingston, born Kingston, bachelor, sailer, s/o Mrs & Mrs Fanning.  Married Jan 29, 1894 at the bride’s parents’ home on Howe Island by Rev McAustin, License. Both Protestant.  Witnesses: Lilian Heodges, Charles McDonald, all of Wolfe Island.  MS 932, Reel 81, ID 03923. Frontenac County, Ontario

Annie Gillespie, 23 of Port Dalhousie, born Hamilton, Presbyterian, d/o Samuel & Eliza Gillespie, married Thomas G Hutton, 22 of Port Dalhousie, born Grantham, Lincoln Co, Ontario, bachelor, Church England,  shoe maker, s/o Richard & Margaret Hutton. Married October 3/4 (yes, written that way) 1894 Port Dalhousie. Witnesses: A J Mayer, Mrs J Grant, Pt Dalhousie. By S. C.Graft, License.   MS 932, Reel 82, ID 00720  Lincoln County

Annie Gillespie, 25, Cannington, same, d/o Donald Gillespie & Isabella Coulthard, married William George Vrears, 34, farmer, Lindsay, Qu Appelle, s/o John Vrears & Anna  Bella Metcalf. Witn: Arthur Vickers, Toronto & Lann Cowan, Cannington, on Jan 3, 1900 at Cannington.

Annie Gillespie, 27, South Orillia, Orillia Twp, d/o George Gillespie & Priscilla Fountain, married William Walter Stanton, 27, farmer, South Orillia, same, s/o James Stanton & Mary Calverly. Witn: William Millichamp of S Orillia & Rosanna Fountain of Rama Twp. June 13, 1900 at South Orillia Twp.

Annie Gillespie, 28, Beaverton, Brechin, d/o Gilbert Gillespie & Mary Ann French, married Willliam Gilpin, 42, physician, Tecumseth, Ont, Brechin, s/o George Gilpin & Cath Campbell. Wtn: R A Armstrong of Toronto & Jessie Gillespie of Brechin on Jan 2, 1901 at Brechin.

Annie Florence Gillespie, 40, graduate nurse, Ontario, 32 Gothic Aven in Toronto, d/o William Emerson Gillespie (b Ontario) & Sarah Colter, married William Sidney Fawns, 48, widower, physician, Ontario, 1208 College St in Toronto, s/o George Fawns (b Scotland) & Sarah Morgan, Witn: W H Andrew of Toronto & Mrs E S Andrew of 154 Jamieson Avenue in Toronto, on April 16, 1926.

Anthony Gillespie married Mary Currigan April 17, 1849. Witnesses Antony & Bridget McCabe and Edward & Winnifred Laugan. Eastern Ontario, Canada. (2nd record Catholique Marriage Ottawa at Baslique Notre Dame 1849 Mary Corrigan).

Anthony Gilespy, 40  of Thorold, born Ireland, s/o James & Mary (Moran), April 29, 1862 Mary Corcoran, 50, of Thorold, born Ireland, d/o William & Mary (Early). Lincoln Co, Southern Ontario, Canada. (2nd record gives bride’s last name as Corrigan). 

Archibald Gillespie married Agnes Buchanan Dec 10, 1833 at St Andrew’s Church, Toronto by Rev Rintoul. Wit Archibald Reid and Duncan Sinclair. Home District, Ontario, Canada

Archibald Gillespie of Brock Twp (Ontario County) bachelor, married Anne Harvey of Toronto, spinster, d/o John Harvey of Perthshire, Scotland. Marriage on June 18, 1850.  Witness Archibald Cameron, Malcolm Gillespie.

Archibald Gillispie, 29 of Howard, born  Caledon, Peel County, farmer, bachelor, s/o Malcolm & Christina Gillispie, married Eliza Ann Everitt, 21 of Howard, born Howard, spinster, s/o William & Matilda Everitt on May 26, 1880 at Howard Twp. Both Methodist. By Rev Thomas Adam. License. Witnesses: Sarah…unable to read names.  Kent County, Ontario.  MS 932, Reel 33, ID 034941.

Archibald Gillespie, 28 of Minto, born Scotland, bachelor, farmer, s/o John & Catherine Gillespie, married Mary Ann Connoly, 27 of Proton, born Ontario, spinster, d/o John & Maggie Connoly on Oct 13, 1880 at Proton. Both Presbyterian. Witnesses: Samuel Rogers, Proton and Alexander Gillespie, Proton. By Rev John Morrison. License.(Grey Co)

Artie E Gillespie of Howard, married Sadie Bowden April 3, 1918. Thamesville Herald announcement, Kent County, Ontario

Arthur Gillespie s/o Peter, married Violet Snary, d/o J. H. on June 14, 1916. Thamesville Herald Announcement, Kent County, Ontario


Barbara Gillespie married David Quesnel Oct 13, 1962 at Ottawa. Witnesses: Jeffre & Eleanor Rodney; Denis & Mabel Poulton. Married at Saint-Bonadventure.

Belia Gillespie married Thomas Henry Foster Jan 16, 1901 at Cannington, Victoria Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Benjamin Gillespie, 32,  of PIcton, born Ireland, son of James & Jane, married Oct 25, 1860 Anna Gaw, 27, residence Picton, born Ireland, d/o William & Letitia, Prince Edward Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Bertha Gillespie, 22, of Turnberry Twp, Huron Co, born Amaranth, Ontario, spinster, Presbyterian, d/o John & Esther Gillespie, married James Grey, 26, of Turnberry, Ontario, born Turnberry, bachelor, farmer, Presbyterian, s/o Andrew & Marion Grey, married Jan 1, 1891 at Listowel, Perth County by Isaac Campbell. License. The couple brought no witnesses, so Flora Campbell of Listowel witnessed the ceremony – note on record.               Microfilm MS 932, Reel 72. ID 009532

Bridget Gelaspy, d/o Patrick Galaspy,  Bridget Lynch, married James McGlynn, Feb 2, 1851. Roman Catholic Marriage. Location not given. Witnesses: Byran Levan, Ann Hometice.


Catharine Gillespie from Isle of Islay, Scotland married Angus Cameron Jan 22, 1822 McNab Twp, Renfrew County. (provided by Researcher Mac Gillespie) I questioned this arrival so early in Canada as the main group of Islay settlers came in the 1830s,  or if the marriage had occurred in Scotland). Couple did settle in this region. Actual record not found.

Catharine Gillespie married Lachlin Gilbrath, both of Oro, March 26, 1839 by banns. Rev Jonathan Scott, Wesleyan Methodist Minister of Orillia. Lake Simcoe, Simcoe County,  Ontario, Canada. Witnesses: Charles Garrett & John McFaden.

Catherine Gillespie of Sunnidale, married Peter McArthur of East Gwillibury June 11, 1844  St James Anglican Church, Orillia. Simcoe Co, Central Ontario,  Canada.

Cathrine Gillespie married Alex’r McDugald, both of Thora Twp, Home District on April 13, 1848 by License.  Rev MacMurchy. Witnesses: Alex’r Campbell and Peter Cameron. Victoria Country.

Cathrine Gillespie of Eldon Twp married James MacAlpine of Eldon March 16, 1853 at Eldon. By license. Rev MacMurchy. Witnesses Dugald Gillespie & Alexis McAlpine, Victoria Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Catherine Gillespie of Nottawasaga, d/o Angus, married Alexander Fraser 1862, Simcoe Co, Western Ontario, Canada

Catharine Gillespie of Minto, d/o John, married Duncan McAlister 1865, Wellington Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Catharine Gillespie, age 40, birth 1828 S Elmsley address Bastard, d/o James Gillespie & Elizabeth, married April 16, 1868 to Henry Joynt (also Joyert), age 49, birth 1818 Ireland, s/o Dudley & Margaret, in Lanark County,  Eastern Ontario, Canada

Catherine Gillespie, 23 of Nottawasaga, born Nottawasaga, spinster, Baptist, d/o Donald & Mary Gillespie, married Donald Sinclair, 29 of Nottawasaga, born Chinguacosy, bachelor, farmer, Baptist, s/o John Sinclair & Annie Sinclair. Married May 9, 1873 in Nottawasaga. Witnesses: Daniel Gillespie & Mary Sinclair, Nottawasaga, Simcoe Co. By Rev Robt Rop of Staynor. License.

Catherine Gillespie of  Egremont  married Mr Brown 1874, March 17. (Grey Co)

Catharine Gillespie married Nov 4, 1885, Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Catherine Gillespie, youngest daughter of the late James & Mrs Gillespie of Renfrew Co, married Clifford, 2nd son of M/M Lamb of Saskatoon, SK, Eastern Ontario, Canada. Married April 12, 1916 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Catherine Baird Gillespie, 18 (b. 3 June 1908), Abbotshall Kirkcaldy Scotland, 20 Annette St. Toronto, d/o Robert Baird Gillespie (b. Scotland) & & Jessie White Traill (married 17 Dec 1903 at Dysart),  married Robert Joseph Cormack, 23, salesman, Ontario, 51 Pickering St. Toronto, s/o Robert Corry Cormack (b. Scotland) & Ellen Hawke, Witn: Thomas Gillespie & Jessie Craig Dennison both of Toronto, on 1 January 1927

Catharine I Gillespie, 21, of Hullet, born Scotland, spinster, d/o William Gillespie & Ellen Penman, married John H McMillan, 23 of McKillop residence, born McKillop, bachelor, farmer, s/ o Robert McMillan & Mary Dodds. Married at Hullet Feb 16, 1877. Both Presbyterian. By Rev I Godsmith. License. Witnesses Robert McMillan of McKillop and Ellen Gillespie of Hullet, (Huron County)

Catharine I. Gillespie married Jan 13, 1902 Cornwall. Eastern Ontario, Canada

Cecilia Dewar Gillespie, 19 (b June 26, 1906), soda dispenser, Kirkaldy, Fifeshire, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert Baird Gillespie b Scotland & Jessie White Traill, married Howard Henderson Garden, 20, painter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alexander Garden b Scotland & Isabella Henderson, Wit: Catherine Baird Gillespie & Frank Garden, both of Toronto, on Oct 3, 1925.

Charity Gillespie married Jabez Renton, both of the City of Toronto on July 12, 1837 by license. Rev Harris. Witnesses Francis Logan and Charlotte Brown, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Charles Gillespie, widower, & Mary Rennick, widow, both of Amaranth (Twp), b John Gillespie of Amaranth and James McMullen of Mono, yeomen. Married July 5, 1834 at Toronto.

Charles Gillespie of Pickering, s/o Charles, married Ann Gilboy 1866, Ontario County, Central Ontario, Canada (see also Sarah Gillespie marriages 1848 & 1858)

Charles Gillespie, 23, cooper, New Castle, Ontario, Petersville, s/o Robert & Sarah Ann, married Jennie Hogg, 21, Petersville, Petersville, d/o George & Eliza, Wtn: Laurie Leake & Peter Grant of Petersville, on Dec 28, 1880 at residence of the bride’s mother Petersville.

Charles Gillespie married Catherine Alice Shearer Jan 30, 1884 Collingwood, Ontario

Charles Gillespie, 29, born Northumberland Co, residence Parry Sound, widowed, carpenter, s/o Howard Gillespie & Martha Davy, married Margaret Jane Park, 30, ?  Collingwood, d/o John Park & Margaret B ?, Witn: A McFadden & Annie M Park, both of Collingwood, on March 8, 1899 at Collingwood.

Charles Gillespie married Agnes Johnston June 13, 1899 Cobourg, Ontario.

Charles A Gillespie married in St Catharines Dec 2, 1888. No details.

Charles Edward Gillespie married Barbara Valentino Sharf, Sept 12, 1988, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Charles Elric Gillespie, age 26, birth abt 1909 Ottawa. Father James Edward Gillespie. Mother Ella Elizabetrh Gillespie, married at Ottawa on June 15, 1935 spouse Phoebe Catheea Elliott

Charlotte Gillespie married Thomas Hilliard July 28, 1847. (2nd record: Thomas Hilliard of Williamsburgh, bachelor, and Charlotte Gillespie of Osnabruck, spinster, married 28 July 1847 by license. Witnesses John Adams, John Gillespie, Thomas Gillespie, and Francis Kirkpatrick), Stormont/Dundas Counties, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Charlotte Gillespie of Blandford, married William Smith of Woodstock Feb 17, 1854 by Rev Tolmie. Witnesses Thomas Smith and James  Bell. Oxford County

Charlotte Maria Gillespie married May 16, 1876, Brockville, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Charlotte Maria Gillespie, 22, of Smith Falls, born South Emsley, spinster, d/o Thomas Gillespie & Harriet Johnson, married May 15, 1878, Marshall Belanger, 25 of Smith Falls, born South Elmsley, labourer, s/o Peter Belanger & Mary Lilawn (?sp) Smith Falls. Both parties Church of England. by Rev C. P Enery, license. Witnesses: Alex McGillvary & Eliza Steward (?)  of Smith Falls.  MS 932, Reel 27, ID 005141

Christie Gillespie of Minto married Robert Gilllespie of Minto 1859, Wellington Co, Southern Ontario, Canada

Christina, second daughter of Thos Gillespie, esq of Storrington, married William McGhie, Esq, merchant of St Catharines, June 22, 1853, Wed, At Kingston on the 7th instant, by the Rev R. F. Barns. Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Christina Currie Gillespie, d/o Archie of T’ville, married Clinton Shaw of Rtn at Windsor Sept 13, 1909. Kent County, Ontario

Christina Gillespie, 25, tailoress of Coldwater, Parry Sound, d/o Alexander Gillespie & Annie Puterbaugh, married John Saltiel Jan 2, 1923 at Parry Sound, Northern Ontario, Canada.

Christy Gillespie of Thora, Home District, married Ja’s Currie of Mariposa, Colborne District on March 9, 1847. Rev MacMurchy. Wtinesses Dun Carmichael & Archi’d McMillan, Ontario County, Ontario

Clifford Beach Gillespie, age 25, birth abt 1892 Morewood, Ontario, son of William Gillespie & Lucy Emmeline Beach Gillespie, married Florence Beatrice Lemoine Oct 6, 1917 Carleton, Ontario (linked to my Dad who married his sister-personal note).

Clarence Humphries Gillespie, age 29, birth abt 1908 Ashpodel Twp, Father Peter Christie Gillespie. Mother Mobel Gillespie. married Sept 25, 1937 at Hastings, Northumberland Co, spouse Ann Mary Belle Spooner.


Dale Ann Gillespie married Scott Robert Cavanaugh, Eastern Ontario,  Canada

Dalton Verral Gillespie, 27, farmer of Amaranth,s/o Joseph Gillespie & Sarah Buchanan, married Mabel Jackson, 25 of Mono, born same, d/o William Jackson & Margaret Craid. Witnesses Joseph W, Margaret E, Jackson, both of Cardwell. March 7, 1923, in Cardwell, Western Ontario, Canada.

Daniel Gillespie, 24, of Manvers, born CE, (Canada East or Quebec), s/o Alexander & Bessey, married May 20, 1859 Jane Armstrong, 20, of Manvers, born Manvers, d/o William & Ann, Ontario County, Central Ontario, Canada

Daniel Gillespie, 38 of Cornwall, born Canada, widower, Occupation Lock Tender Canal, Methodist, s/o Alexander Gillespie & Bessie Scott, married Mary Digman, 31 of Cornwall, born Ireland, Roman Catholic, widower, d/o William Ward & Mary Haney. Nov 26, 1877 at Cornwall Methodist Parsonage. Witnesses Bessie Hall, Wm M Hall of Cornwall.  By Rev William Hall, License.  Stormont County,  MS 932, Reel 25, ID 010496 (Note: Did her father marry his daughter?)

Daniel Gillespie, 27, Bexley, Fesserton, Lumberman, s/o Angus Gillespie & Margaret, married Sarah Nina Cole, 28, Medonte, Fesserton, d/o Joshua & Caroline Cole (nee Walker). Witn: Joshua Cole & Margaret Gillespie, both of Hillsdale, on Jan 7, 1895 at Fesserton. (Flesherton is in Grey County) I do not correct spellings in records.

Daniel Gillespie age 38, birth abt 1859 Brock, Ontario, son of Daniel & Catherine Gillespie, married Eliza Brohm June 1, 1897 Haliburton, Ontario.

David Gillespie, 44, of Port Hope, born Ireland, s/o Isaac & Agnes, married Oct 31, 1859 Mary Carr, 24, Port Hope, born Ireland, d/o George & Jane, Northumberland Co, Central Ontario, Canada

David Gillespie, 23, residence City of Kingston, born Ireland, son of William Gillespie & Laticia Charles married Jane McQuaid, 16, Kingston, b City of Ottawa, daughter of John McQuaid & Mary Ann Campbell.  Both parties  Episcopalian. Married Nov 22, 1877 at Portsmouth United Church,  Witnesses: William Sutherland and Elizabeth McDonald, City of Kingston, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada  MS 932, Reel 23, ID 002895. (Additions made).

David Gillespie, age 24, residence Cornwall Twp, born Cornwall Twp, s/o Daniel & Francis, married Annie MacCourt  Feb 5, 1890 at St John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall. Witnesses: A. M Mulhorn, W. S. Multhorn, A.M. MacLeod. Stormont County, Eastern Ontario, Canada

David Gillespie, 49 of Brockville, born Co Antrim, IRELAND, widower, barter, s/o William Gillespie & Mary Moore (orMooney), married Jane McChestney, 29, of Brockville, spinster, d/o Robert McChestney & Margaret Taylor. Married at Brockville April 11, 1894 by Rev W. A. McKenzie. License. Both parties Presbyterian. Leeds County, MS 932, Reel 82. ID 006892

Dennis Gillespie labourer married  Dec 11, 1855 (date changed) to Fanny Melton, spinster, Cornwall Twp. Both of the Township of Cornwall were by license joined in marriage. Present David MacCracken and Alexander MacCracken. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall. Stormont County Eastern Ontario, Canada

See Don’d Gillespie – 1850 marriage

Donald Gillespie age 24, birth 1838 Canada West, of Brock, s/o Malcolm & Mary, married Isabella Coulthard age 19, birth 1843 Canada West, on May 27, 1862, Ontario County,  Central Ontario, Canada, s/o Christopher Coulthard &  Susana.

Donald Gillespie, 44, physician, widower, Peel, Ont, Cannington, s/o Malcom & Mary, married Mary Sinclair, 42, widow, Armagh, Ireland, Cannington, d/o Robert & Martha Thompson, Witn: Richard Edwards of Cannington & Henry Walters of Lindsay, on March 21, 1882 at Lindsay.

Donald Alex Gillespie, age 32, birth abt 1875 Stayner, Ontario, father Samuel Gillespie, Mother Bella Shaw. Married Abbie Hughes Aug 31, 1907 York, Ontario

Donald Duneaux Gillespie, 24, farmer, Thorah Twp, same, s/o Angus Gillespie & Margaret McWithur, married Hattie Staffock, 21, Brock Twp, Thorah Twp, d/o John Stafford & Mary Vicery. Witn: Mrs A E & Laura Duneaux, both of Cannington Feb 7, 1900 at Cannington.

Donald Hall Gillespie, age 24, birth abt 1907 Tweed, Hastings Co, Ontario, son of Adam Hall Gillespie & Mary Ethel Gillespie. Married Emma Kathaleen Rowe July 4, 1931 Peterborough, Peterborough, Ontario.

Don’d Gillespie married Cathrine McDonald, both of Brock Twp, York County on July 30, 1850.  Rev MacMurchy. Witnesses: Niel Currie and John McDon’d. Ontario County, Ontario

Dora Gillespie married Edward Richard Bates March 16, 1898, Wolfe Island, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Doris Irene Gillespie d/o  Arnold Gillespie  in Kirkland Lake married on July 4, 1959 Donald Beverley Weir. Kirkland Lake UC.  Northern Ontario.

