CANADA: Ontario Deaths & Burials


These records are arranged by location where people lived,  beginning in the North then from the Eastern region of the counties within the Province, then moving towards Toronto, and south to the US border. Older county names are used,  not necessarily current ones. Boundaries changed over time so check records before and after the county location of your interest.   To rapidly scan names, click on Control +F to pull up a search box (appears top right of page), then enter name and search. 

Remember also Military records for Ontario servicemen and women. Click on grave photos or name for a larger copy for easier reading of inscription.


Angus Earnest Gillespie died Fort William Sept 3, 1895.

Arnold O Gillespie, born 1905. Died 1970. Englehart Cemetery, Englehart, Timiskaming District

Arthur Thomas Gillespie died Rainy River July 26, 1920.

Barbara E Aubert Gillespie, born 1920. Died 1998. Englehart Cemetery, Englehart, Timikaming District

Bernice “Lillian” Gillespie, born 1919. Death 2007. Saint Andrew’s Catholic Cemetery, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Capt Clifford M Gillespie, born Oct 8, 1918. Died May 30, 2000. Saint Andrew’s Catholic Cemetery, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Caroline Gillaspie died Dresden Feb 13, 1894

Catherine K Gillespie died Fort William Oct 8, 1906.

Christina Gillespie died Parry Sound Nov 3, 1926.

Doras E Gillespie died North Bay June 4, 1912.

Dorothy Gillespie, born May 29, 1919. Died Nov 26, 2008. Kirland Lake Cemetery, Kirkland Lake, Timiskaming District

Ellen Gillespie died Parry Sound Feb 5, 1907.

Ella G Gillespie died Thessalon June 26, 1898.

Ethleen Gillespie b 1900 d 1929 Hillsdale Cemetery, Blind River, Algoma District

Franklin R Gillespie died Thessalon April 7, 1900

G Gillespie died North Bay Feb 13, 1909.

“Gillespie” (male) died Pentetanguishene July 9, 1891.

“Gillespie” (female) died North Bay April 11, 1926.

“Gillespie” (male) died Parry Sound Aug 6, 1926.

Harry James Gillespie died North Magnetawan June 18, 1920.

Ivan D Gillespie born 1923. Died 1997. Englehart Cemetery, Englehart, Timiskaming District, Ontario

Jennet Gillaspie died Dresden Sept 24, 1905

John W Gillespie died Dresden April 6, 1902.

Mabel Gertude Gillespie died Fort William Oct 20, 1920

Marie Josephine Gillespie, born Oct 12, 1937. Died June 23, 1992. Burial Twelve Mile Lake United Cemetery, Minden, Haliburton Co, Ontario

Mary Gillespie died Penetanguishene May 2, 1908.

M Florence Gillespie died Penetanguishene Dec 11, 1892.

Norma G Gillespie. Born 1915. Died 1993. Her spouse Arnold O Husband 1906-1970. Englehart Cemetery, District of Timiskaming, Nipissing District.

Ruth Gillespie died Pentenguishene Feb 16, 1894.

The body of Samuel Gillespie who drowned today while unloading coal,   West Fort William  Sept 13, 1907

Sarah Leon Gillespie died Thessalon Sept 12, 1902.

Scott Gillespie, born June 10, 1907. Died July 30, 1996. Kirkland Lake Cemetery, Kirkland Lake, Timiskaming District

EASTERN ONTARIO- The Ottawa Valley & East

RENFREW COUNTY  – Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid 

Alexander Gillespie, 1853-1923. Albert St Cemetery, Arnprior, Renfrew Co, Ontario

Died 1907, Mrs Abraham Boland, 85, nee Ann Gillespie. Born Navan, Co Armagh, Ireland. To Canada 35 years ago with husband and family and settled at Douglas. Husband died 11 year ago. Children: Tobias, Townley, Thomas, Mrs George Thompson of Eganville; Mrs Charles Boland; Mrs Thompson of West Haven, Connecticut, Miss Bella.

Eileen Gillespie 1922-1974. William W Budd 1922-2001 Radio Offr RAF FG. Buried St. John’s Chrisostomo Cemetery, Mallock Road, Renfrew

George Gillespie, died Renfrew Aug 13, 1924.

James Gillespie, no age given, Feb 13, 1881. New Glasgow at home of his mother, Arnprior, leaves wife and six small children.

Jane Gillespie 1881-1959. Her husband George Eady 1879-1957. Flat Rapid Cemetery, Renfrew Co, Ontario

John Gillespie April 12, 1884-Nov 2, 1949 Sand Point Public Cemetery, Renfrew Co

Margaret Gillespie, died McNab Twp  March 9, 1895.

Margaret P Gillespie died McNab July 2, 1905.

Margaret Gillespie 1859-1937 Albert St Cemetery, Arnprior.

Marion Gillespie, wife of Richard Wellington McCee 1857-1942. Albert St Cemetery, Arnprior.

Mary Gillespie, 1840-1942. Albert St Cemetery, Arnprior, Ontario

Patterson Gillespie 1974. K Gillespie. Arnprior Albert St Cemetery, Arnprior, Ontario

Thomas Gillespie, died March 23, 1914 s/o of the late Col Gillespie of Quebec City, at age 58 years. 

Dec 3, 1924 Glasgow, McNab Twp: Mrs James Carswell, aged 62 years. Born Feb 24, 1863, she was Mary Jane, youngest daughter of William L. Arnot. She was  married three times: First to Thomas Gillespie, second to Arthur Hamilton, and then to James Carswell. Dec 12, 1924. Thomas Gillespie born at Quebec July 4, 1855. Died March 23, 1914. Burial Flat Rapid Cemetery, Almonte/Arnprior, McNab, Twp, Renfew Co.

William Wallace “Bud” Gillespie, born 1922. Died 2001. Mollach Road Cemetery, Arnprior, Renfrew Co.

CARLETON COUNTY–  Burial Finding Aide

Agnes Isabel Gillespie, age 11 of Hintonburgh, d/o Wm Gillespie, died 1905.

Anthony Gillespie died Dec 20, 1885, age 72. His wife Mary Corrigan, died Nov 12, 1891 age 68. Edward J Gillespie died Feb 12, 1901, age 38. Buried Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa.

Anthony Gillespie died July 14, 1888

Arthur G Gillespie 1901-1998. Clarice B 1902-1998. Buried Pinecrest Cemetery, Nepean Twp, Carleton Co.

Berkeley C Gillespie  1915-1995. Buried Capital Remembrance Garden Cemetery, Carleton Co.

Bertha Gillespie died Jan 20, 1886,  Billings Bridge, Gloucester

Charles E Gillespie 1919-1988, His beloved wife Barbara V Scharf  1927-1874. Buried St George’s Anglican Cemetery, Carleton Co.

Edward Gillespie 1889-1969. His wife Mary Tulloch 1889-1961. Buried Pinecrest Cemetery, Nepean Twp, Carleton Co.

Edward John Gillespie of Ottawa died 1901

Edward T Gillespie died Ottawa Jan 12, 1901

Mrs Elizabeth Ann Gillespie, age 57, of Ireland, wife of John Gillespie of Gloucester, died Jan 4 1898.

Eva Gillespie died March 15, 1886, Ottawa (Beechwood Cemetery)

George Bronson Ellwood Gillespie 1905-1998. Elsie Elvira Hamilton Gillespie 1907-1970 Buried Huntly Carp Presbyterian Cemetery, Carleton Co

Gordon Gillespie, died Nepean Twp Aug 11, 1899.

In memory of Gordon Harold Gillespie, died Aug 11, 1899 age 4 yrs 7 months. Also William Buckingham died Dec 15, 1913 aged 79 yers. Catherine Buckingham died Jan 1, 1923 aged 89 years. (Maple Grove Cemetery, Hazaldean)

Gordon Allan Gillespie 1903-1996. His wife Dorothy M Highton 1905-1997 Buried Pine Crest Cemetery, Nepean Twp, Carleton

Helena Gillespie , age 15 of Hull, daughter of George A Gillespie died 1899.

Howard Gillespie, died July 28, 1897

The son of Thomas Keys, nephew of James Gillespie of Russell Twp, aged 14, drowned at Cook’s Mills on 29th, (published May 21, 1840)

Noble Morrison died Nov 30, 1878, aged 63 years. His wife Jane Gillispie died Feb 22, 1878, aged 58 years. Edgar Bayliss died Aug 5, 1940, aged 20 years. Roybert Bayliss died Oct 20, 1952, age 72 years. His wife Georgina Ellen Cox died Jan 9, 1957, aged 56 (Huntley United Church Cemetery).

Jane Elizabeth Gillespie died Nov 10, 1883, Ottawa.

Kenneth McCoy Gillespie, age 10, s/o Thomas of Hintonburgh. Died 1903.

Mary Gillespie 1806-1892. Buried beside spouse John Wishart (1790-1874); his second wife Lucy Jane Shepherd died Nov 19, 1911 aged 34; David Wishart died July 4, 1908, aged 84 yrs; his wife Elizabeth J Waddell died Nov 12, 1916 aged 81 yrs; William W Wishart aged 7 yrs; Margaret Jane Wishart 1866-1869 (Springhill Presbyterian Cemetery, Osgoode Twp, Carleton Co)

Muriel Hilda Gillespie, infant daughter of John, died Feb 2, 1899.

Patrick Gillespie, age 47 of New Edinburgh died 1905.

Samuel Gillespie died March 11, 1896, Gloucester Twp.

Stewart Cummings Gillespie died Aug 28, 1907. 32 Craig Street, Ottawa. Age 4 months 11 days.  Hazaldean Cemetery.

Thomas Gillespie, died Oct 3, 1876 (Beachwood Cemetery record, City of Ottawa)

William Gillespie of Gloucester Twp, was stabbed by Richard Ashfield on 11th (Dec 15, 1841)

John Shore 1868-1951 and his wife Martha (nee Gillespie)1877-1945 buried Pinecrest Cemetery, Nepean Twp, Carleton Co, Ontario

Prescott County

In memory of Wm Hamilton, died Jan 19, 1882, age 72 years. Jane Gillespie, wife of Wm Hamilton, died June 5, 1886, age 79 years.

In memory of Henry Hitsman, died June 26, 1874, age 74 years. Also his wife, Letitia Gillaspy, who died April 29, 1893 age 72 years. Natives of Ireland (North Russell Cemetery). Mrs Leitita Hitchman (nee  Gillespie) d/o Mr & Mrs T Gillespie, was born in Co Tyrone, Ireland April 29, 1801, and attended m. class meetings with her fr and s in 1825. She came to Canada with her prts and sd in Osnabruck Twp, where she got married in 1827.  In 1836 she moved wit her hb to Russell Twp, where she raised a large family. She d in Beaverbrook Station, Russell Twp April 29, 1873.

The Eastern District: GLENGARRY, STORMONT, DUNDAS COUNTIES  –  Finding Aid Burials

Albert Edward Gillespie, died Cornwall Dec 16, 1903.

Alexander Gillespie died Dec 16, 1884, age 81 years. Elizabeth Scott, his wife, died Feb 13, 1885, aged 71 yrs. St John Cemetery, Stormont Co, Ontario

Annie Gillespie nee Hurley, b 1853, Died 1929. Woodlawn Cemetery, Cornwall, Ontario

Annie Letitia Gillespie, age 25, nee McCourt, died Cornwall Twp Feb 11, 1892. Woodlawn Cemetery

Arthur Gillespie 1891-1977. His wife Celia Fetterly 1902-1980. Earl Gillespie Jan 24, 1926- July 13, 1983  Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Osnabruck Twp, Stormont Co, Ontario

Bertha Gillespie 1884-1969. Cyril C Empey 1890-1967. Their son Charlie A A Emphey 1912-.  St Lawrence Valley Cemetery, Osnabruck Twp, Stormont Co, Ontario

Catherine Gillespie aged 88 yr 8 m 10 died died Sept 4, 1922. Jonah Coulhart, aged 58 yr died March 29, 1830. Mary E Gillespie aged 87 yr 8 m 11 days died May 11 1924. Annie H Coulthart Seplt 1, 1873-March 28, 1932. Waterdown Cemetery, Osnabruck Twp,  Stormont Co, Ontario

Celia Fetterly Gillespie b 1907. d 1980. Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Stormont Co

Charlotte Gillespie died Dec 1907, aged 82. Her husband Thomas Foster Hilliard died may 1889, age 70. Irwin Hilliard died Nov 1948l, aged 85. Wife Anna Caroline McAmmond died Aug 1960 age 87. Ella Hilliard Loucks died Aug 1908, aged 43. Isabella Susan Hilliard died March 1936, aged 84. Rev Foster Hilliard died May 1969, aged 74. Marion Hilliard died July 16, 1958, aged 56 years. Charlotte Gillespie, relick of Thomas F Hilliard to Canada in 1840. Irvin Hillard, former master of osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto, disappeared a month ago, believed to have wandered off after an attack of amnesia. Found Dec 1948 aged 85 years..  Marion, Chief of Obstetrics & Gynecology of Women’s College Hospital, Toronto.  Mrs V.S. Loucks died Aug 1908. Ella M, daughter of Thos Hilliard married ca 12 years. Fairview Cemetery, Mariatown, Williamsburgh, Dundas Co, Ontario

Daniel Gillespie, died Cornwall Sept 2, 1883.