Dorothy June Gillespie married James Ernest Reid Sept 17, 1949, Hamilton, Wentworth Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Dorothy May Gillespie, age 17, birth abt 1918 Rainy River, Ontario. d/o William & Jeannie Gillespie, married Ernest Robert Leclaire Jan 29, 1935 Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Dorothy Mildred Gillespie, age 25, birth abt 1911 d/o William Gillespie & Lena Gillespie, married Edward Leslie Corman Aug 22, 1936 Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario

Dougald Gillespie, son of John Gillespie & Annie Mcdougal  married Margaret Walker birth ireland, daughter of Andrew Walker and Millicient Arnold on Sept 7, 1927 Ontario

Douglas Foster Gillespie, 22, mechanic, Beaverton, 109 Simcoe St, Oshawa, s/o Dugald Gillespie (b Beaverton) & Jean Skinner, married Pearl Mahaffy, 18, Oshawa, 9 Athol St, West Oshawa, d/o John Mahafy (b Port Perry) & Ida Heatlie. Witn: Mrs B I Turkington & Susan Little, both of Whitby on Feb 2, 1925 at the Manse, Whitby, Durham County, Ontario

Duncan Gillespie of Minto, s/o John, married Mary Bell 1858, Wellington Co, Western Ontario, Canada.

Duncan Gillespie, of Laxton (Twp), born Scotland, s/o Donald & Isabella, married Nov 6, 1860 Mary A McDaniel, Laxton, born Ireland, d/o Michael & Ann, Victoria Co, Central Ontario, Canada (3nd record gives date as 1867 but two records gives 1860.).

Duncan Gillespie, 29, Nottawasaga, born CW (Canada West), s/o Angus & Ann, married March 27, 1862 Elizabeth Johnson, 25, Collingwood, CW, d/o Duncan & Elizabeth (Simcoe Co)

Duncan Gillespie, 29, farmer, Carden Twp, Lutterworth Twp, s/o Donald & Catherine, married Laura Hirtswood, 28, Toronto, Lutterworth Twp, d/o Thomas & Anna Hirstwood, Witn: George F Wilson & Emma Wilson, both of Lutterworth Twp, on June 18, 1894 at Lindsay, Victoria County, Ontario


Earl Wollard Gillespie, age 22, birth abt 1915 Kitchener, Ontario, father Raymond Mearo Gillespie. Mother Grace Fery Gilespie, married at Kitchener Sept 4, 1937 spouse Dorothy Veida Richman

Edith Gillespie Catholique Marriage in Wawa, Ontario 1937-1967 spouse John A Oleary.

Edward Gillespie age 30, residence Parry Sound, born Canada, bachelor, mill-hand, son of James Gillespie & Helen Downey (?sp) married Mary Jane Anderson, 28 years, residence Parry Sound, born Canada, spinster,  d/o John Anderson & Elizabeth Abbot October 26, 1892 at Parry Sound. Witnesses: A. B. Duncan; J B Duncan. Groom Methodist. Bride Presbyterian. By Rev J Duncan (Parry Sound District) ID 008298

Edward Gillespie, 24, shoe maker, Belfast, Ireland, 15 Jones Avenue, Toronto, s/o Edward Gillespie & Levina Campbell, married Muriel Fryer, 25, clerk, St Helens Lanashire, 46 Grove Avenue, d/o James Fryer & Annie Jarvis, Wit: Frank Gillespie of 15 Jones Avenue & Flossie Parker of 750 Broadview Avenue, on Dec 9, 1925 at St Barnabas Church.

Eleanor Gillespie, 33, Ontario, Tossorontio, d/o Owen & Mary, married James Cullen, 34, lumberman, Ontario, Sunnidale, s/o Patrick & Bridget, Witn: Katie Gillespie & Barbara Morrison, both of Barrie, on Dec 8, 1884 at Barrie (Roman Catholic).

Eleanor Joyce Gillespie, age 19, birth abt 1917, father Albert Gillespie. Mother Christina Gillespie, married Sept 23, 1936 at Toronto, Ontario spouse Frederick Maurice Sadler.

Eliza Galespia married John Collis, Perth Co, Southern Ontario, Canada. (between 1858-69).

Eliza Jane Gillespie of Otonabee married Joseph Stewart of Peterborough  at the Methodist Parsonage, Keene, on Tuesday, March 31, 1885 by the Rev John Tozeland.  Peterborough County, Ontario

(see also Lizzie)

Elizabeth Gillespie of Eldon Twp to Dugald McFadyen of Egremont Twp , Grey County on Feb 14, 1854 at Eldon. By license. Rev MacMurchy. Wit Arch’d Gillespie & Niel Smith, Victoria Co, Central Ontario, Canada (change made)

Elizabeth Gillespie married George Robson  between 1858-69, Northumberland Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth Gillespie married John Heslop, Grey Co (between 1858-69)

Elizabeth Gillespie of Brock, d/o Malcolm, married Philip Lloyd St John 1859, Ontario County, Central Ontario, Canada. (Note: Her Cannington parents were so upset her mother left her out of her will, and Elizabeth is buried alone with his family.)

Elizabeth Gillespie of Amaranth, s/o Thomas, married Thomas Brown 1865, Wellington Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Elizabeth Gillespie married William Coxall Nov 13, 1865,  Wolfe Island, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada (Note: They later moved to Northumberland County)

Elizabeth Gillespie, 22 years, of Toronto, born Ireland, spinster, d/o James & Elizabeth Gillespie, married John Wm Wallace, 25 years of Toronto, born Ireland, bachelor, s/o Robert & Catherine McLeod Wallace. Married July 4, 1873 at Toronto, Both Protestant. By Rev James J Rue. License.  MS 932, Reel 13, ID 013993. City of Toronto

Elisabeth Gillesby, 18 of Caistor, born Hamilton, Ontario, spinster, d/o Edward Gillesby & Martha Gillesby, married Charles Wesley Packham, 21 of Caistor, bachelor, born Binbrook, farmer, s/o James Packham & Elizabeth Packham, Married Jan 1st, 1874 by banns at Saltfleet. Both Methodist. Witnesses: Caroline Packham, Sarah A Bartram, Saltfleet.  Rev Eli Bartan. Wentworth County. MS 943, Reel 12, ID 012052

Elizabeth Gillespie, 21 of East Garafraxa Twp, born Garafraxa, spinster, d/o Robert & Elizabeth Gillespie, married James Laing, 26 of East Garafraxa, born Scotland, bachelor, farmer, s/o Robert & Margaret Laing on March 20, 1877 at East Garafraxa. Both Presybterian. Rev Joseph Griffith. License. Witneses: George Gillespie & Elizabeth G Esson of East Garafraxa, Wellington Co, Ontario

Elizabeth Gillespie, 22, of Sherbourne, born Ontario, spinster, Presbyterian, d/o John Gillespie and Mary Gillespie, married Feb 21, 1879 at Laurel , Amaranth, married James Stephenson, 27 years, of Amaranth, born United States, labourer, Primitive Methodist, s/o John Stephenson & Ann Stephenson. Witnesses: Thomas Henry Woulf of Amaranth & Margaret Ellen Dickens of Amaranth.   By Rev Richard Paul, license.

Elizabeth Gillespie, 18 (b. 21 April 1908), clerk, Belfast Ireland, 413 Ossington Ave. Toronto, d/o James Gillespie (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth McConnell, married Samuel Cameron, 25, electrotypes, Belfast Ireland, 1024a Bloor St. W. Toronto, s/o William Cameron (b. Ireland) & Mary Elizabeth Humdale, Wtn Alex Wyse of 1396 Gerrard St. E. & John Ramey (Rainey?) Rochester N.Y., on 15 January 1927

Ellen Gallesbie, married Felix O’Neal Feb 9, 1835. Witnesses: John Scanlon, Thomas Mathews. Roman Catholic Marriages of Ontario. Location not identified.

Ellen Gilleslay or Gillesby married Samuel McMullen April 5, 1848, Kitley.  Rev Warren.  By license. Witnesses Wm Brown, James Elliott. Johnston District (Leeds Co), Eastern Ontario, Canada

Ellen Gillespie, 22, Canada, Tossorontio, d/o Owen & Mary, married Patrick Cullen, 24, laborer, Toronto, Brentwood, s/o Patrick & Bridget, Witn: Michael Harkin of Sunnidale & Mary Ann Cullen of Brentwood, on Jan 11, 1874 at St Mary’s of the Immaculate Conception, Adjala. (Simcoe Co)

Ellen Gillespie, 21 of Hullet, born Fifeshire, Scotland, spinster, d/o William Gillespie & Ellen Penman, married Robert Jones 22 of Clinton, Huron Co,  born Hullet, Huron Co, bachelor, blacksmith, s/o William Jones & Anne Crawford, married at McKillop April 1, 1879. Both Presbyterian. By Rev Mathew Barr, License. Witnesses: John McMillan, McKillop and Joseph Gillespie of Hullet (Huron County)

Ellen Gillespie, 22, County of Cavan, Innisfil, d/o Hugh & Margaret Gillespie, married Manson Pearsall, 22, Prince Edward Co, Orillia, Witn: Spence H Betts & H James Birds of Barrie, on July 1, 1879 at Barrie.

Ellie Gillespie, of Hamilton, d/o of Patrick, married Peter Duffy 1863, Wentworth Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Elsie Elizabeth Gillespie, age 24, birth abt 1913 Toronto, Ontario. Father Charles Gillespie. Mother Annie Elizabeth Gillespie, married at Toronto Oct 30, 1937 spouse Frank Powell.

Emily Gillespie, 19 years of Toronto, born Canada, d/o Geo Gillespie & Sarah A McGinnis (?sp) of Toronto. Married Jan 24, 1877 at Toronto William Garvin, 20 of Toronto, born Canada, bachelor, machinist, s/o Hugh Garvin & Agnes Armstrong. Both parties Presbyterian. License. Clergy D. J MacDonnell.  Witnesses: George McClellan, Elizabeth Dodd, both of Toronto.  York County, MS 932, Reel 26, ID 012926.

Emma Gillespie, 19 yrs, of Hamilton residence, born Ontario, spinster d/o Saml (?Saul) & Ellanor Gillespie, married Thomas Armitage, 22 yrs of Hamilton, born England, bachelor, machinist, s/o George & Harriet Armitage. Married at Hamilton Dec 1, 1876. Both Church of England. Witnesses: W. W. Pim, Mary A Connelly of Hamilton. Minister John Hebden. Wentworth County.  MS 932, Reel 22, ID 012352

Emma Gillespie, 30, of Allandale, born Laxton, Ontario, d/o Hugh & Margaret Gillespie, Presbyterian, married William James Hayko (? last name difficult to read), 43 of Allandale, b Brighton, Ontario, painter, Presbyterian, s/o Robert George & Elizabeth Hayko on Jan 12 (?), 1891 at Allandale. Witnesses: James Foster, Allandale; Sarah Jane Foster, Allandale, Rev J Godden, License.

Emma Jane Gillespie, 24 spinster of Thurlow Twp, d/o John & Christina Gillespie, married Daniel M Hagerman, 30, of Thurlow Twp, farmer, son of Thomas & Isabella Hagerman,  March11, 1890 at Plainfield, Hastings Co, Central Ontario, Canada By Rev John W Forstser.

Ernest Lorne Gillespie, age 28, birth abt 1908 Toronto, Ontario, married at Toronto March 28, 1936 spouse Jennie Florence Angus. His parents Alexander Gillespie & Abbie Gillespie.

Ethel May Gillespie, 23, telephone operator, Orangeville, Whitby, d/o George Gillespie (b England) & Lily May Hubbard, married John Herbert Edgerton, 30, telegrapher, Kennington, Whitby, s/o Herbert Edgerton (b England) & Isabella Chapman. Witn: Ethel Hubbard of Beaconsfield Ave, Whitby, & Joseph Edgerton of 25 15th St New Toronto, on June 27, 1925 at Whitby.

Ethel Mildred Gillespie of Cumberland, BC married Roland Edgerton Wilson, of St Catherines, April 9, 1903. License only. Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Eugenia Emily Gillespie, age 22, birth 1882, d/o Luke Gillespie & Mary Ann Abbott, married Henry Roland Garnault Agassiz, age 26, birth 1878, s/o F Wilhelm Agassiz and Jessie Garnault on Oct 14, 1904 York Twp, York, Ontaro

Eva Louise Gillespie Catholique Marriage in Wawa, Ontariio 1937-1957 spouse George William Milne.

Evelyn Ann Gillespie, Catholique Marriage 1962-1966 Wawa, Ontario spouse Delbert Charles Vye.


Fanny Lucretia Wynne Gillespie, 22, spinster of the City of Toronto, born Guelph, Church of England, d/o John  & Julia Heather Ellis Gillespie, married Jan 20, 1881, George Augustus Muttebury, 24, bachelor, accountant, of City of Winnipeg, born Canada, Church of England, s/o Rutherford & Hannah Forrester Muttebury, By license. Witnesses Joseph Walker Beatty and Louisa Helen Lewis of Toronto. Clergy H. J Grasett, St James, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Flora Gillespie married Lachlan Cameron, Yeoman, both of Eldon on Aug 17, 1847 by license. Rev MacMurchy. Witnesses: Lachlan Cameron and Hugh Smith. Victoria County, Ontario

Flora Gillespie of Minto, d/o John, married Alexander Mitchell Bruce  March 21, 1867 at Minto, Wellington Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Florence May Gillespie, 26, Hawestone, d/o Peter Gillespie (b Oro Twp) & Janet Smith, married Ernest Claude MASON, 26, barber, Canada, Smithville, s/o Daniel Gilbert Mason (b Belleville, Ont) & Tensie? Hicks, Witn: Fred & Lillie Mason of Cannifton, Sept 4, 1923 at Hawkestone

Frances Gillespie age 27, birth abt 1910 Liverpool, ENGLAND. married in Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario Oct 23, 1937 spouse  George Elchuk. Her father Thomas James Gillespie, Mother Margaret Jane Gillespie.

Frances Gillespie, age 26, birth abt 1911 Belfast, IRELAND. married in Toronto, Ontario July 24, 1937 spouse Frederick Robinson Gebbie. Her father Francis Gillespie, Mother Mary Gillespie

Francis Jane Gillespie, 29, Ireland, North Gower, d/o James & Francis, married James Duncan Lindsay, 31, Canada, Marlborough, s/o Alexander & Jane. Witn: W J Wood & Mary Lindsay, both of North Gower, on Nov 12, 1866. By Rev W M Paayson of North Gower, Wesleyan Methodist.

Francis Joseph Gillespie, 25, teacher, mara, s/o Owen Gillespie & Mary Roonie, married Christena McDonald, 23, Mara, same, d/o Archibald & Mary, Witn: J W Slaven & Mary Campbell, both of Orillia, on May 23, 1881 at Uptergrove (Rom Catholic).

Francis Merie Gillespie, d/o Thomas M Gillespie of Fort William, married 1958, May 31 at Fort William,  Ernest Harold Oksanen.  Northern Ontario.

Frederick Gillespie, 22, machinist, Canada, Woodstock, s/o Robert & Maria, married Annie Crane, 16, Burford Twp, Brantford, d/o William & Cordelia, Wit: Sidney Smith of Oakland Twp, & Ida Gillespie of Simcoe, on April 18, 1888 at Brantford.

Frederick Gillespie married Shirley Ann Rodgers May 24, 1951, Roman Catholic Saint Joseph, Ottawa, Carelton County, Witnesses: James & Marion Elford, John & Irene Laverne

Frederick Leopold Gillespie, 32, joiner, Ireland, Crawford St, Toronto, s/o James Gillespie b Ireland  & Mary J Jenkins, married Elizabeth Letson, 28, stenographer, Ireland, 119 Upper Canning St, Belfast, Ireland, d/o Thomas Letson (b Ireland) & Rosetta Smith. Witn: Richard Adams of 557 Crawford St & Alex Crockshank of 202 St Hellen Ave, on June 29, 1925.


George Gillespie married Elizabeth Thomson June 11, 1835. Rev Alexander. Witness George Gillespie (Uncle) and Andrew Jeffrey. Newcastle District Central Ontario, Canada (Northumberland Co, since the couple are buried in Vernonville). 

George Gillespy, yeoman, and Elizabeth Corbett, spinster, both of Woodhouse, married Dec 19, 1836, by F Evans, Witnesses James Corbett, John Larne, Andrew Smith, by license. St John’s Church, Woodhouse. Norfolk Co, Southern Ontario, Canada

George Gillespie married Isabella Gillespie by proclamation Feb 1, 1850. Rev John M Roger. Witnesses: Alex’r Gillespie & Alexr Wood, Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

George Glaspie of Melancthon, s/o George, married Elicia McClelland 1866, Christ Church,   Brampton, Peel County, Central Ontario, Canada.

George Gillesby, 24 of Norwichville, b Canada, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Lizania Lewis, 24 of Windham, b Canada, d/o Levi & Sarah Lewis, on Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 1867, at residence of officiating minister, Brantford. By W Stewart. Witnesses Augusta Stewart, Nancy Lewis. Norfolk Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

George Gillespie married Frances Amelia Coxall Dec 2, 1873, Wolfe Island, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada

George Gillesby, 21 years, of Oneida, born Oneida, bachelor, farmer, s/o James & Mary Gillesby, married Mary Nelles, 17 years of York, born Oneida. d/o William & Susan Nelles. Both Methodist. Witnesses: George Gillesby of Banbrooke,  George Daniels. Married Dec 25, 1873 at Oneida by Rev T G Weiner, LIcense. Haldimand County.  MS 932, Reel 14, ID 003934.

George Gillespie, 30, farmer, Thorah, same, bachelor, farmer, Presbyterian, s/o Archibald Gillespie & Ann Buchannan, married  Priscilla Fountain, 22,  of Thorah, born North Gwillimbury, Church of England, d/o Joseph Fountain & Susan Fountain. Wit: Annie Ross & Neil Buchannan, both of Thorah. Married Aug 7, 1878 at  Thorah. By Rev John Mac….cannot read it. License.  Ontario County.  MS 932, Reel 28, ID  007939 (correction made).

George Gillespie, 29, of Hamilton, born Quebec, bachelor, gentleman, s/o Alex & Marion Gillespie, married Florence Hebden, 20 of Hamilton, born Hamilton, spinster, d/ oJohn & Kate Hebden. married at Hamilton March 30, 1879. Both Episcopal. Witnesses: Mr Harbon, A. Hebden. By Rev J Eslesddes. License.  Wentworth County.  MS 932, Reel 32, ID 012083

George Gillespie, 30 years, of Parry Sound, born Canada, bachelor, mill-hand, Methodist, s/o James Gillespie & Helen Dowrey, married Mary Jane Anderson, 26, of Parry Sound, born Canada, Presbyterian, d/o John Anderson & Elizabeth Abbot. Married at Parry Sound on Oct 26,, 1892 by Rev J Duncan. Witnesses: A. B. Duncan & J. B Duncan. Parry Sound District, Northern Ontario.  MS 932, Reel 75, ID 008298

George Gillespie, age 23, birth abt 1879 Gloucester, Ontario, son of John Gillespie & Elizabeth Anne Mulligan Gillespie, married April 15, 1902 spouse Martha Shore at Carleton, Ontario

George Arthur Stuart Gillespie, 28, shipper of lumber, Quebec, Hull Quebec, s/o James & Mary Jamieson Gillespie, married Sarah Graham, 24, Nepean, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, Witn: J C Drysdlae Holbrook & Emma Graham, both of Ottawa, on May 3, 1882 at Nepean

George Herbert Gillespie, 48, soldier (Lt Col), Kingston, Ontario, London, s/o John Gillespie & Almira Grimshaw, marrried Rose Hilda Smith, 32, London, same, d/o Arthur Hutchinson Smith & Rose Emily Kelly, Wit: Art J & Rosa E Smith of London, on Dec 6, 1926 at London.

George Hamilton Gillespie, age 34,  birth abt 1903 London, Ontario. son of George H Gillespie & Kate Gillespie, married Edna Mabel Barbour June 26, 1937 London, MIddlesex, Ontario

George Heughan Gillespie, engineer, age 36 of Madoc, Ontario, born Irvine, Scotland, Presbyterian, s/o James Gillespie, dentist, & Jane Alexander, married July 13, 1912 Clara McCall, age 35 of Toronto, born Toronto, Presbyterian, d/o Dugald McCall, merchant and Jane Duguid. Witnesses Stanley N Graham, 66 Barrie St, Kingston, and Ella Campbell McCall, 163 Spadina Road. Clergy A. B Winchester. Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

George Miller Gillespie, age 22,  birth 1844 Upper Canada,  of Brock, s/o Malcolm Gillespie & Alice McKechnie, married Agnes McPhadden, age 18, birth 1848, d/o Archibald McPhadden & Rebecca Hinds, on Oct 16,  1866, Ontario County, Central Ontario, Canada

George Neil Gillespie, s/o George Gillespie married Elsie (Bunny) Lorena, d/o Thomas Levere on Saturday, Published in The Carp Review on Aug 1, 1946.  Marriage at Smith Falls. All of Smith Falls, Lanark County, Ontario

George Thomas Gillespie married in Caistor Twp Nov 20, 1871.

Gilbert Gillespie, 21, saddler, Cannington, Beaverton, s/o John & Janet Gillespie, married Mary Ann French, 18, Beaverton, same, d/o James & Ann French. Witn: John J Ray & Flora McKinnon, both of Beaverton. on Nov 15, 1870 at  Beaverton.

Gita Mae Gillespie (also Zita Mae Gillespie) age 24, birth abt 1902 Sault Ste Marie, MICHIGAN, USA. Father Michale J Gillespie, Mother Catherine Murphy. Married Daniel John Nelan May 31, 1926 Algoma, Ontario

Glenn Douglas Gillespie, of Cornwall, son of Sam Gillespie & Mabel (Miller) married Carolyn Myrtle Wease of Glen Alda, Sept 11, 1976 at Coe Hill Gospel Tabernacle. Rev Willard B Day. Witnesses: Gordon Vernal McCaw, Judith W Mary McCaw.  Note: Glenn was raised in Coe Hill,  Wollaston Twp,  Hastings County

Godfrey Park Gillespie age 44, birth abt 1892 Ottawa, Father Thomas Gillespie. Mother Emmeline Gillespie, married Myrtle Jane Shaul April 20, 1936 Anelths Twds, Lanark, Ontario, Canada (I don’t recognize this township in checking them all–puzzling).

Gordon Gillespie, s/o Tom & Carrie Gillespie of Constance Bay, married Amanda Veenstra Aug 22, 2010, d/o Walter & Carol Veenstra of Brockville, in an outdoor wedding at Beantown Branch, outside of Ottawa. Photo.

Grace Agnes Gillispie (also Gillespie)  age 32, birth abt 1904 Toronto, Ontario, Father James Alex Gillespie. Mother Elizabeth Gillespie, married at Toronto March 28,1936 spouse George Monson.

Grace Marion Gillespie,  Fifth daughter of James Gillespie, Glasgow, married Archibald E Jamieson Nov 16,1904, son of John L Jamieson, Horton Twp,  by Rev Mr Shaw. Renfew Co, Ontario, Canada


Hannah Gillespie married John Walker March 14, 1843 by license.  Rev Roger. Wit Geo Gillespie & Tho’s Porter. Colbourne District, Peterborough Co, Central Ontario

Hannah Gillespie, 19, residence Toronto, Methodist, d/o William Gillespie & Ann (Bowland), married Richard James Hore, Labourer, age 20, residence Toronto, b Toronto,Church of England, s/o Nicholas Hore & Emma Rye, Feb 5, 1872 by Clergy Alexander Topp. At Peter Street, Knox Presbyterian Church, Witnesses Lydia McLea, Toronto & Robert Smith, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mrs Harriet A Gillespie of St Williams, married Sept 28, 1871 at the bride’s residence, Thomas Burgar, Esq of Welland.  Lincoln Co, Southern Ontario, Canada

Harry George Gillespie, 49, birth abt 1886 Hamilton, Ontario, father William Gillespie, mother Minny Gillespie, married Eda Elizabeth Dorothea Kritzer March 16, 1935 Toronto, York, Ontario

Harvey Gillespie married Ruth Cathcart, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Hazel Vera Gillespie, Catholique Marriage in Espanola, Ontario 1907-1946 at Bon Pasteur et St Louise de France. Spouse Zolas Lajeunesse.

H Christine Gillespie Catholique Marriage at Wawa, Ontario 1937-1967 spouse John David Shier

Helen Grace Walker Gillespie, age 16, birth abt 1921 St Thomas, Ontario, married Aug 19, 1937 at Goderich, Huron Co, Ontario spouse Duncan Elwin Munro.  Her mother Mary Gillespie.

Helen Jaffrey Gillespie, age 24, birth abt 1911 Ashodel, Peterborough, Ontario. Father Peter Christie Gillespie. Mother Mabel Miller Gillespie, married Aug 10, 1935 at Peterborough spouse Clarence Alexander Robertson.

Henry Gillespie, 22, Cavan, Barrie, laborer, s/o Hugh & Marjorie Gillespie, married Elizabeth Jane Hopkins, 22, Innisfil, same, d/o John & Margaret Hopkins, Witn: Manson & Ellen Parasol, both of Orillia, on Sept 2, 1881 at Orillia.

Horace Maynard Gillespie, age 30, birth abt 1902, Ottawa, Ontario,  son of William & Lena Gillespie, married Florence Gertrude Sybil Blakemore April 16, 1902 Windsor, Essex, Ontario

Hugh Gillespie of Cavan, B , District of Newcastle, married Mary Carbott ,  W,  of Twp of York, March 20, 1824 by special license. Witnesses Margaret Brown. Clergy W. R. Brown.  At St James, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (correction made).

Hugh Gillespie, 28, of Pittsburg (Twp), born Scotland, s/o Thomas & Catharine (Gray),  married Dec 25, (year not given but between 1858-1869) Margaret Spence, 19, of Pittsburg, born Ireland, d/o John & Mary  Jane (Murphy), Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Hugh Gillespie, 27, of Gosfield, born Ireland, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married March 4, 1865 Sarah Fix, 22 of Gosfield, born Gosfield, d/o Michael M & Catherine. Essex County, Ontario

Hugh Gillespie, 26 of Otonabee, born Otonabee, bachelor, labourer, s/o John Gillespie & Margaret Christie, married Elizabeth Redpath, 26 of Otonabee, born Otonabee, single, s/o William Redpath. Married April 19, 1892 at Otonabee by Rev F Andrews. License. Both parties Presbyterian. Witness John Gillespie of Otonabee. Peterborough County MS 932, Reel 79, ID 009968. Note: William Redpath, 63 of Otonabee, born Scotland, s/o Alex Redpath & Alison, married Margaret Newlson, 46, widow of Otonabee, d/o John Trotter & Margret on Nov 24, 1892. Both Methodist. By Rev E Howard, License. MS 932, Reel 79, ID 009964

Hugh Gillespie married Frances May Lee, at Lindsay on July 1, 1914, Victoria Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Hugh Currie Gillespie married Isabel Campbell at R’town (?Ridgetown) on Nov 20, 1929, Kent County, Ontario

Hugh R Gillespie, 39, carpenter, Hibbert Twp, same, s/o James Gillespie & Agnes Kellor, married Margaret McLean, 26, Mariposa, Brock Twp, d/o Alex McLean & Catherine Jackson. Witn: Alex Pool, not given, & Catherine McLean, Brock Twp, on Jan 1, 1902 at Brock Twp.


Ida Gillespie, 25, of Kingston, born Ireland, spinster, d/o John Gillespie & Margaret Tucker, married Samuel Binkley, 27 of Hamilton, born West Flamboro, lineman, bachelor , s/o Wm Binkley & Jemima Clappeson (sp?). Both Presbyterian. Married at Hamilton June 5, 1893. Witnesses Annie Fraser, Esther Berry, both of Hamilton.  Minister Mungo Fraser. Wentworth County, MS 932, Reel 30, ID 012259. 

Isabella Gillespie of Exeter, d/o James, married John Gould 1865, Huron Co, Western Ontario, Canada.

Isabella Gillespie, birth Scotland of Brock, d/o Donald Gillespie & Isabella McVicar, married Neil McMillan, age 35, birth 1831 Scotland, s/o Neil McMillan & Janet Currie, on  Feb 16,1866, Ontario County, Central Ontario, Canada

Isabella Gillespie, 20, Yorkville, same, d/o Samuel & Sarah Dickson Gillespie, married Charles MacKay, 28, Zorra Twp, Yorkville, bricklayer, bachelor, s/o Charles & Jane Graham McKay. Wit: George Gillespie, Matthew Berse, both of Yorkville on May 20, 1875, Yorkville.

Isabella Gillespie, 40 years, of Twp North Monaghan, born Twp Asphodel,  spinster, Presbyterian, d/o George & Isabella Gillespie, married David Lewis, 40 of Twp  of South Monaghan, born Port Hope, bachelor, labourer, Methodist, s/o George Lewis & Mary Jane Phelau. Married March 25, 1891 in Peterborough. Witnesses George G Gillespie of Twp Otonabee, Emma E Lewis of Twp of Monaghan. By Re E. F. Torrence. License.  Peterborough County. MS 932, Reel 72, ID 009843

Isabella Gillespie, 47, Sunderland, Ontario, Brock Twp, d/o Malcolm Gillespie & Allice McRichie, married Thomas H Foster, 36, Mariposa Twp, Brock Twp, widower, s/o William Foster & Jane Deacon. Witn: P Ellis of Toronto & Alice Gillespie, Brock Twp, on Jan 16, 1901 at Brock Twp.

Isabella Gillespie married John Cathcart May 4, 1915, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Isabella Laird Gillespie, married May 11, 1886, Chesterville. Dundas Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada


J. A. Gillespie of Chicago married Miss India Thomas Aug 17, 1905 (notice in Collingwood Bulletin), Simcoe Co.

James Gillespie, tailor married Bell Craig, spinster, (1830s) See additional details in Marriage Bonds by Thomas B Wilson, Page 271. Need page 272.

James Gillespie of Manvers married Isabella Aignie of Cavan Nov 27, 1844. Rev Douglas. Wit Thomas Argue, John Gillespie. Newcastle District,  Central Ontario, Canada (Victoria County)

James Gillespie, a peddlar, newsman married Marguerite Walsh October 11, 1845. Witnesses Thomas, Rose Ann McGill.  Roman Catholic Marriage at St Roch, Notre Dame des Anges, ?Carleton County.

James Gillespie of N Sherbrooke married Agnes McKellar of Dalhousie Nov 7, 1848  Lanark County. Eastern Ontario, Canada

James Gillespie of N Sherbrooke, married Agness McKellar Nov 7 1848. Address Dalhousie. Lanark Co, Ontario

James Gillespie, widower of Margaret Walsh, day-labourer, married Ann Keeney Sept 23, 1851, Roman Catholic Marriage at Parish of St Roch, Notre Dame des Angles  (?Carleton County)

James Gillespie of Blandford, married Sarah Conroy of E Zorra on July 6, 1855. By Rev Tolmie. Witnesses: A. E. Gillespie & William Smith.  Oxford County

James Gillespie, Hamilton (Twp)  married Ellen Deviney May 25, 1858, Hamilton, Northumberland Co, Central Ontario, Canada

James Gillispie, b 1840, 24, Edwardsburgh, Canada, s/o John & Isabella (Robinson) married Oct 17, 1864 Caroline Holliday, 20, b 1844, Montague, Canada, d/o William Holliday & Elizabeth (Wilton), Lanark County, Canada  

James Gillespie, 50, of Seneca, born Ireland, s/o William & Ann, married Aug 14, 1866 Elizabeth Jones, 29 of Tuscarora, born Ireland, d/o George & Martha (Quinn). Haldimand Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

James Gillespie, 27, of Artemesia, born Ireland, s/o John & Jane (Kerr), married Aug 21, 1867 Clarcy Boyce, 17 of Artemesia, born Artemesia, d/o James  & Elizabeth. (Grey Co)

James Gillesby, 21 of Oxford, born Canada, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Feb 11,  1868 Annie Brown, 24 of Norwich, born Ireland. d/o John & Margaret, Oxford Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

James Gillespie, spouse Campbell, married Dec 6, 1870, Kingston, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Jas Gillespie of South Dumfries married Miss Mary Louisa Milne of Waterford at Waterford, Norfolk City on the 28th instant, ?Sept 1871 by Rev A Slaght, Norfolk Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

James Gillespie, 40, labourer, Atlantic Ocean, Ottawa, s/o Thomas & Agnes Pink Gillespie, married Elizabeth Jackson, 40, widow, Huntley Twp, Ottawa, d/o William & Margaret Clark Johnstone, Witn: James Gilchrist & Minnie Borthwick, both of Ottawa. on May 5, 1884 at Rochesterville.

James Gillespie, age 22, birth Clones, Co Monaghan, IRELAND, son of Henry Gillespie & Elizabeth Johnson, married Mary Moncrief Dec 31, 1885 Frontenac, Ontario

James Gillespie, 23 of Toronto, born Ireland, bachelor, salesman, s/o Charles Gillespie & Elizabeth Moore. Married Jan 14, 1893 at Toronto Agnes Ann Atkin, 27 of Toronto, born England, spinster, d/o Allan Atkin & Elizabeth Stockton. Both parties Episcopalian.  By Wiliam Patterson, license. Witnesses: Hugh Bell, Sarah Croft, both of Toronto.  York Co,  MS 932, Reel 81, ID 014107.

James Gillispie, 68 of Picton, born Canada, widower, Sherriff of Prince Edward County, s/o James Gillespie & Jane Montgomery, married Hattie E Bladgett, 45 of Napanee, born Canada, spinster, d/o Frederick Bladget & Mary Widdifield on March 1, 1893 at Napanee. He no religion. She Methodist.  Lennox & Addington Counties, MS 932. Reel 75, ID 006635., 

James Gillesby, 46, widower, carpenter, residence Port Dover, Norfolk Co, born Brantford, Baptist, s/o George & Elizabeth Gillesby, carpenter, married Margaret Allan, 42, widow of Brantford, born Brantford Twp,  Presbyterian, d/o John & Rebecca Vince, Witn: John H Hector of Toronto, & Mrs E D Hobbs of Brantford. .Married Dec 20, 1893 at Brantford by Richard Hobbs, Minister. License.   Brant County. MS 932. Reel 77 ID991561

James Gillespie, age 28, birth abt 1873 Billings Bridge, father John Gillespie. Mother Elizabeth Mulligan, married Ella Cummings Sept 3, 1901 Carleton, Ontario

On Oct 5, 1904, at the home of Mrs Robert Knight, Kingston, her niece Miss Laura Lillie of Calabogie was wed to James Gillespie of North Bay. Attendants were Miss Annie Lillie, sister of the bride, Mr Cyril Kerr of Barryvale, cousin of the groom.  Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada.  Published in The Lanark Era.

James Gillespie, age 23, birth abt 1884, Belfast, IRELAND, son of George Gillespie & Eliza Jane Stevenson Gillespie, married Essie McFadden Aug 3, 1907 York, Ontario

James Gillespie, age 32, birth abt 1880 Co of Carleton, son of William Gillespie & Hannah Anne White, married Eva Eliza Geo Hollinsworth April 3, 1912 Carleton, Ontario

James Gillespie married May 12, 1949 June Margaret Parnell,  Hastings Co, Central Ontario, Canada  (?Trenton, where it was advertised)

James Gillespie Catholique Marriage 1957-1967 married Ellen Kelly Cathédrale l`Assomption, North Bay, Ontario Canada

James Campbell Gillespie, age 24, birth abt 1911 Belfast, IRELAND, married at Toronto May 16, 1935 Rose Thomas. Father Robert Thomas. Mother Rose Thomas,

James Henry Gillespie, 33, born Canada, bachelor, upholster,  English Church, son of William Gillespie & Christine  Blythman, married Margt Logan, age 27, Presbyterian, d/o David Logan & Mary Strong, spinster, Married Dec 28, 1898. Witnesses: Geo J Jennings & Emma Palmer, both of Hamilton.  Wentworth County, MS 932, Reel 97, ID 015999

James Johnston Gillespie, 27 of Morrisburg born Ireland, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Sarah Halliday, 22 of Williamburg, born Scotland, d/o Matthew & Elizabeth. Married April 13, 1869. Witnesses R.R. Campell, MD.  Dundas County, Eastern Ontario, Canada

James Russell Gillespie , 24, birth abt 1912 Toronto, Ontario, father James Gillespie.  Mother Carrie Gillespie, married Laina May Ruddick May 30, 1936 Moore, Lampton Co, Ontario

Jane Gillespie of Puslinch Twp married Thomas McKnight of Beverley Twp, farmer on March 23, 1836 St Luke’s Anglican Church, Burlington. By special license. Witnesses Jane Langtry & William McComb.

Jane Gillespie married William Hamilton Sept 23, 1836 by license. Witness Thos Gillespie and Wm Cairns. Eastern Ontario, Canada

Jane Gillispie married George Swain (Swall), both of Mornington, Oct 27, 1847. Rev Allan. Witnesses John Gillispie and John Herron, both of Mornington, Perth County, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Jane Gillespy married John McCaffrey at Sunnidale on Nov 26, 1847 by banns. Wit: Donald McGilvry & Charles McCarty, by William Graham, Wesleyan Minister.

Jane Gillespie married George Munn, Grey Co (between 1858-69).

Jane Gillespie of Minto married Alex Johnson of Arthur on the 5th instant, 1873, February by Rev E Kershaw. Wellington Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Jane Gillespie, 23, residence Otonabee, born Otonabee, d/o Alexander & Jane Gillespie, married James Brough, 26, farmer, Asphodel, Otonabee, s/o John & Ann Brough, March 27, 1879 in Otonabee Twp, by license. Witnesses: Peter Gillespieof Otonabee. Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada.

Janet Gillespie, 24, of Oro, born same, d/o Peter Gillespie & Mary Smith, married Richard Cunsberry, (?sp),  30, farmer, of Georgina, born Ireland, s/o Richard Cunsberry & Rebecca White. Witn: P W Kennedy, Beaverton & Sarah McIntosh, Mara. Married on Nov 14, 1877 at Beaverton. Both parties Presbyterian Church in Canada. By Rev John MacNabb. License. Ontario County (corrections made to Groom’s last name which is difficult to read. Additions also).  MS 932, Reel 24, ID 007884

Jeanie Gillespie, 26 of N Dumfries, born North Dumfries (Waterloo Co), spinster, d/o John Gillespie & Jane Adams, married Henry Clement Dean, 26 of Galt Ontario (now Cambridge), born England, bachelor, farmer, s/o John Dean & Mary Smith. Married at North Dumfries June 11 1877. Both Presbyterian. By Rev J. K, Smith. Licensse. Witnesses: William Wallace of N Dumfries and George Moore of Waterloo.

Jeanie, daughter of Mrs Jas Gillespie of Glasgow Station, married George Eady of McNab Nov 6, 1907 Glasgow Station, by Rev H Young, M.A. Eastern Ontario, Canada

Jennie Gillespie, 21 years, of Gananogue, born New Boyne, Episcopalian,  d/o Thomas Gillespie, married Samuel Storey, 26 years of Gananoque, bachelor, machinist, Methodist, s/o William & Mary Jane Storey. Married at Brockville May 24, 1880 by Rev J Elliott. License. Witnesses: N & E Acton.  MS 932. Reel 33, ID 005905.  Leeds County, Ontario.

Jessie Newell Gillespie, 26, London 154 Albert St in London, d/o George H Gillespie b Hamilton, Ont & Kate Alexander, married Bateman Edwards, 27, professor, 27, Bangor, Maine, Princeton, New Jersey, s/o Frederick A Edwards b Gardiner Maine & Anna L Bateman, Witn: Jere Abbott of Dexter Maine, & Kate M Gillespie of 164 Albert St, on June 20, 1925 at London.