Daniel Gillespie died Cornwall May 29, 1912

David Gillespie born 1862, died 1927. Woodlawn Cemetery, Cornwall, Ontario

Dinah Gillispie 1888-1965. John Cook 1866-1943. St Lawrence Valley  Union Cemetery, Osnabruck Twp, Stormont Co, Ontario

Earnest Gillespie 1885-1964. His Wife Bertha O Palmer 1894-1975. Stanley A Gillespie 1917-1968. His wife Helen Van Bridger 1917-. Maple Ridge Cemetery, Winchester Twp, Dundas Co, Ontario

Edward Gillespie born 1916. Died 1996.Woodlawn Cemetery, Cornwall

Eileen Gillespie 1930-  Eugene McCann 1928-1989. James Gillespie. His wife Gladys Gallinger 1910-1987. Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Osnabruck Twp, Stormont Co, Ontario

Eileen M Gillespie 1949- Larry L Neville 1947-1984. Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Osnabruck Twp, Stormont Co, Ontario

Elizabeth Gillespie, Williamsburg, died of consumption June 2, 1857, age 44 yrs

Elizabeth Gillespie died Cornwall Feb 13, 1885

Francis Gillespie, nee Milton, died Cornwall Twp Aug 20, 1889 age 52 years. Woodlawn Cemetery

Gladys Gallinger Gillespie, born 1910. Died 1987. Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry United Counties..

James  Gillespie, age 63, died March 30, 1850. Upper Canada Village, Chrysler Farm, Pioneer Memorial Cemetery, Morrisburg

James E Gillespie 1904-1971. Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Road, Osnabruck Twp, Stormont Co, Ontario

James Gordon Gillespie (born Aberdeen, Scotland) Jan 1, 1826-Dec 29, 1904. His wife Margaret Cameron (born Aberdeen, Scotland) 1829 to 1914. Maple Ridge Cemetery, Winchester Twp, Dundas Co, Ontario

Jane Gillespie b 1829. Died 1916, Wood Lawn Cemetery, Cornwall, Ontario

John Gillespie, died Aug 25, 1871, aged 75 yrs 3 m. Isabella, wife of John died March 15, 1883, aged 84 ys. Catherine Gillespie died Feb 5, 1911 aged 73 yrs 11 m. St Andrews Presbyterian Cemetery, Spencerville, Ontario

John, s/o James & Margaret Gillespie, died age 11 y 6 m, 11 days on March 25, 1878. Maple Ridge Cemetery, Winchester Twp, Dundas Co

Joseph Gillespie died Cornwall Jan 31, 1923.

Keith Gillespie Dec 9, 1926-Dec 4, 1982. St Lawrence Union Cemetery, Osnabruck Twp, Stormont Co, Ontario

Laura Edith Gillespie nee Robertson, b 1880. Died 1971. Woodlawn Cemetery, Cornwall, Ontario

Margaret Gillespie buried July 31, 1844 Cornwall Twp. William MacLaughlin (relick of the late) of the Township of Cornwall died on the 29th, age 93 years (St John’s Presbyterian Cemetery, Cornwall).

Margaret Gillespie, age 70 yr died Dec 4, 1878, wife of I McConnell, native of Co Tyrone, Ireland. Andrew McConnell, age 86 yrs died April 12, 1895. St Lawrence Union Cemetery, Osnabruck Twp, Stormont Co, Ontario

Margaret Gillespie 1831-1915, wife. William H Relyea 1828-1889. Egbert H Relyea MD 1873-1936. St Valley Union Cemetery, Osnbruck Twp, Stormomt Co, Ontario

Margaret C Gillespie died Winchester July 25, 1911.

Mrs Martha Casselman Gillespie died 1885. Casselman Cemetery, Williamsburg Twp, Dundas Co, Ontario

Mary Gillespie died Cornwall Jan 1, 1912.

Mary Jane, wife of James Gillespie, age 24 yr 5 d died 1857.  Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Pleasant Valley Road, Osnabruck Twp, Stormont Co, Ontario

Mrs Margaret Watson, died Aug 29, 1877. D/o James & Francis Gillespie, was born in Co Tyrone, Ireland April 13, 1829. She came to Cd with her parents in 1846, and sd in Osnabruck Twp, where she lived until her marriage to Henry W. Oct 16, 1849. She died March 12, 1877.

M Gillespie died Cornwall Jan 31, 1926.

Nelson Gillespie b 1919. Died 1970. Woodlawn Cemetery, Cornwall, Ontario

Olive May Gillespie, nee MacLachlan, died 1928. Woodlawn Cemetery, Cornwall, Ontario

Oliver Gillespie, born 1827. Died Cornwall Nov 29 1914. Woodlawn Cemetery. His wife Jane 1828-1916. Their family: Jennie, William, Lizzie, Maggie, Stanley, Peter E Campbell 1857-1939.

Rachel Gillespie, buried Sept 5, 1833 Cornwall. D/o Alexander Gillespie residing on the Presbyterian Glebe of Lot 2, 2nd Con, Cornwall. Rachel died on 4th, aged 9 days. St John’s Presbyterian Cemetery, Cornwall.

Rebecca Gillespie, nee MacDonald, died 1928. Woodlawn Cemetery, Cornwall, Ontario

Thomas Gillespie born Oct 19, 1818. Died Nov 16, 1883. Eliza Johnston, wife of Thos Gillespie died June 2, 1857, aged 42 years. Jane Johnston, wife of Thos Gillespie, born March 21, 1824. Died Nov 1, 1882. Hanes United Cemetery, Mariatown, Williamsburgh Twp, Dundas Co, Ontario

William Gillespie b 1876. Died 1951. Woodlawn Cemetery, Cornwall, Ontario

William Gillespie died Winchester, July 30, 1922.


Finding Aide Burials

Adam Gillespie died April 21, 1870, age 78 yrs 1 m 10 days. St John’s Anglican Cemetery, Parish of Leeds Rear.

Mrs Agnes Gillespie, 1881. St Peters Cemetery, Brockville.

Amelia E Earl, wife of Adam Gillespie, died Aug 1889, aged 72 yrs 7 m 7 days. Native of Co Wexford, Ireland. St John’s Anglican Cemetery, Parish of Leeds Rear.

Barbara Gillespie 1892-1907. Fairknowe stone. This tombstone lists 35 people. “Erected by the Fairknowne Scotch boys and girls in loving memory of their departed companions.”  The Brockville Old Protestant Cemetery, Ontario

Elizabeth Gillespie, 1903, a widow. St Peter’s Cemetery, Brockville, Ontario

Elma Welch Gillespie b Aug 9, 1896. d June 18, 1987. Halladay Burial Place, Village of Elgin, Leeds County (not in Elgin County, Southern Ontario).

Hugh Victor Gillespie b May 17, 1896 d July 10, 1954 Saint Peter’s Anglican Cemetery, Newboyne, Leeds Co, Ontario

Isabella Gillespie died Edwardsburgh Twp March 5, 1883.

James Gillespie b 1892 d 1958  Halladay Burial Place, Elgin Village, Leeds Co, Ontario

James Anderson Gillespie died Prescott Oct 18, 1913.

James L Gillespie 1836-1869. His wife Mary Turnbull 1840-Children Jame A 1863-1913. Jeannie 1858-1863. Sandy Hill Cemetery, Prescott,
Grenville Co, Ontario

John Gillespie died 1898. Buried St Peter’s Anglican Cemetery, Brockville, Ontario

Lulu Gillespie died Edwardsburgh June 25, 1914. Wife of George F Gillespie, who died June 26, 1914, aged 25 years. George F Gillespie d Sept 27, 1959, aged 76 years. South Gower Cemetery, Grenville Co.

Margaret Gillespie, wife of Henry G Watcson died March 12, 1877, aged 47 yrs 7 m. Willie J Watson departed this life Sept 27 1863, aged 1 yr 6 m. James S Watson died  Dec 25, 1869, aged 3 yrs 2 m. Henry G Watch died June 24, 1900 aged 78 yrs. Lucinda C Watson daughter of Henry & Margaret died Feb 25, 1918.  South Gower Cemetery, just north of Pelton’s Corners.

Margaret Gillespie 1844-1911. Samuel F Haskin 1831-1870. Nelson J Hasting 1866-1886.  Halliday Burial Ground, South Gower Twp, Leeds Co, Ontario

Peter Gillespie died May 26, 1893, aged 88. John Gillespie Senr died Jan 7, 1857, aged 61. Wife of John Gillespie died in Australia Feb 8, 1983, age 78. St James Anglican Church Cemetery, Maitland, Ontario

Robert Gillispie born 1845. Died 1915. His wife Ann J Breakey born 1849  Died 1921. Leora O, d/o Robert  & Ann died March 26, 1898, aged 18 yrs 6 m 26 d. Joseph B 1947. His wife Elizabeth J Gillispie 1961. Clarke Gillespie. Willowbank Cemetery, Gananoque, Ontario

Thomas Gillespie died May 10, 1912, aged 87 years. His wife Harriet Johnston d Aug 13, 1914 aged 78 yrs. St Peter’s Anglican Cemetery,  Twp of Bastard, Leeds Co, Ontario

Viola Emma Gillespie, b Oct 16, 1904. d Nov 26, 1923. Gananoque Cemetery, Gananoque, Leeds Co

Bathurst District:  LANARK COUNTY

D Evelyn Warren Gillespie, born 1913. Died 1948. Boyd’s Methodist Cemetery, Boyds, Lanark Co

Elizabeth Gillespie address Perth. died Feb 1940. Elmwood Cemetery, Perth, Ontario

Fanny Gillespie, wife of J. D. Lindsay died at Kars Friday, Oct 30, 1896, aged 61 years. J. D. Lindsay 1833-1923. Rideauvale Cemetery, Kars, Ontario

Godfrey P Gillespie 1890-1969.His wife Myrtle Jane Shail 1907. St James Anglican Cemetery, Ramsay Twp.

Jane Gillespie (no dates)  Robert McChestney died June 2, 1912, aged 49 years. St Andrews Cemetery, Watson’s Corners, Dalhousie.

John Gillespie died Lanark Oct 14, 1871.

John Gillespie 1879-1916. Also his wife Elizabeth H Moulton 1879-1956. The Old Burying Ground, Perth.

John C Gillespie 1916-  . His beloved wife, Evelyn A Laushway 1912-1984. Maple Ridge Cemetery, Smith Falls.

Lawrence Gillespie died Lanark Oct 27, 1883.

Lucinda Gillespie, died March 27, 1937 aged 97 years. Her husband Robert Alexander Gibson died Jan 12, 1912, aged 77 years. Daughter Mary Gertrude (Minnie) died Nov 28, 1913, aged 44 yrs. Daughter Lucinda Alice died Feb 6, 1964 aged 91 yrs. Burial in Rideauvale Cemetery, Kars, Ontario

Margaret Gillespie died Lanark Sept 4, 1884.

At Lanark on Thursday, Nov 1895, Margaret Gillespie, wife of Hugh Johnston, aged 64 years. A daughter of T Gillespie, she married over 37 years ago.

Mary Ellen Gillespie, address Ottawa. aged 85, died Feb 9, 1972. Spouse Reginald G Gillespie. Elmwood Cemetery, Perth

Reginald G Gillespie, Perth aged 52, spouse Mary Ellen Cole died Oct 21, 1937. Elmwood Cemetery, Perth, Ontario

In memory of Thomas, s/o William & Margaret Gillespie, died March 1, 1880, aged 12 yrs 3 months. Lanark Village Cemetery

Thomas Gillespie died Tuesday Feb 9, 1904 at Lanark. Born in the village on French Hill, he died at the home of his brother in law, Mr Hugh Johnson. Buried Lanark Cemetery.

In Lanark, Monday, Dec 23, 1912, Hugh  Johnston in his 90th year. Born Sept 28, 1822 in St Andrews, Quebec, his parents were John Johnston and Margaret Cathcart. His brothers were George and John, and his two sisters were Mrs W Clark and Mrs W Field. In 1858 Mr Johnston marrried Miss Margaret Gillespie, and to them were born Mrs Jas Rodger, Nellie, John, and Mary (deceased), Ida (Mrs F Deachman of Edmonton) and Bella at home. Burial in Lanark Village Cemetery.

At Lanark, Thursday, April 1, 1909 John W Johnston, aged 43 years. The only son of Mr Hugh Johnston of Lanark. He leaves two sisters, Bella at home and Mrs Franch Deachman, Edmonton, Alberta. His grandfather, Mr Gillespie, fought with Wellington in the Peninsular War.

Miss Bella Johnston was born on the lot where she died in Lanark, the daughter of the late Hugh Johnston and his wife, Margaret Gillespie, who died in 1895. Her mother was the daughter of one of the pioneers of Lanark Village. An uncle, Thomas Gillespie, was for many years caretaker of the school in Lanark. Her sisters and brothers are Margaret (Mrs Jas Rodger) deceased in 1891. John, who died in 1909, Ida (formerlyl Mrs Frank Deachman and now Mrs Williamson) of Cadomin, Alberta; and a half brother Charles Kelly. Burial in Lanark Village.

W T Gillespie b 1911. Died 1958. Boyd’s Methodist Cemetery, Boyds, Lanark Co

FRONTENAC COUNTY – Finding Aide Burials

Alice P Bolton Gillespie, born 1916. Died 1977. Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Wolfe Island

Almira Gillespie, age 82, married, residence Kingston, burial by Ministesr Fitzgerald, Cataraqui Cemetery, (no date, but listed with 1918/1919 deaths).

Andrew Gillespie, age 60, burial date March 5, 1870. Wolfe Island.

Andrew Gillespie, died Kingston Nov 21, 1893.

Andrew L Gillespie, age 4, born Kingston, residence Kingston, died Feb 21, 1894. Buried by Rev Johnston Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston.

In memory of Ann Gillespie, wife of Samuel Gillow, who died Dec 11, 1868, aged 42 years. A native of Co Armagh. Horne Cemetery, Point Alexandria United Church  Cemetery, Wolfe Island

Audrey Myrtle Gillespie, daughter of Victor and Luella, July 26 to Oct 26, 1927. Octono United Church Cemetery, Olden Twp, Frontenac Co, Ontario

Bertha Jane Gillespie 1870-1947. Her husband William Alfred Sawyer 1860-1941. Clarence Digwell 1903-1908. Clarence Digwell Sawyer born July 11, 1903. Died Sept 3, 1908. Colonel William Sawyer OBE, ED, 1901-1968. The Church Acre, Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston

Bridget Gillespie, died Jan 21, 1880 aged 78 years. Her spouse Richard Howard died Oct 16, 1879, aged 76 years. Burial St Mary’s Cemetery, Cit of Kingston.

Charles G Gillespie 1884-1942. Christ Church Cemetery, Wolfe Island.

Charles Gordon Gillespie born July 22, 1917. Died 1987. Christ Church Anglican Cemetery, Wolfe Island

Conway Gillaspie, died Pittsburgh Twp Sept 6, 1875.

Effie Gillespie died Dec 1, 1947, aged 77 years. Her husband Joseph Toland died March 24, 1921, aged 48 years. Side Twp: Daniel H toland died June 21, 1901 aged 67 years. His wife Mary McMillan died April 16 1920, aged 86 years. Side Three: Mary MacMillan, beloved daughter of Jos & Effie Gillespie 1903-1925. Sandhill Cemetery, Storrington Twp, Frontenac

Eliza Gillespie died Wolfe Island March 26, 1904, age 91 years.

Etta M, died  Nov 30, 1887, aged  7 yrs 1 m. Olive M died Dec 11, 1887, aged 2 yrs 11 m (both of the above were children of Wm & A Gillespie).George Gillespie died Jan 29, 1894, aged 2 yrs. St Lawrence United Church Cemetery, Wolfe Island.

Francis A Gillespie, age 70. Burial date Dec 3, 1918. Wolfe Island.

Gertrude Amelia Gillespie, age 15, burial date May, 1893. Christ Church Cemetery, Wolfe Island. (2nd record gives Amelia Gillespie, d/o George, died June 6, 1893, June 6, 1893, Wolfe Island).

George Gillespie, burial date May 4, 1928. Wolfe Island

Glady E Gillespie June 10, 1915-  Mountain Grove Cemetery, Olden Twp

Henry Gilhespie, age 25, born Ireland, residence Kingston, died July 13, 1868. Burial by Minister Dobbs in a common grave. Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston.

Hugh Gillespie, died Pittsburgh Twp May 13, 1902, aged 69 yrs. His wife, Margaret Spense died Dec 12, 1909 aged 67 yrs. (2nd record give May 11, 1902 as date) Burial Kingston

James Gillespie 1864-1912. His wife Mary Moncrieff 1855-1931. Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston. James Gillespie, aged 47, married, born Ireland, residence Kingston, died May 1, 1912. Burial by Minister Craig.

James Gillespie 1877-1913. His wife Martha Van Winkle 1881-1971. Oconto United Church Cemetery Olden Twp, Frontenac Co, Ontario

Jane Gillespie of 207 Albert Street, buried Feb 14, 1920, Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston.

Jane Thompson, daughter of Hugh and Margaret Gillespie, died Sept 7, 1864, aged 1 year 6 m 22 days Sand Hil Presbyterian Cemetery, Pittsburgh Twp.

Jane Gillespie 1858-1947 Buried St Mary’s R. C. Cemetery, City of Kingston

Jas Frederick Gillespie, age 37, unmarried, born Portsmouth, residence Kingston, died Feb 15, 1920. Burial by Minister Savary Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston

Jno Gillespie departed this life March 31, 1840, aged 38 years. Wellborn Burial Ground, Kingston Twp, Frontenac Co, Ontario

John, s/o Robert and Eliza Gillespie, died May 22, 1850. Trinity Anglican Cemetery, Wolfe Island.

John Gillespie died Pittsburgh Twp Dec 15, 1874. G John Gillespie 1824-1874. His wife Euphemia Sharpe 1830-1914; Catherine G T Gillespie, wife of Chas Snider, 1860-1883. Margaret Gillespie, wife of E H David, 1864-1919; Ezra H David 1864-1932. fs sister; father, mother. Sand Hill Presbyterian Cemetery, Pittsburg Twp, Ontario

John Gillespie died July 8, 1907, aged 84 years. Almira his wife died April 28, 1919, aged 82 years. In  memory of Thomas Gillespie, died Feb 15, 1901, aged 33 years. Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston.

John Gillespie Jan 26, 1893-Jan 21, 1938. Robert Walter Gillespie July 17, 1878-March 10, 1939; Hugh Thompson Gillespie April 21, 18876-Nov 23, 1942. Sand Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pittsburg Twp, Frontenac Co, Ontario

Lenora Gillespie, died Howe Island March 24, 1894.

Margaret S Gillespie died Pittsburg Twp Dec 12, 1909. Robert G Johnston April 3, 1867-March 12, 1937; Jessie Gillespioe wife of Robert G Johnston Nov 19, 1870-May 16, 1910. Hester Scott, wife of Robert G Johnston 1879-1956. Sand Hill Presbyterian Cemetery, Pittsburgh Twp, Ontario

Margaret Gillespie of 309 Albert St, burial date May 29, 1924. Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston

Margaret Daly Gillespie Sept 15, 1983-   ; Mary Daly Thompson Aug 31, 1963-. James Daly 1843-1913. His wife Margaret Wafer 1844-1934. Catherine Isobel 1887-1938. St Mary’s RC Cemetery, City of Kingston

Margaret I Gillespie Aug 13, 1882-Aug 24, 1953. Her husband, Robert Whyte Aug 10, 1872 – May 25, 1937. Hughie R Whyte born 1903. Died 1917.

Marguerite Bulgier Gillespie, 4 days. Burial date May 7, 1920. Wolfe Island.

Martha Gillespie born Jan 13, 1848. Died Feb 22, 1930. Her husband, George E. R. Ranous born Jan 30, 1840. Died Aug 16, 1922. William L Ranous 1870-1963. Mary S Ranous 1884-1972. Wife of Rodney Pike. George F, born Feb 11, 1883. Died Dec 29, 1894. Martha L born July 13, 1888. Died Dec 19, 1894. Children of G & M Ranous.  Christ Church Cemetery, Wolfe Island

Mary Gillespie, 85 years, burial date Nov 12, 1867, Wolfe Island

Mary Gillespie, age 44, born Ireland residence Kingston, died July 25, 1893. Buried by Minister Boyd in a common grave. Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston.

Mary J Gillespie, wife of W J Horne, died Aug 4, 1887, aged 45 years 2 months. Wm J Horne 1840-1931. Mary J his wife 1843-1887. Uretta Horne 1870-1888. St Lawrence United Church Cemetery, Wolfe Island.

M Jane Gillespie died Pittsburgh Twp, April 4, 1889.

Robert Gillespie, age 87, burial date Feb 26, 1855. Wolfe Island.

Robert Walter, son of George & Fanny A Gillespie. Died Dec 8, 1886, aged 4 months 4 days (Christ Church Cemetery, Wolfe Island).

Robert Gillaspie, died Wolfe Island June 9, 1887 in his 84th year. George Gillespie 1852-1928; His wife Frances A Coxall 1848-1918. Eliza Gillespie born June 22, 1814. Died March 26, 1904. Christ Church Cemetery, Wolfe Island.

Robert Leslie Gillespie 1887-1959 St Lawrence United Church Cemetery, Wolfe Island

Sarah C, died April 4, 1882, aged 1 yr  7 months; Mary J died April 4, 1889, aged 24 years; (children of H and M Gillespie); Jennie T died Sept 7, 1864, aged 1 yr 7 months/ Conway died Sept 6, 1876 aged 6 months. Sand Hill Presbyterian Cemetery, Pittsburgh Twp.

Thomas Gillispie died Pittsburgh Twp Feb 15, 1901.

Thomas H Gillespie 1862-1936. Wilmelmine Brebner 1871-1957 Wife of Thomas Gillespie. Sand Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pittsburgh Twp, Frontenac Co, Ontario

Thomas Gillespie 1868-1937. His wife Margaret Scott 1871-1918. Muriel E Gillespie 1907-1928. Baby Connell Feb 24, 1942. Sand Hill Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Pittsburgh Twp, Frontenac Co, Ontario

In memory of Walter, son of G and M (re Martha Gillespie) Ranous. Died April 22, 1881, aged 10 months, 9 days. St Lawrence United Church Cemetery, Wolfe Island.

Walter Weston Gillespie, 1 year. Burial date Jan 5, 1923. Wolfe Island.

April 1816. In this town on Sunday last. William Gillespie, in the 65th years of his age.

William H Gillespie, aged 6  yrs 8 mnths burial date Aug 3, 1866. Wolfe Island.

William Gillespie 1856-1942. Husband of C Alvira Woodman 1860-1935. St Lawrence United Church Cemetery, Wolfe Island.

Wm Victor Gillespie 1906-1969. His wife Luella McCullough 1908-. Oconto United Church Cemetery, Olden Twp, Frontenac Co.


No Gillespie burials in 22 cemeteries.


Anna Laura Gillespie, died Tyendinaga Twp Oct 8, 1899

Benjamin Gillespie died Picton April 6, 1918.

Edward Gillespie died Belleville June 21, 1917.

Elizabeth Gillespie died Belleville March 13, 1908.

James Gillespie died Picton March 4, 1912.

Jennie A Gillespie died Tyendinaga Twp Nov 5, 1899.

Mabel Gillespie nee Miller, wife of Sam Gillespie, Scarborough, born Feb 24, 1915 in Toronto, died February 18, 1994 in Peterborough Civic Hospital. Burial Feb 24th in Coe Hill Anglican Cemetery, Wollaston Twp, Hastings Co, Ontario. Ever loved by her children: Samuel, Norma, Glenn,  d/o Frank Miller & Martha Harvey

Mary E Gillespie died Picton July 26, 1920.

Robert Gillespie died Ameliasburg Feb 17, 1888.

Thomas H Gillespie died Belleville Feb 4, 1922.

William E Gillespie died Belleville Aug 13, 1925.


Alberta J Gillespie 1866-. Her spouse William H Burke 1867-1929. Cobourg St Peter’s Cemetery.

Ann Gillespie died Pickering Twp, April 27, 1895.

Cecilia Ann Gillespie died in Port Hope Oct 16, 1899.

Charles Gillespie died Haldimand Twp Nov 16, 1915.

Charles Edward Gillespie 1918-1998. Wife Edna J Mutton 1920-1988. Shiloh Cemetery, Cramale Twp. Northumberland Co, Ont.