John Gillespie of Brock Twp, Home District, married Jennet Heath of Eldon Twp on Nov 20, 1844. Rev MacMurchy . Witnesses: Don’d MacFadyen and Dim Gillespie, Victoria County, Ontario (Note: This is the ony record I ever found for a Dim Gillespie, an unknown first name even in Scottish records. This was the first marriage record found for the  Islay Scottish settlers to the area who arrived about 1835).  

John Gillespie of Blandford, married Cathrine McKay of East Zorra on March 11, 1853, by Rev McKenzie. Witnesses: Peter McKay & Hugh Fraser. Former Brock District. Oxford County, Ontario

John Gillespie married Hester Ella Cunningham Oct 31, 1855 at St George’s Church by Rev A Painter. John of Gillespie Bros; Hester eldest dau of J T Cunningham, Waterloo Road, Guelph, Waterloo Co, Ontario

John Gillespie married Sarah Maria Wilson by license 1858. Rev John Howes. Wesleyan Methodist Minister,  Eastern Ontario, Canada

John Gillespie, 23,  ofThurlow,  bornThurlow, son of Robert  & Ann, married April 9, 1859 Christiana Miles, 25,  ofThurlow, born Scotland, d/o Frederick  J & Christiana, Hastings County, Central Ontario, Canada

John Gillespie, 31,  of Pittsburgh (Twp), born Edinburg, (Scotland implied), s/o Thomas & Catharine (Thomson), married Dec 28, 1859, Euphemia Sharpe, Kingston, born Kirkistton, Scotland, d/o John & Margaret (Broom), Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada.

John Gillespie, 27, of Otonabee, born Scotland, s/o George & Isabella (Jeffrey) married Aug 4, 1861 Margaret Christie, 20, of Otonabee, born Ashphodel, d/o Hugh & Jane (Cameron), Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada  (Addition made)

John Gillespie, 23, of Thorah, born Thorah, s/o Archibald & Agnes (Buchanan) married Aug 15, 1862 Mary Caldwell, 19 of Thorah, born Co Antrim, Ireland, d/o Andrew & Ellen (Richards), Ontario County, Central Ontario, Canada

John Gillespie, of Newcastle, born Renfrew, Scotland, s/o John & Mary (Muir), married March 3, 1865, Esther Johnston, of Clarke (Twp) , born Dumfrieshire, Scotland, d/o James & Grace (Gowanlock), Ontario County, Central Ontario, Canada

John Gillespie‘s daughter, Mrs .Eliza Collins of Garafraxa, married James Cook 1866, Wellington Co, Southern Ontario, Canada

John Gillespie of Hamilton, son of John, married Ann Quinn 1867, Wentworth Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

John Gillespie from Isle of Islay, Scotland of Eldon Twp, s/o Dugald Gillespie & Sarah Bagster, birth 1835 Islay, married Ann McDougall, born Eldon, on Feb 14, 1867, Ontario Co, Central Ontario, Canada d/o John McDougall and Helen Grant. Eldon Twp. (see next entry)

(Photos of John & Ann)




John Gillespie, 32, Eldon, Islay, s/o Dugald Gillespie & Sarah Bagshee, married Ann McDrayale, 26, Eldon, Eldon, d/o John McDrayale & Helen Grant. Witn: Joh Boyler of Eldon, on Feb 14, 1867.

*John Gillespie, no age given, Ireland, Gloucester, s/o William & Elizabeth, married E J G  Milligan, no age given of Nepean, born Ireland,  d/o John Milligan & Elizabeth Boyd. Witn James Milligan of Nepean & A Hackett of Gloucester on Dec 12, 1867, Eastern Ontario, Canada (my paternal grandparents. Name should be Mulligan)

John Gillespie, age 29, s/o Thomas, married Jennette Pinkerton 1867.  Kent Co, Ontario = residence Chatham Twp?

John Gillespie, 38, Peterborough, Scotland, s/o Richard & Jane,  married Nov 25, 1868 Sarah J Rose, 22, Peterborough, Norwood, d/o Alex & Jane, Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Rev John Gillespie, Minister in Halton County, married couples in Esquesing in:  Nov 1869 (groom/bride) Adams/Sproul; Dec 1869 (Scott/Downie); Feb 1870 (Cleaver/Black) March 1873 (Chisholm/Creighton) & (Stewart/Pringle)

John Gillespie of Tossorontio, s/o Owen, married Catharine Cox 1869, Simcoe Co, Western Ontario, Canada. (see also Mary)

John Gillespie, 28,  of Minto, born Scotland, s/o John Gillespie & Catherine Bell,  Presbyterian, married Sarah Ferguson, 26 of Minto, born Scotland, d/o Donald Ferguson & Rachael McLean, Presbyterian on April 2,  1873 in Minto Twp at Parsonage in Horning Mills by Rev George McLennan, all of Minto. Wellington Co, Southern Ontario,  Canada. License Witnesses: Rachel Gillespie & Duncan MacEachern, both of Minto.

John Gillespie of Nottawaga married a Brown 1874, March 10. (Simcoe Co)

John Gillespie, 43, widower, merchant of City of Toronto, born Ireland, Church of England, s/o John & Mary Gillespie married Julie Howland Dec 11, 1878, age 25 of City of Toronto, spinster, born Kleinburg, Church of England, d/o Henry Stork & Ardelia Sophia Howland. By license. Witnesses A. W. Grasett and Henry S Howland Jr of Toronto, Clergy H .J. G,at St James, Toronto,  Ontario, Canada.

John Gillespie, 24, of Holland, born Holland Twp, bachelor, farmer, s/o John & Jane  Gillespie, married Ann Jane Seaves (?spelling), 21, of Holland, born Holland Twp, spinster, d/o William & Catherine Seaves, Jan 7, 1880 a Holland Centre. Witnesses: Earl Brown and James Balte…..? Both Methodist,  by N T Hunter, Minister. License. (Grey County)

John Gillespie, age 35, birth abt 1848 Co Derry, IRELAND, son of Alexander & Mary Gillespie married Jane McKinney Jan 2, 1883 York, Ontario.

John Gillespie, 28 of Twp Pittsburgh, born  Canada, bachelor, farmer, s/o John & Elmira Gillespie, married Mary Elizabeth Wilmot, 28, of the Twp of Pittsburgh, born Canada, spinster, d/o John & Annie Ross Wilmot, on Jany 26, 1887 by W. B Carey, Minister. Both parties Church of England.  Witnesses: Henry F Wilmott, Twp Pittsburgh, Eunice Wilmot, City of Kingston.  Frontenac County.  MS 932, Reel 56, ID 003543

John Gillespie, 34, farmer, Brock, Lutterworth, s/o Donald Gillespie & Catherine McDonald, married Mary McDonald, 26, New Jersey, USA, Parkdale, d/o Colin McDonald & Elizabeth Dunlop, Witn: John Cullen & Sarah Graham, both of Fenelon Falls, on May 17, 1888 at Fenelon Falls.

John Gillespie, 29 of Hamilton, Ontario, born Peterboro, bachelor, machinist,s/o William Gillespie & Sarah Makins, married Margaret Ann Todd, 24 of Sarnia, born Oil Springs, Ontario, spinster, d/o Andrew Todd & Ann Hunter. Married Dec 14, 1892 at Sarnia, Ontario. Witnesses not listed. License. By ?Mungo Fraser. Lambton County.  MS 932, Reel 75. ID 006395 (Note: script very hard to read, so re check microfilm)

John Gillespie, 24, clerk, Durham Co, Oshawa, s/o Hugh Gillespe (b Fenelon Twp) & Rebecca Cathcart, married Myrtle Beatrice Graham, 26, Lindsay, same, d/o Thomas R Graham (b Fenelon Twp) & Sarah Ann Frain. Witn: Arthur & Olive Lipsett, both of Lindsay, on Aug 22, 1923 at Lindsay.

John Alexander Gillespie, age 47, birth abt 1885 Victoria Road, Ontario, son of Alexander & Annie Gillespie, married Genevieve Mae Greene June 8, 1932 Sheepwash, Algoma, Ontario

John Allister Gillespie, 20, shipper, Toronto, 880 Bloor St West, s/o Robert Gillespie, b Scotland, & Mary Dunbar, married Violet May Bennett, 17, Ontario, 798 Bloor St W, d/o Harry Bennett b Ontario & Ethel Sinclair. Wit: William Hayes & Hazel Glavin, both of Toronto on Nov 18, 1925 at St Patrick’s Rectory (Divorced March 1, 1932 at Toronto)

John Birrell Gillespie, 26, of London Twp, born Chatham, CE, s/o William & Christina, married April 10, 1862 Rebecca Lipsett, 24 of London Twp, born Ireland. d/o William & Eliza. Middlesex County, Ontario

John E Gilespie married Lesanna Adeline Davis  Dec 11, 1872 at Caledon, Halton Co

John Gibson Gillespie, age 33, birth abt 1882 Whitchurch, Ontario, father John Gillespie. Mother Agnes Bailey, married June 16, 1915 in Bruce, Ontario spouse Eunice Mary Peddle

John Hector Gillespie, 24, farmer, of Brock, born same, farmer, bachelor, s/o Malcolm & Alice, married Sarah Elizabeth Thompson, 19, of Cannington, born Thoah, d/o George & Ann Melvinia Thompson. Witn: Robert Sinclair & John Gibb, both of Cannington, on Sept 9, 1879 at Cannington. Both parties Presbyterian. By Minister Joseph Elliott, License. MS 932, Reel 31, ID 007917, Victoria County, Ontario 

John Howard Gillespie, age 36, birth abt 1901 Pittsburgh Twp, father Thomas Gillespie, mother Wilhelmina Gillespie, married August 23, 1937 at Gananoque, Leeds Co spouse Phyllis Blache Bates.

John Krause Gillespie, 34 insurance broker, Toronto, 43 Warren Rd, s/o John Gillespie b Ontario & Julia Howland, married Mary Oakley, 39, divorced, Ontario, 116 Farnham Ave, d/o R. M. Simpson, b Ontario & Frances Lalor. Wit: Laura Gillespie of 43 Warren Rd & E T H Minns of 47 Dinon Ave, on Nov 25, 1925 at 116 Farnham Avenue.

John Lawson Gillespie, 24, of Ottawa, born Canada, bachelor, engineer, Presbyterian s/o James Lawson Gillespie & Mary Turnbull, married Frances Eliz. Monahan, 28, of Ottawa, born Canada, spinster, Methodist, d/o George Monaghan & Sarah Baker. Married on Feb 20, 1894 at Ottawa. Witnesses: Catherine Cushings of Westneath & Ida Neely of Ottawa. By George McRitche. License.   MS 932, Reel 77, ID 001993 Carleton County

John Richard Gillespie Catholique Marriage 1965-1967 spouse Nora Jean Gerrios at Bon Pasteur Place of Worship, Espanola, Ontario, Canada

Jonathan McCuaig Gillespie, 26, of Blandford, born Blandford, bachelor, farmer, s/o Joseph & Sarah Gillespie, married Mary Nichol, 25 of Blenheim, born Blenheim, spinster, d/o Thomas & Esther Nichol. Married February 18, 1892 at Blenheim. Both Presbyterian. Witnesses: Andrew Gillespie, Blandford and Christina Nichol of Galt. By Rev Straith. License. Oxford County.  MS 932, Reel 75, copy 3, ID009365

Joseph Gillespie of Amaranth, s/o Charles, married Sarah Jane Carbet 1860, Wellington Co, Western Ontario, Canada

Joseph Gillespie, 31, of Ayr, born Scotland, s/o Joseph & Isabella (Thomson) married Jan 29, 1869 Marion Wallace, 22, of Ayr, born Canada, d/o Samuel & Mary (Auld). Waterloo Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Joseph Gillespie, 24, carpenter, Cavan, Co Durham, Brantford, s/o Joseph & Mary Gillespie, married Georgianna Woods Tate, 19, Brooklyn, NY, Brantford, d/o Thomas B & Ann Tate, Witn: William Jackson & Sarah Ann Tate, on July 8, 1872, Brantford.

Joseph Gillespie, 23 of Ayr, born Ayr (a village) bachelor, cattle dealer, Presbyterian, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann Gillespie, married Margaret Helen Nichol, 25 of Normauldy (?), born Normauldy, spinster, Methodist, d/o  Thomas & Sarah Bell Nichol. Married Dec 2, 1891, Mount Forest, Ontario. Witnesses: Benjamin Moosey, Sarah Nichol, Normanauly. Wellington Co, Ontario

Joseph Wm Campbell Gillespie, age 27, birth abt 1874 Brantford, Ontario, son of Joseph Gillespie & Gorganna Tatte, married Maggie Victoria Secord Aug 3, 1901 Brant, Ontario. See next record.

Joseph William Campbell Gillespie, 27, clerk, Brantford, Chicago, s/o Joseph Gillespie & Gorganna Tate, married Maggie Victoria Secord, 30, New Durham, same, d/o David Secord & Sarah Zimmerman. Witn: Robert Wallace & Mabel Secord, both of New Durham, on Aug 3, 1901 at New Durham.

Judy Eileen Gillespie, married Edgar Rene Huneault Sept 10, 1966 at Cyrville, N. D.-de-Lourdes. Roman Catholic Marriage in Ottawa. Carleton County. Witneses: Traffle & Irma Beaudet; Charles E & Barbara Scharf


Kitty Eileen Gillespie d/o J. Herbert Gillespie, Grimsby Beach, married Oct 24, 1959 Peter William Green in Grimsby Anglican Church. (Grimsby near Hamilton on Lake Ontario, Wentworth County.)


Lawrence May Gillespie married in St Catharines Aug 3, 1884.

Lavinia Gillespie, 20, of Winchester, born Aberdeen , Scotland, spinster, d/o James Gillespie & Margaret Cameron, married Robert Beatty, 22 years, of Winchester, born Winchester, yeoman, s/o Robert Beattie & Margret Hamilton, on March 16, 1878 at Winchester. He Methodist. She Presbyterian. By Rev J. B Jaunders, license.  MS 932, Reel 28, ID010315. See next entry, Lillie and also Mary, another sister/daughter.

Lillie Gillespie, 27, of Chesterville, born Chesterville (possible error)  spinster, d/o Jas B Gillespie (James) & Margaret Cameron, married Wm G McGregor, 26 of Chesterville, born Almont (?Almonte) bachelor, tin smith. s/o James McGregor & Mary Dunlap. Oct 12, 1898 at Chesterville. Both Presbyterian. By  Rev J. M McKellock,  License. Witnesses: Miss Beattie; Miss Mc Lane, both of Chesterville.  Dundas County, Ontario   MS 932, Reel 97,  ID 013859 (2nd record spells her last name as Gillispie) Lillie was probably born in Scotland..

Lindsay Gillespie:  Jane Gillespie & the late William Gillespie of Owen Sound, Ontario (Grey Co) are happy to announce the upcoming marriage of their daughter, Lindsay Elisabeth to Jason Raymond Norman, son of Raymond & Barbara Kreuger of Desboro. This happy couple will exchange their vows on Saturday, Sept 4th, 2010.  From Your life Moments. ca

Lislie Ann Gillespie, age 22, female, birth abt 1915 South Monaghan Twp, Northumberland Co, Ontario. Father Robert John Gillespie. Mother Laura Jane Gillespie. married at Peterborough Jan 27, 1937 spouse Maxwell Bernard Wilson

Lizzie Gillespie, 22, of Millbank, born same, d/o William Gilelspie of Millbank & Bella, married Thomas Bigam, 27, farmer, Wellesley, same, s/o Thomas Bigam & Mary Young on May 25, 1887 at Millbank. Southern Ontario, Canada.

Lizzie Gillespie, 23 born Co Monaghan, Ireland, spinster, Episopalian,  d/o Henry Gillespie & Mary Armstrong, married James Hill,36 of Nepean, born Nepean. Widower, blacksmith, Presbyterian, s/o Samuel Hill and Elizabeth Kirk. Married at Billings Bridge June 11, 1887. Witnesses Mary J Jamieson of Billings Bridge. By Rev W L Jamieston. Gloucester Twp, Carleton County. MS 932, Reel 56, ID 002531

Lizzie Gillespie, 24, Nottawasaga, Stayner, d/o Duncan Gillespie & Elizabeth Johnson, married Frederick A Denne, 27, Newmarket, Stayner, Dentist. s/o Vincent Denne & Maria Holloway, Witn: A E Swallow & Anne F Gillespie of Stayner, on Dec 5, 1891 at Stayner.

Lorne Ernst Gillespie, age 25, birth abt 1911 Windsor, Ontario, father Emst James Gillespie, Mother Anne Gillespie, married at Windsor, Essex, Ontario Sept 5, 1936  souse Margaret Player Henderson McPhee.

Louisa Gillesby, 18 of Walsingham, born Walpole, single, Church of England, d/o George & Elizabeth Gillesby, married Aug 5, 1874 at Walsingham Lorenzo U Auscomb, 24 yrs, of Walsingham, born Brantford, bachelor, shoemaker, Methodist,  s/o William & Emily Auscomb. Married by William Auscomb, license (Was the minister his father?)  Norfolk County.  MS 932, Reel 15, ID 007491

Louisa Gillespie married J. H Brock in Toronto 1876, Sept 4.

Louisa Adelaide Clara Gillespie, 19, spinster of City of Toronto, born Guelph, d/o John & Hester Ellis Gillespie, Church of England, married Jeffrey Hall Brock, 26, bachelor, merchant, of City of Toronto, born Guelph, Church of England, s/o Thomas Rees & Eleanor Brock, Married Sept 6, 1876 by license. Witnesses A Hewat of Toronto and Fredk A O’Meara of Port Hope, Clergy H. J. G,  St James, Toronto,  Ontario, Canada

Lucinda Gillespie married R.A. Gibson (between 1858 to 1862) Dundas County, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Lydia Gillespie, age 17, residence Cornwall, birthplace Cornwall, d/o Alexander & Isabel Gillespie, married  at St John’s, Cornwall  George Scott, age 24 Feb 23, 1858. His residence L’Arcadia, born Cornwall.d/o Joseph and Margaret. Witnesses Robert Watson, Alex McDonald. At St John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall, Stormont County,  Eastern Ontario, Canada

Lyla Gillespie, 28, teacher,d/o Gilbert & Mary (French) married John Black, 27, undertaker, Beaverton, s/o Neil Black & Ada Hall.  July 18, 1923 at Detroit, USA. (parents lived north of Beaverton, Ontario Co, Central Ontario, Canada).


Mabel Gillespie, 25, England, Dunville, RR2, d/o John Gillespie (b England) & Alice Shanks, married Arthur Douglas, 28, labourer, Scotland, 1121/2 McGill St, s/o Arthur Douglas (b Scotland) & Rachel McGeagh, Wit: Isabel L Green of 40 Hillsdale Ave W & Annie M MacKenzie of 7 Glebe Rd E, on Jan 13, 1925 in Toronto.

Mabel Gillespie, 20, Ireland, 11 Talbot St, Toronto, d/o Joseph Gillespie b Ireland & Alice Gillington, married William John Bessy Nosworthy, 22, shingler, Newfoundland, 504 Silverthorn Ave, s/o Jonathan Nosworthy, b Nfld & Julia Lidstone. Wit: Mrs R Nosworthy of 504 Silverthorn Ave & Joseph Gillespie of 11 Talbot St, on May 6, 1925 at 504 Silverthorn Ave Toronto.

Mabel Gillespie, 38, Mara Twp, same, d/o Gilbert Gillespie b Canada & Mary Ann French, married Archibald Benjamin Dack, 34, farmer, Mara Twp, same, s/o Moses Dack b Canada & Agnes Muir. Witn: C R & Della Miller of Brechin, on Jan 1, 1927, at Mara Twp.