Clarence Humphries Gillespie, born Sept 8, 1908. Died 1942. Trent Valley Cemetery, Hastings, Northumberland Co

David Gillespie, born March 16, 1807. Died March 10, 1873. Mary, his wife, born July 20, 1833. Died Nov 15, 1900. Jemima, born Marh 5, 1867, Died Jan 5, 1888. Jeannie wife of Peter Perrry, born Jan 6, 1866. Died March 3, 1900. Isaac born Jan 15, 1869. Died Oct 23, 1901. Victoria Murphy born 1868. Died 1904. John T Gillespie born Sept 24, 1864. Died Oct 16, 1941. Union Cemetery, Toronto Road, Port Hope, St John’s Section, Ontario

Elizabeth Gillespie died Sept 28, 1887, aged 42. Wife of William Coxall 1842-190?. A. E Coxall 1866-1932. Robert L W Coxall 1877-1916. Salem Cemetery, Cramale Twp, Ontario

In this village on Sunday last, April 17, 1833 (Wed) the infant daughter of George Gillespie (Cobourg Star)

In memory of George Gillespie died March 10, 1905 aged 52 years. Isabella Gillespie born Aug 27, 1844. Died Sept 20, 1915. Margaret Gillespie born March 24, 1842. Died Dec 9, 1916. Vernonville Cemetery.

George Gillespie, 1880-1956. Beloved husband of Lillie May Hubbard 1882-1935. Audrey Edith, daughter of George & Lillie, Nov 15, 1914-Feb 3, 1970. Groveside Cemetery, Whitby Twp/

George Alexander Gillespie 1872-1930. His wife Agnes Bowman 1868-1944. St Paul’s Cold Springs Cemetery, Hamilton Twp.

Isaac Gillespie died Port Hope Oct 23, 1901.

Isabella Gillespie died Cobourg Sept 20, 1915.

Jane Gillespie died Haldimand Aug 20, 1893.

Jennie Grace Gillespie died Hamilton Twp June 26, 1900.

John T Gillespie born Sept 24, 1864. Died Oct 18, 1941. Port Hope Union Cemetery.

Levina Alberta Gillespie Aug 5, 1925-.  Spouse William Clayton Pattison May 8, 1918-. Kyrstra Miranda Pattison April 20, 1962-July 11, 1973. Cherished daughter. Canton Cemetery, Hope Twp, Northumberland Co, Ontario

Lulu E Gillespie 1898-1985. Her spouse Gordon Forsythe 1900-1983.  William Forsythe Oct 15, 1965-Jan 19, 1969, s/o of Helen & Bill. Union Cemetery, Cramale Twp.

Margaret Gillespie died Haldmand Twp Dec 9, 1916.

Margaret Jane Gillespie born Aug 1, 1870. Died Dec 19, 1944. Port Hope Union Cemetery.

May Phillips Gillespie b 1902. d 1959. Saint George’s Anglican Cemetery, Grafton, Northumberland Co

M Kerr Gillespie died Port Hope Nov 15, 1900

Nathaniel Gillespie died Port Hope Oct 18, 1899.

Peter Gillespie died Haldimand Feb 6, 1873.

Ralph Gillespie died Cavan Twp July 16, 1901.

Rebecca Gillespie died Cavan Twp Sept 6, 1901.

Robert Tobias Gillespie died Port Hope March 27, 1914. Robert T Gillespie, born June 9, 1851. Died March 27, 1914. His wife S Carrie Green, d/o Rev A. T & Rachel Green. Born Oct 4, 1860. Died June 29, 1948. Nathaniel Gillespie died Oct 18, 1899, aged 79 yrs. His wife Cecelia A Boland died Oct 17 1899 aged 77 yrs. Children of N & C. A. Annie died July 23, 1854 aged 10 years. Willie K died May 22, 1856, aged 12 years.  Port Hope Union Cemetery.

In  memory of Sarah Anne, 2nd daughter of David  & Jane Gillespie, who died Oct 27, 1852 aged 13 yrs 6 m, 13 days. St Mark’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Port Hope, Ontario

Sarah Ann Gillespie died Hamilton July 17, 1899. Lente Cemetery, Northumberland

Sarah Jane Gillespie died Hamilton Twp, July 2, 1896.

Susan Gillespie died Haldimand July 11, 1894.

Thomas Gillespie died Cobourg Nov 30, 1918.

Thomas Gillespie 1828-1918. His wife Phoebe Solomon 1827-1919. William Hillyard Gillespie 1835-April 5, 1869. Sarah Ann Gillespie Oct 24, 1863-July 7, 1899. Frederick Shooter Gillespie Sept 7, 1865-Nov 13, 1915. Lent’s Cemetery, Hamilton Twp.

William Gillespie died Newcastle April 16, 1873.

William H Gillespie, died Haldimand April 30, 1893.

William Hillyard Gillespie died April 9, 1896, aged 34 years. Lente Cemetery


PETERBOROUGH COUNTY -includes the townships of: Blenmont, Ashphodel, Otonabee, Dummer, Douro, Monaghan, Smith, Ennismore, Methuen, Burleigh, Harvey, Venalam, Somerville, Galway, Cavendish, Anstruther and Chandos. (for Kinmount and Norland see Victoria Co)

Adam Hall Gillespie Oct 16, 1877-March 17, 1944. His wife Mary Ellen Benn, Aug 10, 1879-Feb 25, 1957. Upper Cemetery, Keene, Otonabee Twp, Peterborough County.

Mrs Afton Gwendolyne (Gwen) Gillespie, died Thursday, March 10, 2010 at the PRNHC at the age of 75. Belove wife of Joseph Gillespie for over 56 years. Loving mother of: Ronald, Linda MacDuff, Brenda, Darlene and the late Cheryl. Grandma will be sadly missed by Joseph, Allan and great-gradnchildd Dalmon. Dear sister of Marion Davidson (Wally) and Wayne Nicholson (Gale). Sister-in-law Elaine (the late Lyle), Esther (the late Bill), and Glen Barton. Aunt Gwen will be sadly missed by many nieces, nephews, their extended families and her many avid Bingo friends. A Celebration of her life will take place at 10am on  Tuesday, March 15th at Nisbett Funeral Home.

Alexander Gillespie 1819-1891. Jane Brough 1821-1896. Peter 1847-1892. Jane Scott 1847-1919. James 1882-1902. Pine Grove Cemetery, Keene, Otonabee.

Alexander Gillespie did Otonabee Twp Oct 16, 1891.

Alexander Gillespie died Peterborough July 18, 1915.

Alexander Gillespie 1875-1957. His wife Annie Bathgate 1873-1940. Son Walter James 1906-1961. baby Cecil 1911-1913. Pine Grove Cemetery, Keene, Otonabee Twp.

Alfred Gillespie born 1855.Died1938. His wife May Jane Morrison born 1861. Died 1920. Edna Kathleen Stewart born 1898. Died 1995. Loving wife of Lloyd B Gillespie. Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough.

Andrew Melville Gillespie 1886-1963. Wife Adlaide Gordon  1904-  Lakefield Cemetery, Ontario

Cecil A Gillespie died Otonabee Twp July 12, 1912

D Chalmer “Chum” Gillespie, b 1923. Died 1979. Highland Park Cemetery, Peterborough, Ontario

Dorothy M Hall Gillespie, born 1922. Death unknown. Lakefield Cemetery, Lakefield, Peterborough Co.

Dorothy Isabel “Betty” White, Born Sept 27, 1918. Died July 22, 2011. Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough

Elizabeth Gillespie died Peterborough Sept 28, 1902.

Elsie Gillespie, born 1924. Died 2005. Lakefield Cemetery, Lakefield, Ontario

Elwood J Gillespie, born 1926. Died unknown. Burial Lakefield Cemetery, Peterborough Co.

Ester Gillespie died Otonabee April 17, 1901

George Gillespie died Peterborough Jan 20, 1884, aged 57 yrs 7 months. Isabella, his wife, died May 2, 1871 aged 45 years. Westwood Cemetery, Asphodel Twp

George A Gillespie Dec 17, 1872-Dec 21, 1956. His wife Elizabeth Lang July 14, 1874- Aug 6, 1938. Peter Gillespie Nov 12, 1874-Nov 30 1960. His wife Mabel Humphies April 15, 1878- Sept 17, 1944 Upper Cemetery, Keene, Otonabee Twp.

Gordon Vernon Gillespie June 10, 1892-March 9, 1978,  His wife Mary Ann Parton July 15, 1900 – Jan 27, 1964. Richard Clayton Jan 17, 1937-Jan 19, 1937. Mary Ann died April 7, 1942. Their children. Harvey Twp Cemetery, Peterborough. 2nd record gives Gordon’s dates as June 20, 1892- Feb 9, 1978. Sandy Lake Cemetery, Lakefield, Peterborough Co

Grant J Gillespie born 1918. Died 1993. Lakefield Cemetery, Lakefield, Peterborough Co

Hannah Gillespie 1826-1891. Her spouse John Walker 1804-1889. Westwood Cemetery, Asphodel Twp, Peterborough Co, Ontario

Harold Wood Gillespie b 1895. d March 5, 1923 Keene Lower Cemetery, Otonabee Twp, Peterborough Co, Ontario

Helen Gillespie 1911-1952. Her spouse Clarence A Robertson 1904-1985. Keene Upper Cemetery, Otonabee, Peterborough Co, Ontario

Ian Turnbull Gillespie 1888-1973. Peterborough Little Lake Cemetery.

Isabella A Gillespie died Peterborough Jan 9 1870

Isabella Gillespie 1883-1951. Hamilton D Hutchinson 1880-1956. Bruce died May 1917. Reginald died May 1917. Mary b Feb 16, 1844 Died May 13, 1924. Westwood Cemetery, Asphodel Twp, Peterborough Co, Ontario

James Gillespie, son of James and Hester Gillespie, died Aug 30, 1856, aged 2 yr 2 months. Dawson Cemetery, South Monaghan Twp, Ontario

James Gillespie died Otonabee Twp Jan 8, 1898.

James Brough Gillespie died Peterborough Jan 5, 1923.

James Earl Gillespie, Major, MBE (Mil) Aug 12, 1909-Sept 19, 1984 Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough, Ontario (correction made)

Jane Gillespie died Peterborough Dec 29, 1885.

Jane Gillespie (nee Thomson) died aged 72 Jan 28, 1917. Otonabee Twp.

Jean B Gillespie Dec 12, 1878-Feb 26, 1951. Her spouse John A McIntryre April 14, 1881 – Sept 11, 1927. Isabel 1918-1981. Fife Cemetery, Otonabee Twp.

Jean M Moore Gillespie, born 1925. Died unknown. Highland Park Cemetery, Peterborough, Ontario.

Jennie Gillespie died Otonabee Twp Aug 23, 1926.

John Gillespie 1834-1889 Wife margaret Christie 1841-1880. Elizabeth Samuel 1848-1902.Hannah 1949. Pine Grove Cemetery, Keene, Otonabee Twp.

John Gillespie 1852-1896. Alice Wood 1846-1928. Harold Wood 1895-1922. Pine Grove Cemetery, Keene, Peterborough Co, Ontario

John L Gillespie died Aug 12, 1889 Otonabee.

John Gillespie 1890-1906. Age 8 yrs. Pine Grove Cemetery, Keene, Otonabee Twp.

John R Gillespie 1881-1964 .His wife Laura J Weaver 1890-1966. Lakefield Cemetery, Ontario

Louis Edward Gillespie died Peterborough March 18, 1899.

Margaret Gillespie Sept 13, 1895-March 19, 1957 Wife of Fred H Rowan Dec 2, 1886-April 11, 1958. Peterborough.

Margaret Gillespie, born 1910. Died 2006. Keene Upper Cemetery, Keene, Peterborough Co

M Jane Gillespie died Peterborough May 8, 1920.

Mary Jane Gillespie died May 18, 1914 aged 66. Her spouse William Charlton died June 22, 1917, aged 78 years. Samuel J Charleton 1878-1962. Jemima L Henren 1881-1962. Son W. J. Roy Charlton Nov 11, 1933, aged 29 years. Lakefield Cemetery, Ontario

Mary Kathleen White Gillespie born Feb 26, 1913. Died Jan 30, 2011. Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough

Millie G Gillespie died Peterborough May 11, 1899.

Peter Gillespie 1830-Sept 6, 1893, aged 63 years. His wife Jane Borland 1821-Nov 14, 1895, aged 74. Their daughter Jane 1858-March 29, 1879 aged 21 years. Their daughter Isabella 1861-1927. Pine Grove Cemetery, Keene, Otonabee Twp.

Peter Gillespie died Feb 26, 1882, aged 45 yrs 6 mths. His wife Jane Scott died Sept 1, 1919 aged 72 yrs 6 mths. James Gillespie died Jan 30, 1903 age 26 yrs. Pine Grove Lower Cemetery, Keene Cemetery.

Peter Gillespie died Otonabee July 13, 1916.

Richard Gillespie died Otonabee Twp June 25, 1916

Robert Allan Gillespie born Nov 1, 1931. Died May 7, 1992. Burial Lakefield Cemetery, Lakefield, Peterborough Co, Ontario

Samuel Gillespie 1809-1864. Wife Catherine Fleming 1810-1899. Son David 1855-1934 Lakefield Cemetery.

Sarah Ann Gillespie 1856-1933. Her spouse John W Robinson 1839-1913. Catherine Morrow, wife of Richard Robinson 1815-1889. Martha Robinson 1844-1901. Mabel E Robinson 1887-1959. St Mark’s Anglican Cemetery, Otonabee Twp.

Sarah Jane Gillespie died Peterborough March 6, 1910.

Thomas George Gillespie died Peterborough March 15, 1921.

Thomas Roy Gillespie, born Aug 24, 1915. Died Oct , 1997. Lakefield Cemetery, Peterborough Co.

VICTORIA COUNTY – Most of these people were Islay, Scottish immigrants or their descendants. Now called the City of Kawartha Lakes. Includes the townships of Bexley, Carden, Dalton, Eldon, Emily, Fenelon, Laxton/Digby/Longford, Manvers (Bethany),  Mariposa, Ops, Sommerville and Veralam, and  towns  of Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, Fenelon Falls, Woodville. (see also Ontario County)

Blanche Gillespie, (nee Gilis) spouse of M J Gillespie, died Nov 12, 1914 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Catherine Gillespie, age 84, spouse of Donald Gillespie, died April 18, 1909, Somerville Twp.

Christiana Gillespie, daughter of Fonald Gillespie, and Isabella McVicar, wife of Alexander McMillan, born January 10, 1819 at Conisby, Isle of Islay, departed this life Saturday 4 o’clock 2nd April 1853, aged 34 years 2 m 22 days. Interred first on the farm Lot 4, Con 8, Mariposa. In 1863, reinterred in the cemetery at the Old Stone Church, Beaverton, altong side the grave of daughter Christine. (information from a notebook of Alexander McMillan).

Duncan Gillespie and his wife Laura whose daughter Nita May Gillespie b 1896 died May 8, 1906 aged 9 years, 8 months 26 days. Buried Kinmount Cemetery. Laura is buried with the Hirtwood children of Thos & E. (tombstone is very worn and hard to read).

Hilda Evelyn Hughes Gillespie born June 21, 1912. Died Nov 19, 2004. Pinegrove Cemetery, Norland.

Jessie Gillespie Feb 22, 1882-July 12, 1960. Her husband Angus Francis MacDonell Feb 18, 1874-July 12, 1960. Both buried St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cemetery Lindsay, Ontario

John Gillespie died at Eldon Twp May 16 1870.

John Gillespie died Eldon Twp March 28, 1913.

Joseph D Gillespie b Oct 17, 1897. d Sept 21, 1994 Pinegrove Cemetery, Norland, Kawartha Lakes Municipality

M Ann Gillespie, age 83, spouse of John Gillespie, died May 2, 1917, Bethany.

Nita May Gillespie b Aug 12, 1896 d May 8, 1906. Kinmount Cemetery, Kinmount, Kawartha Lakes Municipality

Ruby Olive Hughes Gillespie, born 1916.Died Aug 16, 1991. Pinegrove Cemetery, Norland, Kawartha Lake Municipality

ONTARIO COUNTY  (most of these people were Islay, Scottish immigrants or their descendants). Includes the townships of: Whitby, Pickering, Reach, Uxbridge, Scott, Brock, Thorah, Mara, Rama, and now part of Durham County. (see also Victoria Co)

In memory of Alice who died March 3, 1908. Also Christina died June 17, 1887. Daughters of M & A Gillespie. Alice McKechnie, wife of Malcolm Gillespie  of Cannington. She died June 3, 1915, aged 84 yrs . Their son Major Paul Gillespie, MD, died in Winburo, South Africa March 22, 1916 aged 48 yrs.

Angus Gillespie died Beaverton Dec 28, 1906.

Angus Gillespie b 1900 d 1985 The Stone Church Cemetery, Beaverton

Ann Gillespie died Pickering Twp April 27, 1895.

Ann Gillespie died Eldon Twp July 22, 1918

Anna Gillespie, wife of James Edgar, died Aug 14, 1915 in her 70th year. James Edgar died Sept 18, 1925 in his 89th year. Edgar. The Stone Church Cemetery, Beaverton.

Archibald Gillespie died Thorah Twp Aug 9, 1889

In memory of Catherine Gillispie died Feb 27, 1895 age 82 yrs. Wife of Alex McDougall. Alexander McDougald died April 4, 1911, aged 95 yrs. Their daughter Margaret died May 12, 1850, aged 6 months. The Stone Church Cemetery, Beaverton.

Christine McMillan, 2nd daughter of Alexander McMillan and Christiana Gillespie, born March 24, 1842 at Cannington. Died Jan 31, 1863, aged 20 years 10 mon 6 days. Buried by the side of her mother in the cemetery at Old Stone Church, Beaverton. Alexander McMillan, son of Angus McMillan and Margaret Cameron, husband of Christiana Gillespie, born April 25, 1807 at Camasuary, Isle of Islay, Scotland, formerly of Cannington, later of Marioposa, died at Sunderland at the home of his son Angus McMillan, Nov 22, 1891, aged 85 years. Buried Old Stone Church Cemetery, Beaverton.

In Loving Memory of Christina Isabel, only child of Walter Robert & Bertie Gillespie who died Nov. 8th, 1895 aged 1 Y’r & 5 Mo’s  “Jesus called a little child unto Him. We loved her and no toungue can tell, How much we loved her and how well, God loved her too and thought it best To take our dear child home to rest.

David Gillespie died Mara Twp Jan 4, 1892.

Donald Gillespie died Mara Twp March 9, 1888.

Dr Donald Gillespie  died Dec 22, 1908. Cannington.

Duncan Gillespie died Beaverton Nov 10, 1898.

Elizabeth Gillespie St John, wife of Philip L St John, died April 23, 1917, aged 76 years. Philip St John died April 21, 1917 agd 78 years. (Note: Elizabeth is the one of few Cannington Gillespie buried away from her family, the only Gillespie in St John’s Cemetery, Highway 12, Brock Twp, with St John family members)

Elle Gillespie died Brock Twp Feb 7 1875.

Gilbert Gillespie died Mara Twp Aug 9, 1920 aged 71 years. His wife Mary A French died Feb 26, 1914 aged 60 years. Buried Old Stone Church, Beaverton, Ontario (correction made)

Ira James Gillespie b May 15, 1899 d April 24, 1964. Pinegrove Cemetery, Norland, Kawartha Lakes Municipality.

Isabella Gillespie Foster, 1861-1933, d/o Malcolm Gillespie & Alice MacKechnie of Cannington. Isabella’s husband Thomas Henry Foster Jan 16, 1853 to Aug 10, 1822. Both buried Cannington Cemetery, Ontario

J. Douglas Gillespie, born Jan 20, 1919. Died Nov 30, 1920. Stone Church Cemetery  Beaverton, Durham Regional Municipality (current name )

Jeanette Gillespie died Brock Twp Aug 10, 1898.

John Anderson Gillespie Nov 28, 1897 to Aug 4, 1976. 116 Battalion WW 1, beloved husband of Dorothy Mildred Ruddy May 9, 1898-April 20, 1977. Buried Beaverton Old Stone Church.

Malcolm Gillespie died Brock Twp Dec 7, 1872

Malcolm Gillespie died Brock Twp Feb 8 1892, aged 78 years.  Also of
Paul H. Gillespie only Son of
Peter & Mary J.Ellis
and Grandson of The Above
Died June 8, 1901 Aged 7 Yrs & 10 Mos.
Buried Necropolis Cemetery, Cannington  Known as Squire Malcolm Gillespie, Reeve. From Isle of Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland. See other side of stone for his wife’s information: Alice McKetchnie.

His Trip West 1880               His Farm                   Plaque

Margaret Gillespie born 1850. Died 1933.  Her husband John Wesley Ranous died March 18, 1918 aged 65 years.

Margaret Gillespie died Thorah Twp Jan 1, 1923.

Margaret Gillespie Hurd died Jan 18, 1937 age 86 years. Her husband John Wilbur Hurd died Aug 23, 1927 aged 78 years. Their daughter, Florence who died April 4, 1956. Buried Old Stone Church, Beaverton.

Margaret Jane Gillespie died Mara Twp Feb 28, 1885.

In Memory of Mary Beloved Wife of D. Gillespie M.D. Died Cannington May 17, 1901. Archibald Sinclair, Died April 25, 1896 Aged 33 Y’rs & 8 mo’s Beloved Son of the Late Capt. A & Mary L. Sinclair, Necropolis Cemetery, Cannington

M Jane Gillespie died Thorah, July 9, 1872

Major Paul Gillespie, MD, died in Winburn, South Africa March 22, 1916 aged 48 (on family gravestone).

Meta Elizabeth Mitchell Gillespie b 1898. d 1979 Stone Church, Beaverton

Susanna Jane Gillespie, wife of Philip J Sproul, born April 7, 1865, died Dec 23, 1933.  Cedar Vale Cemetery, Brock Twp, Ontario Canada

Walter Robert Gillespie MD who died Aug 3, 1895 aged 29 years old. Christina Isabel, only child of Walter Robert & Bertie Gillespie, died Nov 8, 1895, aged 1 yr 5 months. Necropolis Cemetery, Cannington

YORK REGION & City of Toronto

More details on microfilmed records. This section is mainly an index with dates.  

Acheson M Gillespie died Toronto Feb 28, 1887.

Acton Boyd Gillespie died Toronto Nov 21, 1915.

Ada Richards Gillespie died York Twp Sept 30, 1907

Albert Edward Gillespie born Sept 19, 1924. Died July 21, 2004. Bethesda Lutheran Cemetery, Markham, York Region.

Aileen V Gillespie, born 1911. Died 1979. Toronto Necropolis Centre, Toronto

Alexander Gillespie died Toronto March 7, 1912

Alex Gillespie, born March 18, 1993, Died Aug 20, 2010. Buried St John’s Norway Cemetery, The Beaches, Toronto, Ontario

Alexander C Gillespie born May 17, 1913. Died March 22, 1974. Riverside Cemetery and Crematorium, Etobicoke, Ontario

Alexander Hamilton Gillespie b June 5, 1898 d Jan 23, 1941  Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Alexander Simpson “Jack” Gillespie b 1899. d 1987  Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Alice Muriel Milne Gillespie b July 10, 1895. d Aug 7, 1945 Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Alma Georgina May Irwin Gillespie, born March 12, 1906. Died  Dec 7, 1933. Prospect Cemetery, Toronto

Amelia Gillespie died Toronto May 27, 1901.

Ann Gillespie died Toronto March 21, 1887.

Anna Helen Gillespie died Toronto April 1, 1909.

Annie Gillespie died Toronto May 11, 1889.

Arthur Gillespie b 1900 d 1955 Prospect Cemetery, Toronto

Basil F Gillespie died Toronto March 22, 1910

Bessie Louise Collisson Gillespie b May 9, 1904. d Oct 19, 1992. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Brenda Elizabeth Lillian Akers Gillespie, born Oct 5, 1929. Died June 30, 2015. Burial Bethesda Lutheran Cemetery, Markham, York Region

Catherine Gillespie died Toronto July 30, 1898.

Charles Lloyd Gillespie b 1898 d 1956  Prospect Cemetery, Toronto

Charles Thomas Gillespie died Toronto May 20, 1915

Cheryl Lynne Hollinger Gillespie, born April 13, 1945. Died August 15, 2005. Buried Prospect Cemetery, Toronto.

Christena Gillespie b 1897. d 1952  Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Christina Gillespie died W Toronto June 17, 1908.

David Baird Gillespie b 1892 d 1949  Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto

David C Gillespie born 1962. Died 1982. Buried Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto. Dear son of Charles & Edna.