Maggie M Gillespie, 28 yrs, of South Dumfries, born South Dumfries, spinster, d/o John Gillespie & Jane Adams, married James Ronald, 32 yrs of South Dumfries, born South Dumfries, bachelor, farmer, s/o Hugh Ronald, Jane McKay. Both Presbyterian. Married Dec 31, 1873  by Rev John M Goodwilkie. North Dumfries Division. Witnesses: David Ronald of South Dumfries and Bella Gillespie of North Dumfries. Microfilm 932, Reel 13. ID 012767  Waterloo County

Malcolm Gillespie married Mary Miller, both of Toronto, on Aug 25, 1837, Toronto Twp by license, Rev William Rintoul, Presbyterian Minister, Streetsville, Wit Robert Armstrong and Flora Gillespie, Home District,  Ontario, Canada

Malcolm Gillespie of Toronto married Alice, daughter of the late John McKechnie of Glasgow, Scotland on Nov 1, 1845  (Note: these last two marriages are for Malcolm Gillespie, who became Reeve of Cannington, Victoria County).

Malcolm Gillespie, 35, merchant, Toronto, Cannington, s/o Malcolm & Mary, married Jessie Anderson, 31, Mariposa, Cannington, d/o John & Janet, Witn: Paul Gillespie of Brant Twp & Annie Ross of Cannington, on Feb 6, 1889 at Cannington.

See Maggie

Margaret Gillespie married Andrew McConnell July 30, 1835. Eastern Ontario, Canada

Margaret Gillespie married James Duncan, both of Toronto City, on Dec 20, 1842 by banns.  Rev John Jennings. Minister of Scotch United Secession Church, Toronto. Witnesses Henry Gilbertson and George Gibson.  Ontario, Canada.

Margaret Gillaspie of Oakville, Halton Co, married William Quinlan on Aug 18, 1846. Witnesses James Feehaly; Bridget Sweeny.

Marg’t Gillespie married Duncan McNab Dec 8, 1845. Rev Mann. Wit John McNab & Duncan Ferguson, Eastern Ontario, Canada  (correction made to date)

Margaret, third daughter of Thomas Gillesby of Toronto married Richard Blane, miller of Galt, Aug 12, 1847 at Clifton House, Niagara Falls, Rev Mr Lemon. Niagara, Southern Ontario, Canada. (date changed).

Margaret Gillespie married Alexander Milne, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada (between 1858-1869)

Margaret Gillespie married Robert Wilson (between 1858 to 1869). Dundas  County, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Margaret Gillespie of Minto, d/o John, married Niel White  1858 (spelling as on record)

Margaret Gillespie 27, Lanark, same, b 1832 Lanark d/o Thomas Gillespie & Isabella Campbell, married  Hugh Johnstone, 33, b 1826 Granville, Lanark, s/o John Johnstone & Margaret Cathcart,  witn: James Gillespie of Lanark, Married on March 25,  1859  at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Lanark By Rev. Thomas Fraser, Scotch Presbyterian Church of Lanark. 2nd record gives groom’s name as Johnston Lanark County, Ontario

Margaret Gillespie, age 23, birth 1837 Sutherland, Scotland d/o Joseph Gillespie & Margaret, married Robert McLean age 28,  b 1832 Aberdeen, Scotland, s/o Thomas McLean & Jane, on Jan 12, 1860 Oxford County, Ontario

Margaret Gillespie of Amaranth, d/o Charles, married Andrew Hughson 1861, Simcoe Co, Western Ontario, Canada.

Margaret Gillesby 21 of Waterford, born Canada, d/o George  & Elizabeth Gillesby, married Alfred Hall, 25 of Waterford, born Canada, s/o John & Sarah Hall on Dec 7, 1864 by R. S. Smith. Witnesses: George Gillesby, John Hall.  Norfolk County, Southern Ontario

Margaret Gillespie, 21, spinster, of Amaranth Twp, born Ontario, d/o John & Sylvania Gillespie, married John Johnston, 23 of Garafraxa, b Ontario, bachelor, yeoman, Methodist, s/o James & Jane Johnston March 2, 1871 in Caledon by Rev John Lynch. License. Witnesses Kenneth Patullo, Garafraxa.

Margt Gillespie, spouse Maxwell, married March 19, 1872, Hamilton, Wentworth Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Margaret Gillespie, 17 of  Haldimand Twp, born Haldimand, spinster, d/o James & Ellen Gillespie, married Peter Mark (sp?), 25,  of Haldimand Twp, born Murray/Smithfield, bachelor, farmer, s/o John & Lydia Mark (sp?) . Married at Warkworth March 20, 1879. Both parties Methodist. By Rev Edward Cragg, License.  Witnesses:  Annie E Cragg, & Margaret Craig.   Northumberland County. MS 932, Reel 31, ID 007528.

Margaret Gillespie, 28, Brock Twp, Lutterworth Twp, d/o Donald Gillespie & Catherine McDonald, married Sylvester Avery, 28, widower, farmer, Brock Twp, same, s/o Neamiah Avery  & Catherine Maybee. Wit;: Donald Gillepsie of Lutterworth & Rachel Avery of Coboconk, on Nov 12, 1880 at Coboconk.

Margaret Gillespie, 23, Brock Twp, Eldon, d/o John Gillespie & Jannett Keith, married John Wesley Ranons, 26, currier, Canada, Manilla, s/o W Ranons & Mary Cardin, Witn: John McKinnon & Jenette Mainton on April 12, 1881 at M E Parsonage, Oakwood East.

Margaret Gillespie married Mr Cloutier April 9, 1888 at Almonte, Renfrew County, Ontario.   See also Margaret Helen Gillespie

Margaret Gillespie married Oct 27, 1890 Chesterville, Dundas Co. Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Margaret Gillespie, 20 yrs, of Belleville, born Ontario, spinster, d/o Robert Gillespie & Elizabeth –  Gawe (?sp)  married Edward Byan (?sp), 26 yrs of Tyendinaga (Twp), born Ontario, bachelor, farmer, s/o Lewis Byan & Margaret Randel (sp?). Married On Feb 6, 1893 at Belleville. Both Roman Catholic. By J Farrelly. By Banns.  Hastings County, MS 932, Reel 78, ID  005048 (Very difficult to read, especially last names).

Margaret Gillespie, 22, Belfast, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John Gillespie & Margaret McAuley, married Charles Howard Knight, 25, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o George Knight & Ida F Byewater, Wit: Ida F Knight of 811 Lansdowne Ave & John Gillespie of 755 Brock Ave, on Aug 1, 1925.

Margaret Aldrige Gillespie, 26, cook, Armagh, Ireland, London, d/o William H Gillespie, b Ireland, & Anne Elizbeth Aldrige married Charles Isle, 25, labourer, Lincolnshire, England, London. s/o Charles Isle b England & Fanny Barker. Witn: William McCrea & Jessie Sage, both of London, on Aug 19, 1926 at London.

Margaret Cameron Gillespie of Chesterville, age 21, married Clark Washburn, 25 of Winchester on Oct 29, 1890 by license. (see Lavinia, Lillie, and Mary) Her middle name was that of her mother.

Margaret Helena  Gillespie Catholique Marriage spouse  Joseph Eugene Cloutier April 9, 1888, Almonte, Lanark Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada (her middle name is also spelled Helen in 2nd record, age 24 birth abt 1864 Ottawa) Father Anthony Gillespie, Mother Mary Corrigan.)

Margaret J H Gillespie married Benjamin Hall Dec 25, 1895 Innerkip, Oxford Co, Ontario

Maria Gillespie married John Reid, Halton, Central Ontario, Canada (between 1858-69)

Marion Gillespie of Arnprior daughter of James Gillespie, married W.R.Magee (Ottawa Journal Jan 4, 1897 p 5).Eastern Ontario, Canada

Martha Gillespie married George Casselman, both of Williamsburg, July 19, 1843. Witnesses John Weaver and Peter Weaver.  Dundas County, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Martha Gillespie married George Ranons, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada (between 1858-1869, and his name is also spelled Ranous).

Martha Gillespie, 21, of Oneida, born Oneida, spinster, d/o James & Martha, married Mark Rollins, 23 of Seneca, born England, bachelor, carpenter, s/o Silas & Mary. Married Nov 16, 1876Haldimand County. MS 932, Reel 20, ID 003287.  No witnesses listed.

Martha Gillespie, 28 of Blythe, born Blythe, spinster, d/o James & Maria Gillespie, married Wm John Haines, 21 of Wingham, born Perth Co, Ontario, bachelor, labourer, s/o Wm Henry Haines & Flora Haines. Both Methodist. Married at Blythe Oct 5, 1892 by W. F Campbell. License. Witnesses: Wm H James and Alice Gillespie, both of Blyth, (Huron County)

Martha Gillespie married Charles Moore Oct 6, 1898, Berkley, by Rev Robert Beynon, Methodist minister. Simcoe Co,  Ontario, Canada

Martha Gillespie, age 22, of Gloucester, born Gloucester, spinster, Presbyterian, d/o John Gillespie and Elizabeth Ann Mulligan, married John Shore, age 31, of Ottawa, born Stittsville, (?widower), carpenter, Church of England, s/o James Shore and Martha Buckingham,  1899,  July 11. Witnesses James Gillespie, Ottawa, Martha Shore Stittville. By Rev J. D. Morrison, Nepean, License.

Mary Gillespie, third d/o James Gillespie of Park Hall, Lanarkshire, NB, married Thomas Slade Robinson, MD of Niagara Falls on Nov 7, 1833 on 7th instant at St James , Toronto, Central Ontario, Canada (correction on date).

Mary Gillespie married Alex Currie, both of Thorah, on Dec 3, 1836, by license. Wit  Wm Sutherland and A Annerman. By Rev Wm McKillican. Ontario County, Central Ontario, Canada

Mary Gillespie married David Porter Jan 18, 1839. Rev Rogers. Witnesses James Hamilton and Edward Brown, Newcastle District, Central Ontario, Canada (Probably Northumberland Co). 

Mary Gillespie married Alexander Walsh, both of Otonabee, Jan 19, 1843, Rev James Douglas. Presbyterian minister. Wit Adam Buchanan, Rich’d Rutherford, Newcastle District, Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Mary Gillespie married John Peel April 16, 1846 Both of London. By Rev Evans. Witnesses: Patrick Kennedy and Susan Henessey. Middlesex County, Ontario

Mary Gillespie married John McFayden, both of Toronto City, on March 11, 1847  by Rev Rob’t Burns, Knox Church (First Presbyterian), TorontoOntario, Canada. (additions made).

Mary Gillespie married John Peacock, both of Reach, on Feb 9, 1848 by banns. Rev Marsh. Baptist Minister, Whitby. Wit  Wm Boynton and Frances Boynton. Ontario County,  Central Ontario, Canada

Mary Gillespie, S (?spinster), of Twp of Pickering, married William Carlton, B (?bachelor) of Twp Pickering March 9, 1852. By License. Clergy H. J. G.  St James.  Witnesses: Alexr Carlton, Mary Jane Brown.

Mary Gillespy of Hamilton, at the residence of the bride’s brother, Mr .William Gillespy, Editor of the Spectator, on 10th instant July, 1856, to John Cox, of Middleton, Norfolk, by Rev A Booker. Wentworth Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Mary Gillespie of Tosorontio, d/o Owen, married Patrick McFarland 1860, Simcoe County, Western Ontario, Canada  (see also John)

Mary Gillespie of King, d/o Charles, married Robert Gallagher 1861, York County

Mary Gillespie of Mono, d/o Joseph, married James Allen 1864, Simcoe Co, Western Ontario, Canada

Mary Gillespie, 19, of Winchester, born Scotland, d/o James Gordon & Margaret Gillespie, married William McKay, 21, of Winchester, March 22, 1870. Witnesses William Gillespie & Kate Grant.  Dundas County, Eastern Ontario, Canada.   See also Lillie, Lavinia. (William was their brother).

Mary Gillespie, 21 of Collingwood Twp, born Co Armagh, Ireland, spinster, Presbyterian d/o John Gillespie & Elizabeth McCallan, Collingwood, married i Collingwood Twp March 2 1876 Henry McRae, 30 of Collingwood Twp, born Bay of Chadiers, Quebec, bachelor, farmer, English Church, s/o John McRae & Margaret Enwright. Witnesses: George McRae of Collingwood, Wm McCallan, Collingwood. By D J M Innes, License. (Grey County)

Mary Gillespie, second daughter of Mr James Gillespie, all of Otonabee, married Andrew Kent at the Methodist Parsonage, Keene, on March 30, 1880 by Rev R McCulloch.  Peterborough County, Ontario

Mary Gillespie married Dec 25, 1882 Prescott, Eastern Ontario, Canada at the residence of the bride’s uncle, by the Rev J Stewart on the evening of Christmas Day. Groom Allan Snider, all of Prescott.  Leeds/Grenville Counties, Eastern Ontario.

Mary Gillespie, 28, Oro, same, d/o Malcolm Gillespie & Sarah Currie, married Charles Edward Hastings, 27, farmer, Oro, same, s/o John Hastings & Mary Warner, Witn: Fred Hastings & Margaret Currie, both of Oro, on March 7, 1900 at residence of bride’s father.

Mary A Gillespie, 24 of St Catharines, born St Catharines, spinster, Methodist, d/o James & Rebecca Gillespie, married Thos K Yancy, Esq, 30 yrs, of St Catharines, born Dublin, Ireland, bachelor, (cannot read occupation), Episcopal, s/o Isaac J & Isabella Fitzsmimmons. Married November 13, 1878 at St Catharines by R C Bruaneulis (?), license.  Lincoln County.   MS 932,  Reel 27, ID 005891

Mary A Gillespie, 21 of Merriton, born same, d/o Anthony & Mary (Corcoran) married Robert Brick, 25, labourer of Hamilton, born Merriton, s/o John Brick & Julia Rehably Aug 19, 1887 at Thorold. Witnesses Anthony Gillespie & Ellen Brick, both of Merriton. Roman Catholics. Lincoln Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Mary Adam Gillespie, age 21, birth abt 1914 Glasgow, SCOTLAND, father William Gillespie. Mother Agnes Gillespie, married Edward Joseph Thomas Jan 21, 1935 Hamilton, Wentworth Co, Ontario

Mary Ann Gillespie of Amaranth, d/o John, married Wm Henry Hunter 1859

Mary Ann Gillespie married spouse Birmingham July 16, 1872, Laxton/Digby, Victoria Co, Central Ontario, Canada

**Mary Ann Gillespie, 28, Gloucester, same, d/o William & Eliza Gillespie, married George Gill, 35, tailer, Co Down, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James & Jane Gill. Witn: Morris Lynes & Maggie Mulligan, both of Ottawa, on March 1, 1874 at Ottawa. (Carleton County)

Mary Ann Gillespie, age 28, of Oakville,  born Oakville, spinster, d/o Henry Gillespie & Maria Sherborne Gillespie, married George W Moulton, 32 of Oakville, born Port Hope, bachelor, sailer, s/o John C S Mouton & Fanny (cannot read middle name) Moulton  on Jan 28, 1874 at Oakville. Others: William Barker Smith, Oakville, Mary Caroline Moulton.  Both Episcopal. By license. Rev Wm Markle of Minote.

Mary Ann Gillespie, 20, of Melancthon, born Canada, spinster, Presbyterian, d/o John Gillespie & Margaret Gillespie, married Justice Ferguson, 28 of Melancthon, bachelor, farmer, Methodiste, s/o George Ferguson & Margaret Ferguson at No 8 Parsonage in Hornings Mills,  Melancthon,  Oct 15, 1879 by Rev Finley Malcolm Smith. License. Witnesses: John Barr, MD; Levi A Smith, all of Hornings Mills, Innisfil

Mary Ann Gillespie, 21,  of Uptergrove,  born Ontario, spinster, d/o John Gillespie & Catherine Cox, married Charles McNulty, 29, farmer, of Rama Ontario, born Rama Twp, bachelor, farmer, s/o Michael McNulty & Mary Healey, Witn: Thomas McNulty, Rama & Mary Ann Mahony,  both of Mara. Marriage Feb 19, 1893 at Uptergrove, (Roman Catholic) by Rev Hagan P, Priest of Barrie.  Ontario County  MS 932, Reel 79, ID  008988 (correction made & additions). 

Mary Antoinette Gillespie, S (?spinster) of Village of Unionville, married Feb 21, 1855 William Lucian Huberties, B (?bachelor) of same place, by License. Clergy M. J. G. St James, Toronto. Witnesses: William Pringle Jr, Anna Maria Pringle.

Mary E. Gillespie, married Allan Snider at the residence of the bride’s uncle, by Rev J. Stewart on Jan 5, 1883. By the bride’s uncle, Rev J.Stewart. All of Prescott. Eastern Ontario, Canada (published Prescott Telegraph)

Mary Elizabeth Gillespie, 27, residence Smith, born Otonabee, d/o James, married Andrew Mather Kent, 27, farmer, Otonabee, same, s/o William & Alice Kent, March 30, 1880 in Keene. Witness: George Mather of Otonabee. Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Mary Elizabeth Gillespie married Charles Archibald Campbell Jan 8, 1908 (notice in Collingwood Bulletin), Simcoe Co, Western Ontario, Canada.

Mary J Gillespie married John Carphay, Grey Co (between 1858-69)

Mary Jane Gillespie married Peter Price, 2nd s/o Thomas Price b New Jersey  & Frances Montross on Jan 3, 1833 by banns. By E. Evans. Witnesses: Thomas Price, William Gillspey, Ephraim Tisdale Jr.   Early Long Point Settlers of Norfolk County. Other siblings of Peter Price listed: Stephen Price m1 Mary Ellis;  his 2nd m Hannah Chandler of New Jersey (children listed) his 3rd marriage to Esther Ann Franklin; Thomas Price 5th son m Jane Woodruff; 6th son Aaron Price m Esther Hammon; James Price 7th son m Emmer Cake; daughters of Thomas & Frances included:  Hannah Price m  Ephraim Tinsdale of Charlotteville; Phobe Price m Butler Hutchison; Rebecca Price m1 William Cake and m2 Richard Cake

Mary Jane Gillespie married John Hewston (Houston), both of Hamilton (Twp) on Jan 4, 1849. Rev Cassie. Wit David Thomson & Wm McKechnie, Northumberland Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Mary Jane Gillespie married William Charlton (between 1858-69), Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Mary Jane Gillespie, 26 of Melancthon, born Ireland, spinster, Presbyterian, d/o William Gillespie & Mary Jane Mooney, married Daniel Menkle, 22 of Melancthon, born Ireland, bachelor, carpenter, s/o Daniel Menkle & Mary Ann Price, Methodist. Married Nov 20, 1877 at Orangeville by Rev McKery. License. Witnesses: Matthew Gillespie of Melancthon, Ruth McKay of Orangeville. (Corrections made)

Mary Jane Gillespie, 28, Stayner, same, d/o Duncan Gillespie & Elizabeth Johnson, married William James Dunlop, 24, Durham, Fairstock, teacher, s/o J C Dunlop & Agnes Freel. Witn: C S Haynes of  Stayner & Charlotte Duncan of Toronto, on July 18, 1905 at Stayner.

Mary Jessie Gillespie, 23, Beaverton, Brechin, d/o Gilkers’ Gillespie (Gilbert) & Mary French, married Angus F McDonnell, 30, station agent, Stayner, Brechin, s/o Donald McDonnell & Margaret O’Neil, Witn: William French & Annie Brennan, both of Beaverton, on Feb 23, 1904 at Sunderland.

Mary Olive Ruth Gillespie, 17, Toronto, 164 Waverly Rd, Toronto, d/o Charles Gillespie (b Ontario) & May McCool, married Joseph Ross Dens Kennedy, 19, barber, Ontario, 171 Church St, Mimico, s/o James Kennedy (b Ontario) & Margaret Corcoran. Witn: Hugh J McLane of 149 Pearson Ave, Toronto & Mrs Maude Burns of Scarboro Junction on Feb 23, 1925 at Mimico, RC.