Debra Gillespie born 1960. Died 1986. Buried Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto. Daughter of  Charles & Edna

Dennis Wayne Gillespie, born Jan 17, 1943, Died July 19, 2012. Burial Prospect Cemetery, Toronto

Diana Christie Clark Gillespie, born May 4, 1924. Died Nov 23, 2010. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

Donald J Gillespie, born 1926. Died 1985. Burial York Cemetery, Toronto

Don Wm “Pa” Gillespie, born June 8, 1911. Died March 23, 1997. York Cemetery, Toronto

Dorothy M Wilson Gillespie b 1902 d 1994 Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Edith Gillespie died Toronto Oct 8, 1908

Edward Gillespie died Toronto March 24, 1914. 2nd record In loving memory of Edward Gillespie born July 2, 1880. Died March 24, 1914. Agnes Eleanor Gillespie Oct 7, 1899 to April 14, 1985, daughter of Agnes and James. Side 2 In loving memory of Agnes Ann Atkin, beloved wife of James Gillespie, born at South Linconshire, England April 9, 1865, died April 15, 1909. Gone but not forgotten. Edward Gillespie born July 2, 1880 died March 24, 1914. James Gillespie March 26, 1869 to May 25, 1946. Side 3 Anna Eliza Gaston Sept 14, 1881 to Nov 29, 1950, beloved wife of the late James Gillespie. Revelation 22:21. St John’s Anglican Church Cemetery, York Mills, formerly York Twp. Ontario

Edward Hugh Gillespie, born 1945. Died 1982. Buried St James Cemetery, Toronto

Edward Martin Gillespie b 1904. d 1968. Saint James Cemetery, Toronto

Eliza Gillespie, b Toronto, bd Aug 16, 1847. Bowel  Complaint or old age. The Strangers Burial Ground, Toronto

Eliza Gillespie died Toronto July 13, 1892

Elizabeth Gillespie died Toronto March 3, 1893.

Elizabeth Gillespie died Toronto March 15, 1911

Elizabeth Gillespie died Toronto June 26, 1914.

Elizabeth J Gillespie, born Dec 28, 1921. Died March 29, 2012. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Ella Gillespie died Toronto July 23, 1896.

Ella Gillespie, born May 30, 1941. Died June 8, 2004. Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto.

Ernest Gillespie died Toronto April 12, 1916.

Evelyn Hotrum Gillespie, born 1906. Died 1937 Prospect Cemetery, Toronto

E Winifred Gillespie March 24, 1894-Dec 3, 1982. Her husband Alexander Bourchier Dec 23, 1884-June 27, 1971. St John’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Sutton, Ontario.

Evaline S Gillespie, died Toronto May 19, 1909

Evelyn Hotrum Gillespie born 1906. Died 1937. Prospect Cemetery, Toronto

Florence Gillespie died Toronto Feb 4, 1894.

Florence Jean Hyland Gillespie, born 1915. Died 1969. Saint James Cemetery, Toronto

Frances M Gillespie, birth 1908. Died 1988. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Francis J Gillespie died Toronto Sept 1885.Fred Gillespie York Twp Nov 13, 1915

George Gillespie from Edinburg, Scotland, died 15th instant, Toronto. (Toronto paper dated March 20, 1847)

George Gillespie, a native of Scotland, and known here as the ingenious inventor of a moveable perpetual calender. Died March 29, 1847.

Infant son of George Gillespie, born Yorkville, Died Oct 25, 1848. bd Dec 4. Still born. Potters Field Cemetery.

George Gillespie died Toronto March 21, 1897

George Gillespie died Toronto July 10, 1909

George W Gillespie, b England, died March 15, 1847 Toronto. consumption. The Strangers Burying Ground, Bloor/Yonge, Toronto Cemetery.

George Gillespie, b June 2, 1904. d Aug 22, 1947. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Georgina Speers Gillespie b 1892. d 1962 Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto

Gladys Gillespie b Sept 11, 1896. d April 20, 1965. Saint Johns Norway Cemetery, The Beaches, Toronto

Grace Gillespie died Toronto May 29, 1886.

Gwendoline Francis Gillespie, born 1951. Died 2003. Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario

Harold A Gillespie died Toronto Sept 12, 1905.

Hazel Gillespie b June 15, 1905. Died Dec 15, 1954. Saint Johns Norway Cemetery, Toronto

Helen Gillespie, born 1920. Died 2010. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Helen D Gillespie, born Feb 1913, died Feb 1978. Riverside Cemetery & Crematorium, Etobicoke

Helen M Gillespie, born Jan 5, 1908 Died Jan 28, 1985. Toronto Necropolis Cemetery , Toronto

Herbert M Gillespie, born 1918. Died 1995. Sanctuary park Cemetery, Etobicoke.

Ida Irene Gillespie born March 4, 1910 Died March 21, 1986. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

James Gillespie died Toronto Oct 8, 1899.

James Gillespie died Woodbridge, Nov 19, 1900.

James Gillespie b Sept 10, 1895 d July 11, 1959 Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Ontario

James Gillespie b 1892 d 1965  Prospect Cemetery, Toronto

James Atkin Gillespie died Toronto Oct 9, 1914.

James Baird Gillespie, born 1927. Died 1994. Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto

Jane Gillespie died aged 69 years, Feb 11, 1898 Berkley, Buried Feb 13, 1898 at Mt Pleasant, plot 106. Etobicoke, Ontario

Jane Gillespie died Toronto, Sept 8, 1899.

Jemima Gillespie died Toronto Jan 5, 1888.

Jennet Gillespie died Toronto June 20, 1906

Jessie Gillespie, born 1927. Died 1997. Burial Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario

Jessie L Kerr Gillespie b March 7, 1899 d Nov 2, 1966 Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Jonathan Gillespie died Toronto March 20, 1908

John Gillespie s/o Donald & Isabella, b Scotland, bd Feb 22, 1845. died age 22 years of inflamation.  The Strangers Burying Ground, Bloor/Yonge, Toronto Cemetery.

John Gillespie died Toronto May 19, 1894.

John Gillespie died Toronto July 30, 1898, Ontario

John Gillespie died Toronto Nov 26, 1900, Ontario

John Gillespie died Toronto March 22, 1902

John Gillespie died Toronto July 23, 1904

John Gillespie died 1913 (Aurora Banner notice for Jan 10, 1913.)

John Gillespie died Toronto June 12, 1913.

John Gillespie b 1896. d 1964. Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario

John Arthur Gillespie, born 1916. Died 1997. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

John B Gillespie died Toronto Sept 16, 1902

John F Gillespie died Toronto April 2, 1897

John Forbes Gillespie died Toronto June 3, 1892. See next entry.

John Forbes Gillespie died Toronto April 10, 1911. See previous entry.

John Howland Gillespie, born 1914. Died 1985. Saint James Cemetery, Toronto

June Yvonne Gillespie, born May 16, 1926. Died Oct 2, 1969. Burial Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Kenneth Gillespie died Toronto Sept 17, 1914.

Lawrence Gillespie died Toronto March 20, 1893.

Lilla Gilespie died Toronto June 27, 1891.

Lillian Maud Gillespie died Toronto Nov 13, 1912.

Lucy Ellen Gillespie b Dec 16, 1898  d Feb 19, 1985  Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Mabel Gillespie died Toronto Aug 26, 1912.

Madeline Vashti Hollinger Gillespie b Aug 15, 1899. d Dec 27, 1956  Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto

Margaret Gillespie, d/o Robert, died July 29, 1854, Toronto. The Strangers Burial Ground, Toronto

Margaret Gillespie born Dec 7, 1924. Died June 19, 2013. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario

Margaret A Gillespie born 1927. Died 2001. Burial York Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario

Margaret Orr Gillespie died Whitchurch Twp June 1, 1911.

Margaret Stanton, nee Gillespie 1901-1981. Her husband Richard Stanton 1895-1964. St John’s Anglican Cemetery, York Mills, Formerly York Twp, Ontario

Marjorie Gillespie died Toronto July 2, 1894

Marjorie Gillespie b 1893 d 1895 Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Martha M Robinson Gillespie b 1894. d 1962. Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario

Mary Gillespie died Toronto Oct  21, 1904

Mary Gillespie died Toronto Jan 22, 1915.

Maud Gillespie died Toronto July 18, 1883.

May Gillespie died Toronto Aug 29, 1889

M Isabella Gillespie died Whitchurch Feb 22, 1911

Muriel Lila McCullough Gillespie b 1905. d 1959. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Norman Gillespie, born 1916. Died 2000. Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Pearl L’LaChapelle Gillespie, born April 3, 1906. Died April 13, 1954. Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto

Pearl Mary “Muma Pearl” Gillespie, born Dec 11, 1917.Died Aug 31, 1998. York Cemetery, Toronto

Richard L Gillespie died Toronto Oct 16, 1904.

Robert Gillespie b Ireland. Died July 29, 1854. Toronto, age 52 yrs. Cholera. The Strangers Burial Ground Bloor/Yonge, Toronto

Robert Gillespie died Toronto June 8, 1908

Robert A Gillespie died Toronto Nov 22, 1907

Robert Henry Gillespie died Toronto Jan 28, 1910.

Robert J Gillespie died Newmarket Dec 10, 1967. Interned Dec 12th, Lot 136. Kettleby Cemetery, York Region.

Robert Stanley Gillespie b Feb 21, 1896. d March 10, 1969  Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Robert Osborne Gillespie died Toronto Oct 31, 1907

Rose R Gillespie b 1896. d 1979  Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Ruth Thornton Gillespie, born April 4, 1917. Died June 20, 1955. Prospect Cemetery, Toronto

Samuel Gillespie died Toronto Dec 30, 1910.

Samuel Gillespie died Scarborough April 14, 1954 (my father), age 78. Originally from Billings Bridge, Ottawa Valley, Ontario, born 1875,  s/o John Gillespie & Elizabeth Mulligan. Buried Park Lawn Cemetery, Etiobicoke. His wife Elizabeth Gillespie of Morewood, Dundas Co, Ontario, d/o William Gillespie & Lucy Beach.

Sarah Gillespie died Toronto Gore Twp June 28, 1876.

Sarah Gillespie died Toronto Feb 22, 1889.

Sarah Gillespie died Toronto Aug 26, 1912

Sarah E Gillespie b June 20, 1900. Died Jan 22, 1957 Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto

Sharon Gillespie, born 1945. Died 1977. Buried York Cemetery, Toronto. Daughter of William & Clarice.

Slvia May Gillespie died Toronto July 13, 1901.* Note: first name spelling that way instead of Sylvia, which is implied.

Tobias Gillespie died Toronto Nov 21, 1915.

Violet Smith Gillespie b May 11, 1891  d Aug 5, 1954  Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Wellington Gillespie b Feb 27, 1898. Died Aug 30, 1969 Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto

W Gordon Gillespie, b 1911. Died 1990. Toronto Necopolis Cemetery, Toronto

William Gillespie s/o W. Toronto d March 30, 1854 Toronto. 9 w. Inflammation. The Strangers Burial Ground, Toronto

William Gillespie died Toronto April 29, 1888.

William Gillespie died Toronto April 24, 1901.

William Gillespie born 1906. Died 1958. York Cemetery, Toronto

William Gillespie died Toronto Feb 6, 1913.

William Gillespie died Toronto March 13, 1913.

William Gillespie died Toronto March 1, 1916

William C Gillespie b 1902 d 1973  Saint Johns Norway Cemetery, The Beaches, Toronto

William J Gillespie born Dec 14, 1929. Died Aug 1, 1949. Burial Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario

Wilmot Gillespie died Toronto Dec 28, 1900.


HALTON & PEEL COUNTIES, West of Toronto. Includes the townships of: Chiguacousy, Toronto Gore, Albion, Caledon, Trafalgar, Nelson,Esquesing, Nattageweya Twp, Milton.

Anna Helena Gillespie, died Oct 24, 1918.

Anne Mary Uguccioni Gillespie, born May 16, 1921. Died Sept 5, 2010. Bayview Cemetery Crematorium, Burlington, Halton Co.

Dorothy Ruth Donnell Gillespie, b 1911. Died 1974. Dixon’s Union Cemetery, Brampton, Ontario

Douglas L Gillespie, born June 26, 1932. Died May 30, 1991. Burial Greenwood Cemetery, Georgetown, Halton Co, Ontario

Eileen A Gillespie, born 1918. Died 1991. Springcree Cemetery, Mississauga, Peel Municipality

Harry G Gillespie, born 1924. Died 2008. Bayview Cemetery Crematorium, Burlington, Halton Co.

Joan E Doyle Gillespie, born Aug 25, 1936. Died Feb 13, 2000. Burial Greenwood Cemetery, Georgetown, Halton Co, Ontario

John O’Neil Green Gillespie, born Sept 22, 1919. Died June 27, 2004. Bayview Cemetery, Crematorium, Burlington, Halton Co

Rev John Gillespie (Eliza) died July 14, 1892.

Myrtle Gillespie March 18, 1916-July 13, 2000. Her husband R Harold Crisp July 9, 1914-Feb 1, 1977. Also on tombstone: In memory of our daughter Gertrude Ann Crisp Nov 22, 1946-Oct 21, 1961. Sister of John Crisp. Alton Village Cemetery, Peel County.

Orville William H Gillespie born 1909. Died 1964. Dixon’s United Cemetery, Brampton, Peel Co

Sarah Gillispie died Toronto Gore Twp June 28, 1876.

Stewart G Gillespie 1911-1975 Springcreek Cemetery, Clarkson, Mississauga Toronto Twp, Ontario

William F Gillespie Sept 29, 1900-Feb 23, 1970. Beloved husband of Florence E Kerns, Aug 31, 1908. Caldedonia Cemetery.

SIMCOE COUNTYIncludes the townships of West Gwillimbury, Tecumseth, Adjala, Innifil, Essa, Tosorontio, Barrie, Oro, Vespra, Orillia, Medonte, Matchedash, Tay, Tiny, Sunnidale.

Agnes J Cook Gillespie b 1896 d 1991   Barrie Union Cemetery, Barrie,  Simcoe Co, Ontario

Alexander Gillespie, postmaster, residence Creemore, died March 9,1898, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Alexander Gillespie 1844-1898. His wife Sarah MacDonald 1858-1936. Children Angus 1878-1967.  Margaret S 1885-1965. Creemore Union Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Alexander Gillespie, born Islay, Scotland 1843, immigrated to Canada with his parents, Donald & Mary, at age 7, and settled on the 11th Concession of Nottawasaga. He married Miss Euphemia McNeill of Fullarton Twp. One son Harman, one daughter Mary. Died Wed, July 5, 1915. Buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery, Collingwood.

Alexander Gillespie died July 5, 1916 Nottawasaga, Simcoe Co, Ontario.

Alexander Gillespie 1842-1916 (born Scotland), His wife Euphemia McNeill 1845-1924. Mary E Gillespie died Jan 14, 1929, aged 50 years. Hamond 1878-1917, died Sept 18, 1917 aged 39 years, single. First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Collingwood.

Mrs Alex Gillespie (Sarah MacDonald) died April 2, 1936.

Alex McMillan Gillespie b 1895. d 1980 Creemore Union Cemetery, Simcoe Co

Angus Gillespie Sr 1787-1860. His wife Ann McMillan 1799-1883. Dougald 1836-1854. Archibald 1819-1861. Mary 1831-1911. John Johnson 1837-1899. His wife Flora Gillespie 1842-1922. Dougald, son of Duncan  & Elizabeth Gillespie 1867-1869. Creemore Union Cemetery, Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Angus Gillespie married Carrie Armstrong. Died Nov 29, 1934.

Ann Gillespie died Nottawasaga Twp Aug 30, 1883.

Ann Gillespie, daughter of Archie & Mary, died Oct 7, 1981, Simcoe Co

Annie Gillespie, wife of John E Marlatt died Sept 8, 1917, aged 70. John E Marlatt died Sept 28, 1851-Dec 16, 1939. Mary E Marlatt died Sept 19, 1899 aged 16 years.

Annie Gillespie Nov 29, 1883-April 5, 1967. Her husband Edward D Stanton, July 11, 1893-June 9, 1941. St Andrews, St James, City of Orillia.

Annie J Gillespie July 27, 1893-Jan 11, 1971, beloved wife of William Handy, July 25, 1893-  Dalston United Church of Canada Cemetery. Simcoe Co

Archibald Gillespie of Nottawasaga, a yeoman, died June 9, 1862.

Archibald Gillespie d Feb 8, 1867 aged 67 years. His wife Janet McDermid died age 60 years Aug 2, 1853. Duncan Gillespie died May 24, 1875 age 41 years, Daughter Margret died June 7, 1888 aged 58 years. Malcolm Gillespie died March 11, 1908 aged 83  years. His wife Sarah Currie died Feb 12, 1909 aged 76 years. Their son Archibald Gillespie died Marh 15, 1882 in his 25th year. Knox Presbyterian Church Cemetery, North Simcoe.

Archibald Gillespie died March 25, 1910 aged 66 years. Malcolm Gillespie 185801926, (Mrs) Margaret Gillespie born 1850 died Dec 5, 1932. Sarah Gillespie 1848-1941 (First Presbyterian Church Cemtery, Collingwood).

Arthur Wilbert Gillispie died Shelburne, Ontario Jan 12, 1919

Benjamin Gillespie, residence Everett, a labourer, died Sept 10, 1929, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Betty Gillespie born 1932. Died 1933. Burial Alliston Union Cemetery, Alliston, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Catherine A Gillespie died May 28, 1896, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Catherine McArthur (Mrs) died April 28, 1910, wife of Peter, in her 84th years. Born Isle of Islay, Scotland. Nee Gillespie.

Catherine Gillespie (Mrs) died May 28, 1942, wife of John Gillespie, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Catherine Gillespie, d/o John & Catherine Gillespie, died Feb 23, 1983. Simcoe Co, Ontario

Christina Gillespie born at Sunnidale, died  April 12, 1905 aged 69 years. Her husband, George Smith, born at Cheddar, Somersershire, England, died Jan 12, 1872.  All Saints Anglican Cemetery, Collingwood, Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe Co, Ontario. 2nd record: Died  April 13, 1905 Mrs Christina Smith of Port Arthur, born 1835 to Alexander Gillespie at Sunnidale Corners.

David Gillespie 1931-1976. Victoria Harbour Union Cemetery, Tay Twp, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Donald Gillespie died Nottawasaga Twp May 23, 1883. A 2nd record: native of Islay, Scotland died aged 73 yrs. His wife Mary McNeil died Oct 2, 1892 aged 78 years. Margaret 1883-1895. Donald 1877-1956. Mary 1875-1959. Peter 1879-1951. John, his wife Catherine. Buried First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Collingwood, Ontario.

Donald Gillespie (Dan), s/o John & Catherine Gillespie, died Jan 10, 1957. Simcoe Co, Ontario

Donald B Gillespie 1943-1967, Creemore Union Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Dorothy Gillespie, born June 21, 1927. Died Dec 22, 2002. Burial Innisfil Cemetery, Innisfil, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Dougald Gillespie, Mrs. (Della Hardenbrook) died Jan 9, 1919. (2nd record Jan 9, 1919 Died Dec 15 at Puffer, Alberta. Della Hardenbrooke, wife of Donald Gillespie, aged 42 years.

Duncan Gillespie died Staynor, Simcoe Co, Ontario  Dec 2, 1883

Duncan Gillespie died Stayor Feb 9, 1902, Simcoe Co, Ontario – 2nd record: Duncan Gillespie 1833-1902. His wife Elizabeth Johnston 1837-1910. Jean M Gillespie 1874-1928. John A Gillespie 1870-1939. Duncan 1865-1883. Nottawasaga Twp, Staynor Union Cemetery.

Elizabeth Gillespie died Stayner Dec 19, 1910.

Elizabeth Gillespie of Adjala, married, died Jan 26, 1926.

Elizabeth Gillespie. Her husband Albert M Cook 1898-1958. West Oro Baptist Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Euphemia Gillespie died Nottawasaga Twp Jan 4, 1924, a widow.

Francis Gillespie died Jan 20, 1903, aged 86  yrs. His wife Rachel died April 27, 1900 aged 80 years. Mary A Gillespie died June 1, 1895, aged 36 years. Rosemount Pioneer Cemetery, Tosorontio Twp, Simcoe Co, Ontario. (only Gillespie tombstone in cemetery, and unreadable).

Died Feb 12, 1903 – Mr Francis Gillespie of Rosemount, father to Mrs Henry Patterson, 81 years,2 weeks, 2 days.

Died Sept 24, 1903 – Mrs W. J Honeyford, aged 63 yrs, 2 months. Buried Staynor. Sister of Mrs Gillespie.

Freddie Gillespie, died Jan 3, 1892 aged 5 years, 8 months. Mrs Donald Gillespie died Oct 2, 1892, native of Islay, Scotland. born 1814. 13 children. Collingwood First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario.

Gene Mildred Gillespie Passed away suddenly on Sunday November 23, 2014 at the General & Marine Hospital, Collingwood in her 86th year. Gene of Wasaga Beach, beloved wife of the late Ralph (2008). Loving mother of David and his wife Carolyn, Mike and his wife Gail and Jill and her husband Duncan Pletch. Dear grandmother of Lisa, Martin, Andrew, Matthew, Elizabeth and Kaitlin. There will be no public service at Gene’s request. A private family memorial service will be held at a later date. Arrangements entrusted to Carruthers & Davidson Funeral Home – Wasaga Beach Chapel

George Gillespie died Dec 4 1919 aged 72 years. Priscila Fountain, his wife Feb 5, 1856-March 2, 1943. City of Orillia, St James & St Andrews, Ontario

George Gillespie 1886-1968, s/o George & Priscilla Gillespie, City of Orillia, St Andrews, St James, Simcoe Co.

Grace G Gillespie 1917-1984, beloved wife of Fred D Webb. Victoria Harbour Union Cemetery, Township Tay, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Hannah Marie Byrland Gillespie born 1910, Died 2001. Knox Presbyrerian Cemetery, Oro-Medonte, Simcoe Co

Harvey Gillespie (Mrs) nee Vera Irene, died Aug 18, 1992. Simcoe Co

Hazel Gillespie died Jan 1, 1996.

Henry Gillespie b 1892 d 1934  Elmvale Union Presbyterian Cemetery,  Elmvale, Simcoe Co Ontario

Henry G  Gillespie 1859-1894. His wife Jane E Hopkins 1858-1937. a son Henry Gillespie 1892-1934, John G 1948-1960. Burie Elmsdale Union Presbyterian Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Horace A Gillespie born 1906. Died 1914. Saint Andrew Presbyterian Cemetery, Hillsdale, Simcoe Co

Ila Mary Gillespie born Jan 24, 1909. Died Dec 7, 1929. Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Oro-Medonte, Simcoe Co, Ontario

James Gillespie born Dec 15, 1854. Died Feb 5, 1930. Elizabeth Martin, beloved wife of James Gillespie, born Jan 4, 1858. Died Jan 26, 1926. Laura J born Aug 19, 1884. Died Feb 11, 1931. South side of stone: Betty, daughter of W & R 1932-1933. East side of stone: Elmer J Gillespie Feb 27, 1887-July 19, 1952. William J Gillespie June 10, 1889-May 12, 1960. Beloved husband of Ruth Davidson Jan 9, 1907-Mar 7, 1989. Alliston Union Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Jane Gillespie died Feb 11, 1898, aged 69 years, Berkley. Simcoe Co, Ontario

Jane Gillespie, wife of Henry McRae, died Jan 22, 1948, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Jean Marion Gillespie of Staynor, died Dec 27, 1928, Simcoe Co, Ontario

John Gillespie’s wife, Mary Currie, died May 23, 1872 aged 98 years.  Native of Islay, Scotland. Simcoe Co, Ontario.

John Gillespie died Tosorontio Twp,  Simcoe Co, Ontario Jan 3, 1884.

John Gillespie, farmer, died Nottawasaga Twp June 26, 1922.

John Gillespie 1887- Sept 4, 1974, s/o John & Catherine Gillespie. First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Collingwood, Simcoe Co, Ontario

John A Gillespie 1873-1945. His wife Elizabeth Turner 1877-1969. A son Horace A Gillespie 1906-1914. Hillsdale Presbyterian Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario

John G Gillespie, born 1948. Died 1960. Buried Elmvale Union Presbyterian Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Son of John & Elva.

John M Gillespie Jan 1, 1897-Dec 13, 1936. His wife Marjorie W Bell Aug 23, 1898-Feb 5, 1980. St Paul’s Anglican Cemetery, Coulsons Mills,   Simcoe Co, Ontario (2nd record gives his name as John Milton Gillespie and cemetery as Coulson’s Hill Cemetery)

John McDonald Gillespie died Creemore March 27, 1922.

Joseph Gillespie died Oct 30, 1843 aged 88 yrs. His wife Sarah Ann Buchanan died Aug 8, 1904, aged 43 years 9 months.  Margaret Selena Speers, wife of Joseph Gillespie, died Oct 23, 1916 aged 41 yrs 6 months. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville.

Joyce L Gillespie 1937-1980, beloved wife of James W Alder. West Gwillimbury Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

Kenneth Lloyd Gillespie 1907-1971, beloved husband of Hannah Marie Dyrsland. Jason Blair June 8, 1966, infant son of Les Gillespie & Doreen, Knox Presbyterian Cemetey, Oro-Medonte, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Dr Kenneth Gillespie’s wife, Olive Maydee Jardine (Livingstone) died Sept 6, 1999. Buried West Church Cemetery, Barrie. Children: Isabell Dallas Nixon. Grandchildren Zoe, Matthew, Alexander. Obituary Toronto Star March 18, 1999.

Laura A Gillespie died Barrie June 24, 1904.

Laura Edythe Gillespie, wife of Ross Graham, died Dec 10, 1997.

Les Gillespie, born June 21, 1934. Died Jan 3, 2006. Burial Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Oro-Medonte, Simcoe Co.

Lulu Gillespie Jan 28, 1892-Jan 20, 1971. Her husband Sydney W Knight Aug 21, 1897-May 20, 1966. Alliston Union Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario

M Gillespie, daughter of John & Catherine Gillespie, died Feb 19, 1959, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Malcolm Gillespie residence Oro, farmer, died March 11, 1908. His wife, Sarah Currie died Feb 12, 1909. Their son Archibald died March 15, 1882 in his 25th year.