Matilda Jane Gillespie, 23, operator, Ontario, 3052A Dundas St West, d/o Daniel Gillespie (b Ontario) & Sarah Cole married John Phillip Gilchrist Sellers, 21, tinter, Ontario, 638 Beresford Ave, s/o William Sellers (b England) & Deliah Porter, Wtn: David Chandler of 15 Queen Victoria St & Hilda Gooden of 157 Drayton Aven, on Nov 20, 1925.

Matthew Gillispie, 21 of Osprey Twp, born Ireland, bachelor, farmer, Presbyterian, s/o William & Mary J Gillespie, married Elizabeth Croft, 18 of Osprey Twp, born Osprey, spinster, Methodist, d/o Charles & Elizabeth Croft, married on July 1 1879 in Osprey by Rev Luke Hall, License.

May Gillespie applied for a marriage license in Guelph Dec 22, 1914. Log No 470. Thos Warden also # Log 470 applied for a marriage license in Guelph on Dec 22, 1914.

May Victoria Gillespie, age 24, birth abt 1895 Mac Que, Ontario. Father Alexander Gillespie. Mother Annie Puterbaugh. Married Emerson Gordon Cronk Dec 23, 1919 Parry Sound, Ontario

Mena Scott Gillespie, age 26, birth abt 1909 Brantford, Ontario, daughter of Altarda Gillespie & Mary Gillespie. Married Oct 5, 1935 spouse Emeron Walter Pickett.

Moness Gillespie, 22, of Houghton, born Charlotteville, s/o Samuel & Elma, married Adillie Fray, 16 of Houston, b Charlotteville, d/o William & Susanna Fray, Feb 22, 1864, by W. H. Treadwell. Witness John Barrett. Norfolk Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Myrtle Verna Alvira Gillespie, age 21, birth abt 1916 Whitley Twp, married Oct 23, 1937 at Orangeville, Dufferin Co, Ontario spouse Robert Harold Crisp.  Her father George Gilespie, mother Lily May Gillespie.


Nora Gillespie, d/o Anthony Gillespie & Mary Corrigan, married Robert Torney, s/o William Torney & Jane Graham, on March 23, 1886 Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario

Norma Gillespie d/o Sam Gillespie & Mabel Miller married Allan McLean, s/o John, Sept 25, 1982 at Coe Hill, Hastings County, Central Ontario, Canada

Norman Gillespie, 21, Moulder, Toronto, Whitby Twp, s/o Geroge Gillespie (b Orangeville) & Mary Hubbard, married Margaret Semple, 17, Sorter, Tyrone, Ireland, Whitby, d/o William Semple (b Tyrone, Ireland) & Annie Swan. Wit: Clare M Edgerton, Bowmanville & Robert Reid, Whitby, on Jan 1, 1927, Whitby.


Olive Gillespie, 30, Scotland, same, d/o Robert Gillespie & Maria Moore, married George Henry Steedman, 29, mechanic, Harley, Scotland, s/o Abraham Steedman & Annie Smith, Witn: Mrs E Sheppard & Mrs E Baldwin, both of Oakland Twp, on Sept 4, 1905 at Oakland Twp.


Patrick Gillespie married Winifred McGroarty October 24, 1843 in Parish of Roch, Notre Dame des Angles, Roman Catholic Marriage.  ?Carleton County, Ontario

Patrick Gillespie 34 of Ottawa, born Chelsea, Province of Quebec, artist, s/o Patrick & Catherine (Coleman) married July 18, 1893, Ottawa, Elizabeth Bambrick , 24,  of Ottawa, born Ottawa, spinster, d/o James & Jane Daly.  Witnesses Patrick & Catherine Coleman and James & Jane Daley (Roman Catholic Marriages of Ste-Brigide, Ottawa), By banns, Rev P McCarthy. Carleton County.  MS 932, Reel 77, ID 002238. Also Michael Manning, Mary McGlonde, Ottawa.

Pearl Irene Gillespie age 18, birth abt 1917 Toronto, Ontario, father James Gillespie. Mother Anna Eliza Gillespie, married Joseph Knapton Jan 10, 1935 Toronto, York, Ontario Canada

Peter Gillespie merchant of Montreal married Melville, 1st instant (published in The Globe Toronto 1844-47).

Peter Gillespie, 30, Otonabee, born Scotland, s/o Richard & Jane (Whyte) married June 29, 1864 Jane Thompson, 24, Otonabee, d/o David & Jane (Barley), Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Peter Gillespie married Bertha Strang June 7, 1911. Witnesses Peter & Jane Thompson and John & Eliza Dacey (Repertoire de marriages Paroissa Saint Joseph, Ottawa). Carleton County, Ontario, Canada.  Roman Catholic

Phillip Gillespie, Catholique Marriage in Ottawa, Ontario at St Antoine de Padoue, 1915 – 1952 spouse Irene Esther Padden


Ralph Leaman Gillespie married Daisy Winifred Grosvenor July 6, 1944, (notice in Thornbury Review), Grey County, Western Ontario, Canada.

Real Gillespie (Rial Gillespie) Catholique Marriage 1937-1967 in Wawa, Ontario. Spouse Jalutte Giroux.

Rebecca Gillespie, age 23 of Cornwall, born Cornwall, d/o Oliver & Sarah Jane, married Peter C Campbell, 26 of Cornwall, born Kenyon, s/o Peter & Flora, on June 212, 1884 at St John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall. Witnesses: M Gillespie, Wm Hodge, John MacIntrye, all of Cornwall, Stormont Co, Ontario

Rebecca Gillespie, age 23, residence Cornwall, born Cornwall, d/o Alexander & Sarah Gillespie, married James McDonell, age 24, residence Cornwall, born Aultsville, s/o Ronald & Margaret, on Nov 7, 1861 at St John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall. Eastern Ontario, Canada. Witnesses: Oliver Gillespie of Cornwall & Joseph Walker of Montreal.

Rebecca Gillespie of Markham, daughter of Jas, married Jas Whitelaw 1868, Wentworth Co, Southern Ontario, Canada

Rebecca Gillespie – see William Gillespie marriage for 1869.

Rebecca Gillespie, age 23, residence & birth at Cornwall, d/o Oliver & Sarah Jane, married June 21, 1884 Peter C.Campbell, age 26, residence Cornwall, born Kenyon, s/o of Peter & Flora. At St John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall. Witnesses: M Gillespie, Wm Hodge, John MacIntrye, Stormont County, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Richard Gillespie married Edith Willliams  April 15, 1896 Hamilton by Rev Dr Isaac Tovell, Methodist/United Church, Lincoln Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

At the home of Robert Gillespie, Jr in York on March 26, 1834, James Newbigging married Anna Louisa Hagermann.

Robert Gillespie, married Katherine McLean,1843,  Eastern Ontario, Canada. This record listed in The Lanark Society Settlers by Carol Burnett under: Hugh McLean: Origin Kilmenan, Scotland. Location West Lot 5, Con 3 North Sherbrooke Twp 1821. Accompanied by wife, Mary McDonald and five children. This family went to Wingham, Ontario. Other McLean families also listed but no notation about a Gillespie. A second record for Robert Gillespie m Catherine McLean printed in The Bathurst Courier as follows:  Friday March 24, 1854 On the 21st instant, by the Rev Wm Bell, Mr Robert Gillespie to Miss Catherine McLean, both of North Sherbrooke. The date confuses the record, and it may be there was a second couple with same names, but the location seems to deny that.

Robert Gillespie of Brock Twp, married Isabella Carmichael, 27 of Eldon Twp on March 6, 1849 at Eldon. Rev MacMurchy. Wit John McDougal & Arch’ Gillespie, Victoria Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Robert Gillespie, 23,  of Cavan,  born Cavan, s/o Robert & Ann, married Feb 15, 1858 Eliza Brown, 25, Cavan, Peterborough, d/o John & Jane, Victoria Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Robert Gillespie of Minto, married Christie Gillespie 1859. Wellington Co.

Robert Gillespie, 25, of Oakland, born Kingston, s/o R & M, married Dec 3, 1862 Maria Moore, 21 of Burford, born same, d/o Asa & Elizabeth, Brant Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Robert Gillespie 23, of Howe Island, born Wolfe Island, son of Robert & Eliza married Jane Breaks, 19, of Wolfe Island,  born Wolfe Island, daughter of John & Orletta,  March 17, 1868, Wolfe Island (her maiden name also given as Breaky, Breakey)  Frontenac County

Robert Gillespie, 29, miner, Beverly Twp, Nevada, USA, s/o Robert Gillespie & Marion McGill, married Mary Bullock, 24, Hamilton, Ont, Nevada, USA, d/o Joseph Bullock & Charlotte Power, Witn: James A Plumstead of S Dumfries, & Alice Bullock of Paris, on Jan 29, 1879 at Paris.

Robert Gillespie age 22, birth abt 1914 Washburn Maine USA father Carl Gillespie, Mother Ruth Gillespie, married Eva Downey April 10, 1936 Toronto, York, Ontario Canada

Robert  B Gillispie, 60 of Malahide, Born New York State, bachelor, miller, s/o Anthony & Rosalie Gillespie, married Eliza M Beamer, 45 of Malahide, widow, d/o William & Hannah Davis. Married at Malahide May 24, 1876. Both Baptist. By Joseph Clutton, License. Witnesses: David Marshall, Elgin J Davis, both of Malahide, Elgin County.  MS 932, Reel 20, ID 002147

Robert Bradwood Gillespie, age 21, birth abt 1915 Hamilton, Ontario, married Aug 1, 1936 spouse Joan Dorothy Barnett. His father Robert Gillespie, Mother Mary Gillespie.

Robert Renos Gillespie married at St Catharines Sept 2, 1882.

Robert Tobias Gillespie married Sarah Caroline Green Oct 14,1903 Port Hope, Durham Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Ronald James Gillespie Catholique Marriage to Eleanor Shirley Vout 1928-1968 Ottawa, Ontario at Ste Therese de l’Enfant Jesus.


Sadie Gillespie, 24, Cannington, same, d/o Donald Gillespie & Isabella Coulthard, married George Alex Rix, 35, C of E clergyman, Orono? Twp, Toronto, s/o Thomas Rix & Margaret Dunlop. Wit: George H Wilson of Toronto & Mabel McEachern of Cannington, on Oct 24, 1900 at Cannington.  Victoria County, Ontario

Samuel Gillespey, yeoman and Elma Wood, spinster, both of Charlotteville, married Oct 30, 1837, by F Evans, By license. Witnesses Jonathan Simons, George. St John’s Church, Woodhouse. Norfolk Co, Southern Ontario, Canada

Samuel Gillespie, 27, of Sullivan, born Canada, s/o James & Ann, married Feb 3, 1864 Elizabeth Carson, 25 of Sullivan, born Ireland, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth. (Grey Co)

Samuel Gillespie, 22, farmer, Sunnidale, Sunnidale, s/o Alexander & Sarah Gillespie, married Flora Isabella Shaw, 17, Sunnidale, Sunnidale, d/o Donald & Ellen Shaw, Witns: John G Coleman of Stayner, & Eliza Shaw of Sunnidale, on Jan 5, 1870 at Sunnidale.

Samuel Gillespie, 32 of Mornington, born Ireland, bachelor, yeoman, s/o John & Margaret Gillespie, married Margret Reid, 27, of Mornington, born Canada, spinster, d/o William & Margret Reid. Married at Mornington Jan 5, 1877. Both Presbyterian. Minister John Edgar. License. Witnesses: William Gillespie, Ellen Reid, both of Mornington (Perth County) Microfilm MS 932, Reel 25, ID  008921

Samuel Gillespie, 28 years of Toronto, born Co Antrim, Ireland, bachelor, marine engineer, s/o Samuel Gillespie & Elizabeth Moore, married Mary Ann Ross, 27 years of Toronto, born Sunnidale (Simcoe Co), spinster, d/o George Ross & Sarah Jane Wiggins. Married Jan 13, 1891 at Toronto. Witnesses: Edmond J O’Dell, Gussie Cunningham, Toronto. Both parties Presbyterian.  Wm Patterson, Minister. License.  MS 932, Reel 73, ID  013554. York County.

Samuel Gillespie, 28 of Kingston, widower, born Billings Bridge, Co Carleton, tool and die maker, s/o John Gillespie & Elizabeth Ann Mulligan, married Amy Jane Hynduran of Winchester, 26, born North Mountain, Co Dundas, spinster,  d/o James Hynduran & Jane Eager. Married Dec 23, 1903   Stormont & Dundas County, Ontario (Note: my father, the only hint of an earlier marriage; he and Amy divorced and she moved with their child to Alberta).

[Samuel Gillespie, my father’s 3rd marriage.  Married in Erie, PA June 18, 1918 Minnie Elizabeth Gillespie from Morewood, Dundas County, d/o William Gillespie & Lucy Beach,  and granddaughter of James Gillespie, Chesterville from Aberdeen, Scotland] – see USA records.  (Yes,  both groom and bride had the same last name, Gillespie) This journey of genealogy for me began when I finally found my Dad’s grave, and the cemetery office gave me the full record, indicating her presence.  I was shocked, wondering who she was! A journey of 47 years to uncover all this and much more. 

Samuel Gillespie married Maude Evelyn Locke Oct 4, 1934 at Toronto. Clergy Alfred Bright, Riverdale Presbyterian Church, Toronto. By license ID G32718. Witnesses Etta & Helen Bright. Toronto, Ontario, Canada (My father’s 4th marriage).

Samuel Gillespie, 53, born Ontario, Presbyterian, s/o John Gilespie &  Betsy Ann Mulligan, married Mabel Miller, 27, born Ontario, Presbyterian, d/o Frank Milller & Martha Harvey July 8, 1943 at Toronto, by Bridadier G. M Owen. Witnesses: M . A. Mcdonald, C. Smith.    (My parents & Dad’s 5th & last marriage. He lied about his age as he was in his 68th year) – 41 years difference).  Never fuller trust a record because it depends on the persons supplying the information and the persons recording it. 

Samuel Gillespie s/o Sam Gillespie & Mabel (Miller) of Toronto, married Heather Cowan Sept 16,1967, Bancroft Pentecostal Church, Hastings Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Samuel John Gillespie, age 21, birth abt 1889 Brant, Ontario. son of Thomas Gillespie & Ella Mears. Married Sept 3, 1910 Nellie May Sipes at Brant, Ontario.

Sarah Gillespie married John Dow, both of Pickering on Nov 9, 1848, by license. Rev Thornton. Wit Robert McLaren and D Lammont. Ontario County, Central Ontario, Canada

Sarah Gillespie, fourth daughter of T Gilesby, both of City of Hamilton, married R. S.Beasley Dec 1849 on 27th instant in this city by J. G. Geddes, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada. (correction made)

Sarah Gillespie married Peter McEwan, (no info) Victoria Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Sarah Gillespie, 20 of Gosfield, married William Linzley, 30 of Maidstone on April 2, 1854 by license in Gosfield. Witnesses: Michael Wigle, Thomas Wigle. Essex County, Ontario   By Rev Richard Herrington, Baptist Minister,  Kingsville.

Sarah Gillespie of Scarborough, d/o Charles, married Neilson Heney 1858.  No further details. Ontario County.

Sarah Gillespie of Thorah, age 23, birth 1845 Thorah , d/o Dugald Gillespie & Mary Hayman, married Donald McMullan, age 22, birthplace Arthur,  Oct 15, 1868, Ontario County, Central Ontario, Canada, s/o Duncan,  & Ann Brown

Sarah Gillespie, 25, of Thorah, born Eldon,  spinster, d/o Dugald Gillespie  Sarah Baxter, married Robert MacDougall, 40, farmer, of Thorah Twp, born Sutherland, Scotland, Thorah, bachelor, farmer, s/o John MacDougall & Ellen Grant. Witn: John Leslie & Ellen Ross, both of Thorah. Both parties Presbyterian.   Married on June 24, 1874 at Manse, Beaverton by Rev John MacNabb. License.   MS 932, Reel 15, ID 006626.  Ontario County, Ontario  (Correction made & additions). 

Sarah Gillespie, age 30, of Ottawa, born Montreal, spinster, d/o Wm Gillespie & Charlotte Gillespie, married Thomas Spackman, 28, of Ottawa, born Wiltshire, ENGLAND, bachelor, plasterer on Dec 25, 1874. Witnesses Fred K Leiffield and Margaret Dore, both of Ottawa.   MS 932, Reel 16, ID 001562

Sarah Gillespie, 30, of Allandale, born Twp of Cavan, spinster, d/o Hugh & Margaret Gillespie, Methodist, married James Foster, 35 of Allandale, born Derry, Ireland, bachelor, farmer, Presbyterian,  s/o Samuel & Margaret Foster. Marriage Dec 19, 1877 at Allandale, Innisfil, Simcoe Co. Witnesses: David Conisky, Allandale & Mary Conisky, Allandale. License. By Rev Richard Duke,

Sarah Gillespie married Oct 10, 1889, Morrisburgh.Eastern Ontario,  Canada

Sarah Gillespie, 30 of Ottawa, born Montreal, spinster, d/o Wm Gillespie,  Charlotte Gillespie, married Thomas Spackman 28 of Ottawa, born Wiltshire, England, bachelor, plasterer, s/o Richard & Mary Ann  Spackmann on Nov 25, 1894 at Ottawa. Witnesses: Fred K Leighfield of Ottawa; Margaret Dure of Ottawa.  Carleton County,  MS 932, Reel 16, ID 001562.

Sarah Ann Gillespie, 21 years, of Otonabee (Twp), born South Monaghan, spinster, d/o James Gillespie & Esther, married John Wesley Robinson, 30 years of Otonabee, born Cavan, bachelor, farmer, s/o Richard and Catherine Robinson. Married Jan 3, 1877 at Peterborough. Witnesses: Robert J Robinson, Catherine C Robinson, both of Otonabee. Both parties Methodist. By Rev . R Willoughby, License. Peterborough County, MS 932, Reel 25, ID 009186

Sarah Ann Gillespie, 19 years old, residence Amaranth Twp, born Amaranth. spinster, Presbyterian, d/o John & Cynthia Ann Gillespie, married John Jacob Kelly, 26 of Orangeville, born Ireland, bachelor, tinsmith, English Church, s/o James & Susanna Kelly. Married June 13, 1877 at Amaranth by Rev W E McKay, License. Witnesses Charles Gillespie Jr, Amarath; John Wilter (or Witter), Orangeville.

Sarah E. Gillespie, age 21, residence & birth at Cornwall, d/o Oliver & Jane, married April 1,1880 (name missing) at St John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall. Witnesses Beckie Gillespie, W.E. Kevin, A. P. Ross, all of Cornwall. Stormont County,  Eastern Ontario, Canada

Sarah E Gillespie, 19, Orillia, same, d/o George Gillespie & Priscilla Fountain, married Percival H Talor, 29, Bracebridge, Orillia, farmer, s/o Samuel Taylor & Angelina Shire, Witn Samuel Taylor of Marchmont & Annie E McLeod of Barrie, on Nov 20, 1905 at Barrie

Sarah Eliza Gillespie of Eramosa, Halton Co, witness at wedding in Georgetown Nov 22, 1871 (Hilts/Marlatt)

Sarah Eliza Gillespie married Henry Marlatt Jan 11, 1872, Halton Co. by license. See previous record. See their son, George’s marriage.

Sarah Jane Gillespie married Edward Schuyler Kennedy Sept 8, 1897, Wolfe Island, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada (correction made)

Sheila Gillespie married Robert Dowell. Eastern Ontario, Canada

Shirley Elizabeth Gillespie, Catholique Marriage 1957-1958 North Bay, Ontario at Cathedrale l’Assomption, spouse August St Jean.

Sophia Gillespie, 23, saleslady, Portadown, Ireland, Toronto, d/o George (b Ireland) & Mary Gillespie, married Frank Walter Brown, 23, stockman, London England, Toronto, s/o Edward Brown (b England), Toronto, Witn: M Huff, 2029 Yonge St, & A. M. MacKenzie, 7 Glebe Rd E, on July 4, 1925.

Susan Gillespie & Hugh Lowe’s son, William Hugh Lowe, baker, age 23, residence Toronto born Belfast,  Ireland, married Emma Miller, 19, residence Toronto, born Stormont, Ontario, d/o James Miller & Margaret Alexander on Dec 9, 1872. Witn Rovert Virtue, Toronto & Elizabeth Miller, Toronto. by Alexander Topp, Clergy, Knox Presbyterian Church, Central Ontario, Canada.

Susan Gillespie, 18, North Orillia, same, d/o Geo Gillespie & Priscilla Fountain, married Edmond Wood, 30, North Orillia, same, farmer, s/o Willia Wood  & Mary John. Witn Margaret A James & Jessie Ritchie, no residence given, on Aug 19, 1898 at Barrie.

Susan Gale Gillespie, Catholique Marriage in Thessalon, Ontario 1935-1967 spouse Paul Emile Valiquette.

Susan Jane Gillespie married Philip James Sproul Oct 24, 1885 Cannington, Ontario


Thomas Gillespie, Catholique Marriage at Baslique Notre Dame to  Bridget Calaghan Feb 4, 1833 (2nd record gives bride’s name as Calahan).  

Thomas Gillesby, to Anne, eldest daughter of Mr J. R. Manning, both of Hamilton, by Rev J. G. Geddes, rector of Christ’s Church in Hamilton, 3rd instant. April 14, 1852. Wentworth Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Thomas Gillespie, 38, Williamsburgh, born Ireland, s/o James & F Gillespie, married Nov 4, 1858 Jane Johnson, 25, of Williamsburgh, born Ireland, d/o James & Sarah.  Dundas County, Eastern Ontario, Canada (2nd record lists bride as Jane Johnston). Both of Wmsb (Williamsburg).

Thomas Gillespie, 27, of Hamilton (Twp) born Canada, s/o Thomas & Agnes, married Feb 14,1861 Phoebe Ann Solomon, 28, Hamilton, Canada, d/o William & Ann, Northumberland Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Thomas Gillespie, s/o James, of Sullivan, married Harriet Moon (? after name in record, not sure why) 1864  Note: Sullivan Twp is in Grey County, just south of Owen Sound

Thomas Gillespie, 27, of Sydenham, born Canada, bachelor, farmer, C Methodist,  s/o Bernard Gillespie & Agnes, married Catherine McLaren, 25 of Sydenham, born Canada, spinster, Baptist, d/o Archibald McLaren & Margaret McLaren, married at Owen Sound June 25, 1874 by Rev William Lindell. License. Witnesses: MIchael James Healy of Owen Sound; Christina Healey of Owen Sound. (Grey County)

Thomas Gillespie, 26, grocer, residence Brantford, born Brockville, bachelor, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Harriet E Barnes, 22, of Brantford born Zorra Twp, City of Oxford, spinster, d/o John & Sarah, Witn: Alexander & Sarah Luttrell of Brantford, Married on Dec 2, 1874 at Brantford. Both Church of England, by J R Salter, Minister, License. Brant County  MS 932, Reel 13, ID 002458

Thomas Gillespie, 29, lumberman, New Edinburgh, Nepean, s/o Thomas Gillespie & Agnes, married Emmaline White, 18, Nepean, same, d/o Charles White & Catherine. Witn: George White Jr & Matilda White, both of Nepean, on Oct 7, 1880 at Nepean.

Thomas George Garnett Gillespie age 18, birth abt 1918  Toronto, father William Earl Gillespie, mother Lena Myrtle Gillespie, married Ruby Violet Rhyme  June 3,  1936 St Clave’s Church, Swansea, York, Ontario, Canada

Thomas Henry Gillespie, 33 yrs of Milltown Village of Hastings, born Roslin, Co Hastings, bachelor, carriage maker,  Anglican Church, /o Robert & Ann Gillespie, married Anna Kerr, 20 yrs of Milltown, born Belleville, spinster, Presbyterian, /o Thomas & Anna Kerr. Married at residence of R. A. Fullton in Milltown, Jan 28, 1874 by Re G. J Low, Anglican Minister. License.  Hasting Co, Ontario  MS 932. Reel 14, ID 992482

Thomas J Gillespie of Perth, St James Church, Carleton Place, Wed Sept 16, 1908 Elizabeth Thompson, youngest daughter of  Mr William Thompson of Lanark, Lanark Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada

Thomas John Cloyd Gillespie, age 22, birth abt 1913 Melancthon, father Thomas John Gillespie. Mother Georgiana Gillespie, married at Shelburne, Dufferin, Ontario on Feb 13, 1935 Lydia May McCauley.

Thomas M Gillespie, 28 of Caistor, born Canada, s/o James & Anne (McMartin) married Sept 16, 1869 Sarah F Gilbert, 21 of Caistor, born same, d/o Joseph & Temperance (Ensign), Haldimand Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

Thomas Melvin Gillespie, age 26, birth abt 1909 Ontario, Canada, s/o Duncan & Lawra Gillespie, married Margaret Jane Houston March 11, 1935 at Fort William, Thunder Bay, Ontario


Victor Earl Gillespie married Helen L Evelyn Smith, March 12, 1929, Hamilton, Wentworth Co, Southern Ontario, Canada


Walter Gillespie, 25 years of Toronto, born Scotland, bachelor, accountant, son of Walter Gillespie & Laura Ross (?sp) Gillespie. Married Constance Marion Wragge, 24 of Toronto, born England, spinster, d/o Edward Wragge & Lucy Eliz Wragge. Married Oct 8, 1891 at Holy Trinity Church, Toronto by Rev John Pearsority. Rector. Both parties Church of England. Witnesses:  Edward R Graig (?sp) , Bertha Wragge of Toronto.   York County. MS 932, Reel 73, ID  014885

Walter Hamilton Gillespie age 27, birth abt 1910, Stamford, Connecticut, USA, father Walter Hamilton Gillespie. Mother Margaret Gillespie, married Helen Elizabeth Farncoomb Oct 9, 1937 London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada

Walter Robt Gillespie, 26 of Toronto Junction, born Ontario, bachelor, MD, s/o Malcolm Gillespie & Alice McKechnie married Tripphena Alberta Campbell, 25 of Port Perry, born Ontario, spinster, d/o Donald Campbell & Christina Campbell. Married at Port Perry, Nov 29, 1892. Both parties Presbyterian. By Rev J Michan, License. (A tragic history as Dr Gillespie died within three years, one of three sons from Cannington who became doctors.  This couple’s only baby died a few months  after the father).  MS 932, Reel 79, ID 008905. Victoria County, Ontario  

William Gillespie married Harriet Monro Dec 6, 1815, Norfolk Co, Southern Ontario, Canada .  This is the earliest marriage record found for a Gillespie in Ontario and family history researched.  See the history of The Monroe/Gillaspy Cemetery in Village of St Wil,iams, Walsingham Twp. Loyalists from New Jersey.

William Gillespie of the Township of Lancaster married Mary McLean of the Township of Charlottenburg  Feb 4, 1845 by license. Witnesses Hugh McLean and John McLean, William Gillespie. 2nd record: William Gillespie bachelor of Twp of Lancaster, married No 2,  Feb 4, 1845 to Mary McLean, Spinster of the townships of Charlottenburg, were by license joined in marriage. At St John’s Presbyterian Church, Cornwall, Stormont County Eastern Ontario, Canada (3nd record spells the name McLean as MacLean.)

William Gillespie married Hannah Roadhouse, both of St Catharines on 14 instant, 1846 by Rev Baynes. Lincoln Co, Southern Ontario, Canada.

William Gillespie married Jane Houston, both of Hamilton (Twp), March 21, 1849, Rev Cassie, Wit David Houston & Wm Allen, Northumberland Co Central Ontario, Canada (date correction made).

William Gillesby, late of Little Cusby, Cumberland, England to Christiana, second daughter of John Blythman of Hamilton, Aug 6, 1850, by Rev Berry, 27th instant, Wentworth Co, Southern Ontario, Canada (Source Methodist Papers)

William Gillespie, 25, Lanark, Lanark, s/o Thomas & Isabella (Campbell) married Nov 19, 1858 Margaret Coulter, 20, Lanark, Glasgow, Scotland, d/o Robert & Elizabeth (Agnew), Lanark Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada

William Gillespie, 24, of Kingston, born Canada, s/o George & Isabella, married Dec 24, 1860 Sarah Makins, 22,  of Kingston, born Canada, d/o Thomas & Isabella, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario Canada

William Gillespie of Amaranth, s/o John, married Mary Jane Wallace 1862

William Gillespie, 28, residence Cornwall, born Ireland, s/o William & Jane, married March 4, 1862 Ann Milroy, 21 of Cornwall, d/o Robert & Jane. Stormont County, Eastern Ontario, Canada

William Gillespie, 30 residence Culross Twp, , born Scotland, s/o John & Agnes (Gibson) Gillespie, married Jan 2, 1862 Flora McAulay, 28 of Culross, born Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, d/o Archibald & Catherine (McIntosh) (Bruce Co). Grey County.

William Gillespie, 22, residence Melancthon, born Ireland, bachelor, farmer, Church of England, s/o William Gillespie & Mary Jane Gillespie, married Rebecca Gillespie, 16, residence Melancthon, born Canada, spinster, Church of England, d/o George Gillespie & Sarah Gillespie, Witnesses Alice Gillespie & George Gillespie of Melancthon. Sept 28, 1869 at Orangeville. Rev A Henderson. By license.

William Gillespie, 24, bachelor, sailor of the City of Toronto, Presbyterian, born Ireland, s/o George & Sarah Ann Gillespie, married July 12, 1873 Annie Nichols, 25, spinster of City of Toronto, Church of England, born France, d/o John & Eliza Nichols, by license. Witnesses Mary Smith & Joseph Nichols of Toronto. Clergy H. J. G at St James, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

William Gillespie, 23, of Hamilton, born Ontario, bachelor, whipmaker, s/o Samuel & Elney Gillespie, married Minnie Hamilton, 19 yrs, of Hamilton, born Auburn, New York, spinster, d/o James & Margaret Hamilton. Married Aug 29, 1876 at Hamilton. Witnesses William Whitney, Hattie Jeffrey, both of Hamilton. Both parties Church of England. By W. S. Speirs, License.  City of Hamilton, Wentworth County, MS 932, Reel 22, ID 012389

William Gillespie, 24 of Hullett, born Scotland, bachelor, farmer, Presbyterian, s/o William & Ellen Gillespie, married Aggie Hill, 22 of (cannot read it ?Elviston, possibly Clinton), born Canada, spinster, Bible Christian  d/o George & Hannah Hill, married at ?Clinton Nov 28, 1876 by Rev R J Courtin, License. Witnesses: James Gillespie, George Henderson.

William Gillespie, 25 yrs, of Stratford (Perth Co), born Hamilton, Ontario, bachelor, carpenter, Primitive Church, s/o Edward Gillespie & Martha, married Mary Ann Pogson, 28 yrs, of Wellesley Twp (Huron Co), born Blenheim, Canada, spinster, Primitive Church, d/o Willaby Pogson & Eliza. Married Aug 19, 1878 at Wellesley. Witnesses:  John Gillespie & Marion Pogson of the Twp of Wellesly. By Rev Thomas Gray, Primitive Methodist Minister. License.  Microfilm:  MS 932, Reel 28, ID 011116 (difficult to read, No 25 written across it) Waterloo County.

William Gillespie, 37 years, of Toronto, born Ireland, widower, carpenter, s/o George Gillespie & Sarah Gillespie, married Elizabeth Herson, 33 years of Toronto, born Canada,  d/o James Herson, Margaret Herson. Married June 4, 1890 at Toronto. Witnesses: Alexander Nere (?sp) , Amelia Nere.  Both parties Church of England. By J. Philip  Diemaker (?sp). License.  MS 932, Reel 73, ID 013687.  York, Ontario    A second marriage from St James Marriages, Toronto for same date, lists William Gillespie, widower of City of Toronto, married Elizabeth Orbison, widow, of City of Toronto, by license, Clergy J. P. D. Witnesses: Alex Ure, Amelia Ure. 

Wm Gillespie, 29, of Vernonville, born Ireland, bachelor, farmer, Presbyterian, s/o Wm Gillespie & Mary Holland, married Elizabeth Hankles (?sp) 23 of Vernonville, born Haldimand (Twp), spinster, Christian faith,  d/o ?Spankles &  Sarah Tucker. Married in Haldimand on Dec 2,1891 by C. S. Lord, Minister. License.  Witnesses:  Alex Radcliffe, Mrs Lord.     MS 932, Reel 72, ID 008347.  Northumberland Co, Ontario.  (Bride’s last name very difficult to determine)

William Gillespie, 24 years, of Toronto, born Ireland, bachelor, street car driver, s/o Charles & Elizabeth Gillespie, married Annie Brant, 21 of Toronto, born England, spinster, d/o James & Caroline Brant. Married Dec 15th, 1891 at Toronto by Wm Patterson. License. Both parties Presbyterian.   MS 932, Reel 77, ID 013918. York County

William Gillespie, 21, painter, Canada, Brantford, s/o Robert & Maria, married Amelia Franel, 19, Germany, Brantford, d/o Alexander & Mary, Wit: Alain Bohram? & Olive Gillespe, both of Brantford, on Sept 12, 1892 at Brantford.

William Gillespie, 24 years, of Toronto, born Ireland, bachelor, sailor, Presbyterian, s/o George & Sarah Ann Gillespie. Married July 12, 1893 at Toronto Annie Nicholas, 25 of Toronto, born France, spinster, Church of England, d/o John & Elizil Nicholas. Rev W. J Grasett. License.  York County.  MS 932, Reel 13, ID 014160

William Gillespie, age 25 residence Nepean, born Gloucester, bachelor, a lockman, Rideau Canal, s/o John and Betsy Gillespie, married Lena Shore, age 22, residence and birth Goulburn, d/o James and Martha. Married Oct 24, 1893 in Ottawa. Witnesses Thomas Shore of Goulburn and Lizzie Donaldson, Ottawa. Presbyterian. Re Wm Moore. License. (Reel 77, MS 932).

William Gillespie, 25, widower, carter, Shelburne, Allandale, s/o William & Rebecca Gillespie, married Jennie Fleming, 22, Barrie, same, d/o Matthew Fleming & Matilda Mullen, Witn: Lottie Webb & Tina Bedford of Allandale, April 4, 1906 at Allandale, Barrie

William Gillespie married Lottie McWilliams April 22, 1915, Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

William Gillespie, 27, fireman, CPR, Ontario, 37b Heintzman Ave, s/o Daniel Gillespie (b Ontario) & Sarah Cole, married Elizabeth Lappin, 24, waitress, Ireland, 3449 Dundas St W, d/o John Lappin (b Ireland) & Harriett McMullen. Witn: Watson Copeland of 120 Major St & Grace Wyse of 327 Kingston Road, on April 4, 1925.

William Andrew Gillespie, 23 of Bracebridge, Born Innerkip, batchelor, lumberman, Presbyterian, s/o James Gillespie & Sarah Gillespie, married Rose Kelly, 21 of Clarksburg, born ?Hollin (cannot read it), spinster, Baptist, d/o Brock Green Kelly & Sarah Kelly, married on Oct 31, 1894 at Clarksburg by Rev John Simpson, License. (Grey Co)

William Berrell Gillespie, age 32, birth abt 1864 London, son of John Gillespie & Rebecca Lipsett, married Lilly Jean McCuffin Aug 22, 1895 Middlesex, Ontario

William Charles Gillespie, 50 of Parry Harbor, bachelor, laborer, s/o James Gillespie & Helen ?Duway (difficult to read), married Adeluce (?sp) Brettaw 19 of Parry Sound, born Ontario, spinster, d/o Louis Brethaw (?sp) & Auretha Salbery. Married in Parry Sound Oct 17, 1894 by Rev James B Duncan, 1894. Both Methodist. Witnesses: James May, William Ausley. Parry Sound District, Recheck using MS 932, Reel 82, ID  008131.  See also marriage of George Gillespie, Parry Sound 1892. 

William Clarke Gillespie, age 25, residence Parry Harbor, born Ontario, bachelor, laborer, son of James Gillespie & Helen (name unreadable) married Adeline Brittau (?) age 19, residence Parry Sound, born Ontario. d/o Louis Britton & Auretta Sabbery (?) Oct 17, 1894 at Parrry Sound. Both parties Methodist. Witnesses: James May, William Ausley ?. (Parry Sound District) ID008134

William Edward Gillespie, age 36, birth abt 1900 Ottawa, Ontario. Married Jan 11, 1936  Margaret Agnes Daly at Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario. His father James Edward Gillespie. Mother Elizabeth Gillespie.

William James Gillespie, 23, saleman, Ireland, 56 Euston Avenue, s/o William Gillespie b Ireland & Sarah Gillington, married Martha Ann Davies, 27, sales clerk, Wales, 257 Hiawatha Rd, d/o blank Davies b Wales & unknown (died when bride was a baby), Wit: James Clarke of 63 Burgess Ave & Elizabeth Gillespie of 56 Euston Avenue, on Dec 22, 1925.

William James Gillespie age 25, birth abt 1911 Kingston, father William Henry Gillespie,  mother Ella May Gillespie, married Dorothy Irene Tozer Oct 24, 1936 Kingston, Frontenac, Ontario

William Joseph Gillespie, age 21, birth abt 1916 Orangeville, Ontario. Father Charles Buchanan Gillespie. Mother Bertha Gillespie. Married June 16, 1937 at Inglewood, Ontario spouse Margaret Isabelle Wilkinson

William W Gillespie of City of Toronto, married Elizabeth Orbison of the City of Toronto, by license June 4, 1890. Witnesses Alex Ure & Amelia Ure. Clergy J.P.D, at St James, Toronto, Central Ontario , Canada

Wm Gillespie, 28, of York, born Toronto, bachelor, s/o Saml Gillespie & Elizabeth Gillespie, Presbyterian, married Mary Delehauuty, 22 of Chatham, born Chatham, Roman Catholic, d/o Wm Delehauuty (?sp) and Ellen. Married Aug 30, 1892 by G W Henderson, License.   Windsor, Essex County, Ontario.  MS 932, Reel 74, ID  003708 (spelling of bride’s last name difficult to read).

Wm Henry Gillespie, age 30, birth 1870 s/o John Gillespie & Selina May, married Jessie A Simpson, age 25, birth 1875, d/o Arch’d Simpson & Agnes Robb, on Oct 17, 1900 Elma Township, Perth, Ontario, Canada

Wm Gillespie of Ottawa married Annie Armstrong of South March (Ottawa Journal Jan 21, 1901, p 10) Eastern Ontario, Canada


Zita Mae Gillespie – see Gita Gillespie

These records are  listed by groom’s last name.

Donald GILCHRIST, 38, farmer, Scotland, Grey Co, s/o James Gilchrist & Mary Hunter, married Sarah MacDougall, 34, Thorah, same, d/o Alexander MacDougall & Catherine Gillespie, Witn: Neil Gilchrist of Grey Co & Mary MacDougall of Thorah, on March 18, 1885 at Thorah. Victoria County, Ontario

Joseph GORDON, of Sunbury, 32, bachelor, farmer,  Presbyterian, s/o Joseph & Annie (Robb) Gordon, Sunbury, married Katie Mertel SNIDER of Gananoque, 21, spinster, Presbyterian, d/o Charles  & Kate (Gallespie) Snider, Atkinson. Married March 16, 1904. Witnesses: James Joseph Robb, Battersea & Jessie Crumley, Zion Presbyterian Church. Leeds/Frontenac Counties, Ontario

Samuel HALL & Ann Campbell, both of Mono, at Mono on June 8 1847 by banns, Wit John Gillespie & William Campbell, by Alexander Lewis, Presbyterian Minister.

David HAMILTON, 37,  of McClure, born Ayr, Scotland, s/o of David & Margaret (Gillespie) married Feb 27, 1867 Permilia A Barager, 27, of McClure, Sidney (Twp) d/o George & Sarah M (Turner), Hastings Co, Central Ontario, Canada

James HAMILTON 25, of Lindsay, born Peterborough, s/o James & Alison (Gillespie) married Jan 22, 1868 Hannah Stephenson, 22, of Smith (Twp), born Smith, d/o Jonathan & Ann (Walton), Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Peter HAMILTON, 36, manufacturer, Peterborough, Ont, same, s/o James Hamilton & Allison Gillespie, married Elizabeth Milne, 25, Scotland, Lindsay, d/o George Milne & Elisabeth Scott, Wit: R D Hamilton of Peterborough & Jane Dixon of Lindsay, on June 6, 1877 at Lindsay.

Hugh John HANSTON,  26 of Welsey Twp, born Canada, bachelor, farmer, s/o John Hanston & Margaret I Gillespie, married Maria A Nelson, 24 of Wallace Twp, born Canada, spinster, d/o John Nelson & Susanna (unreadable ?Baplans or Chaplain?.). Married June 24, 1891 by John M Anel. Witnesses: Diana Nelson, Married at Wallace Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario

Andrew HARLEY, 25, blacksmith, Scotland, Brantford, s/o David Harley b Scotland & Margaret Gillespie married Elsie Andrews, 23, weaver, England, Brantford, d/o Henry Albert Andrews, b England & Margaret Ferguson. Wit: Pearl Robinson & Lilian Andrews, both of Brantford, on April 30, 1927 at Brantford.

David HASTINGS, 28 or Brant Co, born Scotland, s/o John & Ann (Gillespie), married Feb 12, 1862 Mary Laidlaw, 23 of Brantford, born S Dumfries, s/o William & Jan (Robson), Brant County

John Gillespie HASTINGS, 29 of Brantford Twp, born Ontario, farmer, Presbyterian, bachelor, s/o David Hastings & Mary, married Elma Olivia Cole, age 25 of Brantford Twp, born Ontario, spinster, Methodist, d/o John Greville Cole, Charlotte Cole, Married Dec 10, 1898 at Brantford Twp by Minister Christopher Cookman. Witnesses: Joh R Newton of Brantford Twp and Annie Fonger, Brantford.  Brant County.

Robert Allene HILL, 46, butcher, Toronto, 782 Queen St East, s/o Robert Henry Hill b England & Margaret Gillesbee, married Isabella Welsh, 41, Toronto, 382 Lippincott St, d/o David Welsh, b Ireland & Jane Emslie. Witn: James & Martha Jean Graham of Toronto on Aug 10, 1925.

Nelson HITSMAN and Nancy Rodney married March 8, 1834. Witnesses Jacob Baker and Thomas Gillespie

Benjamin F HOLDEN, 35, carpenter, Canada, Nottawa, s/o Jonas F & Elizabeth, married Martha Adair, 25, Canada, Nottawasega, d/o Archibaldn & Mary Jane, Witn: Charles Isaac of Collingwood & Margaret Gillespie of Nottawasega on Oct 20, 1873 at Nottawasega.

John HOLLIDAY, 28, farmer, Bagot, Bagot, s/o William Holliday & Ann MacNab married Annie Cameron, 28, McNab, McNab, d/o Alex CAMERON & Ann GILLESPIE, witn: William LINDSEY & Donald STEWART of McNab, 10 Aug. 1870, Renfrew (also vol 9, pg 140)

Thomas HOWARD, 26 of Portsmouth, born Portsmouth, s/o Richard & Bridget (Gillespie), married Aug 14, 1865 Margaret McCauley, 20 of Portsmouth, born Portsmouth, d/o John & Martha (Hagan). Frontenac County, Ontario

Walter Wilbur HURD, 23, builder, Ontario, 74 Brandon Ave, s/o John Wilbur Hurd (b Ontario) & Margaret Gillespie, married Helen Jacqueline Reid, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 80 Mountview Ave, s/o Henry A Reid (b Ontario) & Helen D Ankcorn. Witn: M G Hurd of 74 Brandon Ave & T Reid of 80 Mountview Ave, on April 18, 1925.

David Erie KNILL, 24, farmer, Ontario, RR 1 Princeton, s/o George Knill (b Ontario) & Annie Brass, married Margaret Murray, 19, Scotland, 64 Sydenham St, Toronto, d/o David Murray (b Scotland) & Mary Gillespie (deceased). Witn: Ken Robertson of 54 Fairleigh Cres in Hamilton & Violet M Donaldson of 105 Glenholm Aven, Toronto, on Feb 14, 1925 at Metropolitan Parsonage.

Henry Franklin LEWIS, 37, farmer, Grimsby, Ont, Brighton, s/o William F Lewis, b Welland, and Jessie Alice Coyne, married Eleanor Myrtle Baldwin, 30, Lindsay, same, d/o James Baldwin b Lindsay, and Eleanor Ann Crofton. Witn: John Gillespie & Myrtle Gillespie, both of 237 Athol St, Oshawa, on Sept 15, 1926 at Lindsay.

William George LIGHTHEART, 24, blacksmith, City of Hamilton, City of Peterborough, s/o William Lighheart b Canada & Birdie Gillespie, married Frances Guthrie, 20, housekeeper, Emily Twp, Peterboro, d/o Jonah Guthrie & Ida Mathis. Witn: Herbert Howden & Peal Howden, both of Omemee on August 19, 1926 at Omemee.

William Hugh LOWE, baker, bachelor, 23, of Toronto, born Belfast, Ireland, Presbyterian, s/o Hugh Lowe & Susan (Gillespie) married Emma Miller, 19, spinster of Toronto, born Stormont, Ontario. Married Dec 9, 1872 at Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto. Clergy Alexander Topp. Witnesses: Robert Virtue, Toronot, Elizabeth Miller, Toronto.

George Oreally MARLATT, 22, Georgetown, Shelburne, s/o Henry Marlatt & Sarah Eliza Gillespie, married Minnie McDonald, 23, Artemesia, same, d/o Donald McDonald & Flora Black. Wits: Robert Upping of Shelburne & Annie Coe of Mulmur Twp on Dec 25, 1895 at Creemore.

Thomas MCBRIEN, 25, clerk, Canada, Bradford, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Emma Hurst, 20, Canada, Cookstown, d/o William & Ann. Witns: James Anear & Mary Gillespie, both of Rosemont, on Sept 9, 1878 at Tossorontio.

John Simon MCCANN, 25, Adjala, same, farmer, s/o Michael McCann & Sarah McFarlane, married Ellen O’Neil, 22, Canada, Mono, d/o Felix O’Neill & Ellen Gillespie, Witn: Thomas McFarlane & Sarah McFarlane, both of Adjala, on Sept 30, 1869 at St James.

George MCCAULEY, 22, of Portsmouth, born Portsmouth, s/o John & Martha (Hegan) married Oct 8, 1861, Margaret Howard, 22, Portsmouth, born Ireland, d/o Richard & Bridget (Gillaspy) Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Daniel MCGUINNIS, 28, farmer, Ops, Lindsay, s/o Richard MGuinnis & Jennie English, married Maggie Hawthorne, 26, Hope Twp, Greensville, US, d/o Samuel Hawthorne & Lydia Tufford. Witn: Dr A Gillespie & Mrs J McFadden, both of Lindsay on Dec 9, 1901 at Lindsay.

Angus MCDOUGALL, 30, bachelor of Thorah, born Thorah, s/o Alex McDougall & Catharine Gillespie, married Mary Campbell, 27 of Toronto, born Thorah, d/o John Campbell & Janet McArthur. Married April 15, 1885 at Knox Presbyterian Church, 301 Jarvis Street, Toronto.  H.W. Parson

William MCINTRYE, 39, widower, spinner, Merrrickvile, Ont, Thurso, Quebec, s/o John McIntrye & Elizabeth Gillespie, married Priscilla Mayhugh, 24, widow, Kemptville, same, d/o James Hinton & Rachel Chester. Witn:  S J Wood of Ottawa & C W Dempster of Chelsea, Quebec, on Oct 19, 1887 at Ottawa

Archibald MCKERROLL, 27, farmer, Scotland, Eldon, s/o Donald McKerroll & Catherine Campbell, married Jessie Cameron, 18, Canada, Eldon, d/o Lachland Cameron & Flora Gillespie, Witn: Hugh Cameron & John McKerrol, not given, on Jan 12, 1876 at Eldon.

Hugh MCKNIGHT, 28, Waterloo Co, Beverley Twp, farmer, s/o Thomas McKnight & Jane Gillespie, married Elizabeth Clark of Scarborough, 21, Markham Twp, Scarborough Twp, d/o William Clark & Fanny Noble. Witn: Andrew McKnight of Beverly, & Peter Lawson of West Flamborough, married on June 23, 1870, Scarborough Twp.

Evan Gillespie MCLEAN, s/o Allan & Norma (nee Gillespie) McLean married Lindsay Spurrel at Ontario Place, Toronto, Ontario July 23, 2016.

Rebecca Gillespie MCLEAN, d/o Allan & Norma (nee Gillespie), married Patrick Bonnell October 31, 2014 Richmond Hill Court House, York Region, Ontario. Reception Unionville.

Malcolm MCLEOD, 25, gentleman, Glengarry, Bexley, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Galbraith, 25, Ops, Bexley, d/o Lachlin & Catherine, Witn: Archibald Galbraith & M. A. Gillespie, both of Bexley, on Dec 23, 1874 at Coboconk.

Lachlan MCQUARRIE, 28, Scotland, Eldon Twp, s/o James McQuarrie & Catherine McInnes, married Isabella Campbell, 25, Eldo Twp, same, d/o Duncan Campbell & Christina Gillespie, Witn: D. B. McQuarrie & J Campbell, both of Eldon Twp, on June 16, 1874 at Eldon Twp.

Elizabeth MCROBIE, 20, Kingston, Kingston, d/o George & Margaret (Barrow) Howard Thomas, 26, Portsmouth, s/o Richard & Bridget (Gillespie) May 25, 1864, Frontenac Co, Eastern Ontario, Canada.

Alexander MCROSSIE, 27 of Napanee, born Napanee, son of James McRossie & Melvelee Gillespie, married Mary Downey, age 33, by Rev John Scott, Presbyterian Minister of Napanee District, Eastern Ontario. (Date between 1859-1869, From minister’s Marriage Records) Lennox & Addingston Counties, Ontario – note: the only Gillespie record found so far for this county.

Frank MILLLER, 21, b 1885, s/o Henry Miller & Mary Glaspie, married Aug 3, 1906 Olga Thrusa Peterson, 18, b 1888, at Windsor, Essex County, Ontario. d/o Peterson & Ida Tuttle.

Alexander MOORE, 73, b 1790 of Norwich, born Ireland, s/o William & Mary (Gillespie) married March 11, 1863 Lois Conner, 51 of Norwich, born 1812 Canada, d/o Stephen Tuttle & Isabella (Carroll). Oxford County

Jas Gillespie MUIR, 47 of Montreal, born Edinburgh, Scotland, bachelor, banker, Church of England, s/o James Muir & Marg Gillespie, married Marie Alice Doucet, 24 of Ottawa, born Montreal, spinster, Roman Catholic d/o Theodore Doucet & Lucille. April 12, 1887 at Ottawa.  Rev I Pollard.  Carleton County,  MS 932, Reel 56, ID 102250

William O’KORRO, 24  of Kitley, born Kitley, s/o Thomas  & Bridget (Gillespie), married Feb 14, 1860 Mary McCue, 21, of Bedord, born Bedford, d/o Ed & Dorothea (Howley). Leeds County, Eastern Ontario, Canada 

Evans Reginald PILKEY, 24, farmer, Flos Twp, same, s/o John J Pilkey & Eliza Jane Lewis, married Sarah Rosella Stewart, 23, Flos Twp, same, d/o James Stewart & Margaret Anne Gillespie, witn: Mrs Velma Thomas of Elmvale & Leo Lawless of Houghton, New York, US, on July 23, 1927 at Elmvale, Simcoe Co, Ontario.

William REDPATH, 23, Otonabee, born Scotland, s/o Francis & Betsy (Gillespie) married Oct 15, 1858 Ann Samuel, 20, Otonabee, Scotland, d/o Walter & Margaret (West), Peterborough Co, Central Ontario, Canada

Hugh REID, 22, residence Egremont, born Canada, bachelor, farmer, Presbyterian, s/o William Reid & Ellen Gillespie, married Catherine Gray, 22, r Nichol Twp, born Canada, spinster, Presbyterian, d/o Thomas Gray & Catharine Gray. Wit: James Reid, Egremont & Christina Gray, Nichol. May 31, 1870 at Nichol. Rev A. D McDonald, Elora, License.

James Gillespie REID, 34, of Ottawa, born Perthshire, Scotland, bachelor, stone cutter. s/o William & Catherine, married Margaret Fahey, 24 of Ottawa, born March (Twp), spinster, d/o John & (cannot read it)   May 29, 1875 at Ottawa. Witnesses: John Sweetman, Thomas Smith.  Carleton County.   MS 932, Reel 16, ID 001729

John Gillespie REID, father Thomas Emerson Gillespie. Mother  Katherine Elizabeth Gillespie. John birth abt 1909 Toronto, Ontario, married Jean Whittaker Allen Feb 27, 1935 Toronto, York, Ontario Canada.

Angus ROSS, 25, farmer, Thorah, Roland Manitoba, s/o Alexander Ross & Mary Gillespie, married Alexandra Stoddard, 23, Thorah, same, d/o Hugh Stoddart & Isabella Campbell. Witn: H S Cameron & Ethel Hamilton both of Beaverton, on June 14, 1899 at Thorah.

George Otway SEALE, 31, farmer, of Pittsburgh Twp, s/o  Charles Otway Seale & Jessie McAdoo, married  Luella Margaret SCOTT, 25 of Kingston, born Kingston, d/o John Scott & Annie Gillespie. Marriage at Portmouth  United Church in Kingston. Oct 25, 1916. Witnesses: Mrs M. J. Hopkins and Mary F McLean. Frontenac County, Ontario

John SHIEL, b 1842 Ireland, age 24, d/o James Shiel & Bridget Maher, married Margaret Jane Mcmillen, born Canada on Nov 18, 1866 in Ontario. d/o Alexander Mcmillen & Christina Gillespy.

Jason SPALSBURY, 26 ofTwp of Leeds, b Alexandria, US, s/o Francis Spalsbury & Catherine Preston, married Elizabeth Ellis, 20, Twp Leeds, born Twp Pittsburgh, d/o Tallis Ellis & Margaret Gillespie. Married on Sept 23, 1863, at St Paul’s Church, Kingston. Wit Mary Mulock, William R Mulock, both of Kingston  Frontenac County, Ontario.    Note: A 3rd record gives the names of Elizabeth Ellis’ parents as James  & Margaret (Gillespie).  

Norman Robert STODDART, 23, farmer, Oro Twp, same, s/o James Stoddard b Oro Twp, & Jennie Sampson, married Florence Edith Hastings, 23, Oro Twp, same, d/o Charles Hastings (b Oro Twp), & Mary Gillespie, Witn: Roy Stottart of Shanty Bay & Mable Gilchrist of Barrie, June 12, 1926 at 73 High Street, Barrie.

William THOMSON 42, stone cutter, Scotland, 625 Dupont St, widower, s/o William Thomson (b Scotland) & Annie Gillespie, married Ida Henry, 42, tailoress, Ontario, 625 Dupont St, spinster, d/o Robert Henry (b Ontario) & Jennie Arlow. Witn: J & L Brancier, both of 47 Maberley Ave, on June 26, 1925.

James Gillespie VERNEY, 31, secretary treasurer, Toronto, 564 Manning Aven, s/o James B Verney (b England) & Elizabeth Gillespie, married Alma Lorraine Hutchinson, 27, Ontario, Millbrook, Ontario, d/o William Henry Hutchinson (b Scotland) & Annie Hawthorne, Witn: George Verney of Toronto & Mabel Hutchinson of 11 Mackenzie Cres in Toronto, on Sept 12, 1925.

Norman Joseph VERNEY, 27, sign writer, Toronto, 564 Manning Aven, same, s/o James Burgess Verney (b England) & Elizabeth Gillespie, married Lillian Elizabeth Gliddon, 26, milliner, Ontario, 241 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, d/o William Gliddon (b Ontario) & Annie Dawe, Witn: A Maurice Stevens of 22 Haskett Ave & Gladys Dickie of 370 Woodbine Ave, both of Toronto, on Aug 11, 1925.

Jacob T WALKER 25, farmer, Brampton, Stayner, s/o Lanslet & Mary, married Cecilia Maria Elsey, 20, Nottawasega, same, d/o Henry & Mary, Witn: Donald Buir & Lizzie Gillespie, both of Stayner, on March 29, 1881 at Stayner.

Joseph WALKER, of Asphodel Twp, married Helen Gillespie by 1830s. Record not found. See son’s marriage 40 years later 1893 to Allice Gillespie, Peterborough County.

George Edward WILLIAMS, 22, farmer, Brantford Twp, same, s/o Henry W & Sarah A married Sarah Heaslip, 26, Elderslie Twp, Brantford City, d/o John Heaslip & Elizabeth Gillespie, witnesses Edwin J & Isabella Williams of Brantford Twp, on March 21, 1900 at Brantford Twp.

David WISHART, 21, residng Osgoode, born Ottawa, son of J’n Wishart and Mary Gillespie to Eliz Jane Waddell, 21, residing Osgoode, born Ireland, d/o Alex Waddell and Ruth Morrison, May 8, 1866.  Rev Whyte, Presbyterian Minister, Osgoode. Witnesses: Thomas White of Osgoode. Carleton County

George WOOD, 23 of Otonabee (Twp), born Otonabee, bachelor, farmer, s/o Alexander Wood & Mary (Gillespie) married Margret A Miller, 22 of  Otonabee, born Springville, single, d/o Wm Miller & M A. (Hill). Married March 15, 1893 at Otonabee by Rev F Andrews, License. Both parties Presbyterian. Witnesses: Fred Miller of Otonabee. MS 932, Reel 79, ID 009955. Peterborough County, Ontario

Total Count:  586


Most marriage records for all names in all counties in Ontario on microfilm from 1869 to 1927 have been transcribed on the website:

Note:   spelling of words on records were NOT changed. e. g. Niel instead of Neil  Any location addition in brackets in the midst of a record is an aid,  since many researchers from other countries may not be familiar with  Ontario locations.  Ontario’s name was changed over its history beginning with Upper Canada, then Canada West, long before the area became known as the Province of Ontario. See early maps on the Ontario home page for clarifications of various Districts as well. Boundaries changed. Current location names are rarely added since  these records are for the period up to early 1900s and location names reflect that period. Most of these people will be found on Ontario death records in the location where they are buried.  

Marriage records in CANADA are the best record to find for the genealogist since they provide the fullest details and often the origin of a person from overseas.

Sources of Records:

  • Baptismal & Marriage Records of Presbyterian Churches in Dalhousie & Lanark Twps.
  • Index of Irish Marriages From Parish of St Roch, Notre Dame des Anges
  • Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West – all volumes in print
  • Microfilmed records held by Ontario Archives
  • Northern Daily News, 1859 Index. Kirland Lake, Ontario
  • Renfrew Mercury: Births, Marriages, Deaths 1871-1910 Vol 1
  • Repetoire des marriages de La Cathedral d’Ottawa
  • The Bathurst Courier
  • Some Births, Marriages Deaths Along the St Lawrence River 1840-1850 by Lorna Johnston
  • The Carp Review & Carleton Co Advertizer
  • The Lanark Papers
  • The Lanark Society Settlers by Carol Bennett


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