Malcolm Gillespie, residence Collingwoood, died Jan 7, 1926.

Malcolm Gillespie Oct 20, 1874-Oct 3, 1966. Husband of Mary Ada Squires May 19, 1869-Sept 29, 1957, and their daughter Ila Mary Gillespie, Jan 24, 1909-Dec 7, 1929. Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Malcolm H Gillespie died Nottawasaga Twp Sept 18, 1917.

Margaret Gillespie residence Coldwater, spinster, died June 7, 1888, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Margaret Gillespie died Nottawasaga Twp March 7, 1895

Margaret Gillespie, d/o John & Catherine, died March 1895. Published March 21st, 1895.

Margaret Gillespie died Tecumseth Twp Jan 1, 1906.

Henry Patterson, husband of Margaret Gillespie, died on Friday last, Jan 3, 1906 published in Collingwood Bulletin.

Margaret Jean Gillespie died Shelburne Dec 18, 1911.

Margaret Rebecca Gillespie died Jan 30, 1993.

Marjorie Winnifred Bell Gillespie b Aug 23, 1898  d Feb 5, 1980

Mary Gillespie died Nottawasaga Twp May 23, 1872. Simcoe Co, Ontario

Mary Gillespie died Nottawasaga Twp Oct 2, 1892.

Mary Gillespie died in Penetanquishene May 2, 1908

Mary Gillespie, wife of Alexander Mitchell, died Aug 5, 1911. Collingwood Bulletin. (2nd record: Died Aug 10, 1911 Mrs Alexander Mitchell of Clarksburgh on the 29th ult nee Mary Gillespie. Born Sterling, Scotland. 84 years.)

Mary Gillespie 11835-1922. Her spouse John Jardine 1829-1917. David, son of John and Mary, died Feb 23, 1881 aged 12 years 3 months. John Jardine died March 30, 1894. Born Jan 8,1829 Islay, Scotland, eldest son of Andrew.  Married 1857. First Presbyterian Cemetery, Collingwood.

Mary Gillespie March 11, 1865-May 25, 1936. Her spouse Charles E Hastings June 22, 1870-Oct 6, 19498. May 1936. Kenny, Annie R Aug 1, 1907-July 17, 1965, beloved wife of Hastings, Mellville R. Guthrie Presbyterian Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Mary E Gillespie 1883-1975. Her husband Charles A Campbell 1880-1963. Their son Wilbur George 1909-1972. First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Collingwood.

Mary Helen Enright Gillespie b 1895 d 1965  Creemore Union Cemetery, Creemore, Simcoe Co, Ontario

May Euphemia Gillespie, residence Nottawasaga, spinster, died Jan 14, 1929, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Nellie Gillespie 1897-1983. Her husband Arthur William Gammon 1892-1981. City of Orillia, St Andrews, St James.

Owen Gillespie died Tosorontio Nov 10, 1876. Simcoe Co, Ontario

Patrick Gillespie died Tosorontio Twp Dec 11, 1885. Simcoe Co, Ontario

Peter Gillespie 1860-1942. His wife Jessie Orr Smith 185801935. Peter Lorne Gillespie 1893-1910. William John Gillespie 1892-1921. Alexander D Gillespie 1888-1953. Archie Victor Gillespie 1889-1972. Knox Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Collingwood, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Peter Gillespie, son of John & Catherine, died Aug 16, 1951, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Rachel Gillespie 1843-1929. Peter McEachern 1839-1927 spouse. Daughter Robina Margaret 1878-1933.  Their son James Archibald McEachern 1885-1920. Staynor Union Cemetery, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Raymond C Gillespie, born Sept 21, 1928. Died Aug 28, 1985. Burial Coulson’s Hill, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Raymond J Gillespie, born May 28, 1930. Died April 24, 2010. Burial Coulson’s Hill, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Robert Gillespie of Woodford, drowned on the “Jane Miller” Dec 16, 1881.

Robert J Gillespie June 30, 1883-Oct 29, 1943. His wife Sarah Brown March 27, 1881-Aug 2, 1965.

Ruth Davidson Gillespie, born Jan 9, 1907. Death March 7, 1978. Alliston Union Cemetery, Alliston, Simcoe Co

Ruth Marion Prophet Gillespie, born April 29, 1942. Died May 13, 2008. Buried Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Oro-Medonte, Simcoe Co

Samuel Gillespie died Sunnidale Twp March 10, 1883. Simcoe Co, Ontario

Sarah Gillespie, daughter of Donald, died Dec 19, 1941, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Sarah Gillespie March 24, 1889-Nov 21, 1957. Beloved husband Percival H Taylor July 19, 1874-May 16, 1951. St Andrews, St James, City of Orillia, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Selina Gillespie 1885-1925, Herbert T French 1883-1954. Elmvale Union Presbyterian Cemetery.

Stuart Lloyd Gillespie 1940-1980. Buried Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Oro-Medonte, Simcoe Co

Walter Robert Gillespie, residence Penetanqauishene, Physician, died Aug 1895, Simcoe Co, Ontario (either 3rd or 23rd).

Stuart Lloyd Gillespie, born 1940. Died 1980. Buried Knox Presbyterian Cemetery, Oro-Medonte, Simcoe Co

Wayne Lloyd Gillespie, born 1939, husband of Donna Elyea, died Oct 23, 1992, West Ottawasaga Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Nottawasaga, Simcoe Co

William Gillespie died Barrie Jan 20, 1894.

William Gillespie (Mrs) died June 4, 1970. Simcoe Co

William H Gillespie, husband of Jessie Simpson, died July 26, 1945, Simcoe Co, Ontario

William J Gillespie, residence Mulmur, farmer, died Dec 27, 1869. Simcoe Co, Ontario

William Marcus Gillespie died April 30, 1970, Simcoe Co, Ontario

William T Gillespie 1911-1958. D Evelyn Warren 191301948 Boyds United Cemetery, Innisville, Simcoe Co, Ontario

Donald A Sinclair died Sept 14, 1912. Born Chinguaousy Twp, 1844. Married a daughter of Donald Gillespie..

DUFFERIN COUNTY. Includes townships of Mono, Amaranth, East Luther, Melanchon, Mulmur.

Ann, wife of James Gillespie, died Nov 13, 1866 aged 62 years. St John’s Cemetery, Mono Twp.

Beatrice C Gillespie died Aug 14, 1894 in Amaranth Twp, aged 2 years, 4 months. Harry Gillespie died Aug 19, 1938, aged 55 years. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario.   2nd record gives Beatrice Caroline’s  birth as April 8, 1892.

Bea Gillespie McIntrye Oct 24, 1914-  Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

Bertha E Kannawin Gillespie b Sept 28, 1892 d June 5, 1924. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

Charles Gillespie 1808-1881 Native of Strabane, Co Tyrone, Ireland. Amaranth pioneers. Wife Mary Jane Rennick (nee Boyd) 1808-1882, widow of John Rennick who d 1833 Enniskillen, Ireland. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin Co, Ontario

Charles Gillespie born June 22, 1911-  Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville

Charles B Gillespie’s wife Bertha E Kannawin born Sept 28, 1892, died June 5, 1924.   Charles B Gillespie, born Sept 1887  died Nov 4, 1949. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville

Clara M Gillespie born 1983. Died Dec 8, 1998. Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin Co

Dalton Verral Gillespie b May 18, 1896, d April 3, 1974. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

Effie Lois McLaren Gillespie, born May 23, 1914. Died Jan 24, 1961. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin Co

Elena Gillespie’s husband John H Edgerton Feb 15, 1895-Aug 20, 1967. St James, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

Eliza Gillespie (Mrs Cook) died June 23, 1898.

Eliza Bertha Gillespie died Orangeville April 12, 1894.

Eva I Gillespie March 24, 1910-.  Her husband W Allen Corbett Nov 8, 1907-  Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

E. Verral Gillespie, born Feb 8, 1925. Died June 29, 2013. Burial Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario.

Frank H J Gillespie May 13-July 21, 1937. Buried with Wilcox family. Zion, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Orangeville.

Frederick Gordon Gillespie, born Oct 15, 1914. Died Feb 3, 1985. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin Co.

Frederick D Gillespie 1919-1985. His wife Effie Lois McLaren, Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin Co, Ontario

George Gillespie, son of James & Ann Gillespie, who died June 24, 1844 aged 7 years 3 months. St Johns Cemetery, Mono Twp. (2nd record gives datea as June 21st).

George Charles Gillespie  born June 22, 1911. Died July 11, 1994. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

Georgina Gillespie died Melancthon Twp Nov 1875.

Gordon Gillespie, Mary (no dates) St Lawrence, Shelburne Cemetery, Dufferin Co, Ontario

Henry Gillespie died Aug 7, 1868 aged 42 years. Minnie Gillespie died Feb 10, 1904 aged 38 years. Harry Gillespie died Jan 28, 1910 aged 47 years. Ann Jane, wife of Henry Gillespie, died Oct 13,1904 aged 71 yeaers. St Davids, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin Co, Ontario

Irene V McClelland Gillespie, born 1919. Died 1994. Grand Valley Union Cemetery, Grand Valley, Dufferin Co

James Gillaspie, formerly of Co Tyrone, Ireland, died Dec 5, 1852 aged 46 years. St John’s Cemetery, Mono Twp.

James Gillespie died Orangeville Aug 28, 1894.

Jennie Gillespie born Dec 17, 1866. Died June 13, 1937. Her husband Rev Crawford Tate born Jan 15, 1868-Dec 17, 1944. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville.

John Gillespie 1764-1814. Charles Gillespie 1852-1931. His wife Catherine Whyte 1865-1943. Mary E 1884-1898. Pearl M 1898-1901. St Mark’s, Shelburne Cemetery, Dufferin Co, Ontario

John Gillespie died Nov 25, 1851 aged 38 years. His wife Eliza Campbell, who died April 3, 1891, aged 78  years. Mary Gillespie 1874-1886. Eliza Bertha 1876-1894. Lewis Gillespie 1882-1898. John E Gillespie 1851-1886. His wife Lessena A Davis 1856-1928. William 1840-1875. Sarah Jane 1843-1862. Margaret, wife of John Collis 1842-1864. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin Co, Ontario

John Gillespie died Sept 24, 1874. Dufferin Co.

Rev John Gillespie, died April 3, 1902, (Acton Free Press notice)

John Gillespie’s wife Nettie Cruikshank died Feb 28, 1914. St Pauls, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

John E Gillespie 1851-1886. His wife Lessena A Davis 1856-1928. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

John Reid Gillespie‘s beloved wife Millie McGill 1871-1949. John 1873-1951.  Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville.

Joseph Gillespie died April 11, 1895. (2nd record gives April 9th in Orangeville)

Laura E Gillespie July 7, 1904-Dec 7, 1997. Her husband J Ross Graham Jan 8, 1901-March 17, 1879. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

Lewis C Gillespie died March 9, 1899, Dufferin Co.

Lillian Gillespie 1890-1967, Her husband Lorenzo D Crewson 1885-1967. Grand Valley Union Cemetery, Dufferin Co, Ontario

Mable Jackson Gillespie b Nov 14, 1896. d July 24, 1972. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin Co

Margaret Gillespie, wife of Andrew Hughson, died April 18, 1909, aged 70 years, 7 months. Andrew Hughson died Oct 7, 1910 aged 73 yrs 12 days. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville.

Margaret Gillespie, wife of John  Johnston born Nov 27, 1851 died Jan 5, 1929. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin Co.

Margaret Gillespie Feb 17, 1911-Feb 28, 1983. Thomas H Robbins March 24, 1905-April 22, 1982. Parents of Anne & Robert. St John’s Cemetery, Mono Twp, Dufferin Co, Ontario

Margaret Ann Gillespie died Melanthon Twp July 1, 1886.

Mary Gillespie died May 5, 1898, Dufferin Co, Ontario

Mary Gillespie died Oct 10, 1927, aged 75 years. Native of Co Armagh, Ireland. Her husband Captain John Curphey died Aug 10, 1903 aged 68 yrs, native of Isle of Mann. Lina Curphey died April 17, 1949. Nora Curphey died May 25, 1957. Thomas C Curphey died Sept 15, 1957. William R Curphey died Jan 22, 1906 aged 33 yrs. Buried at Carman, Manitoba. Wesley Curphey 1862-1938 buried at Swan River, Manitoba. George Curphey 1863-1947 Bethany, Shelburne Cemetery, Dufferin Co, Ontario

Mary Ann Gillespie, died June 6, 1895.

Minnie J Gillespie born March 31, 1874. Died Aug 21, 1953. St Davids, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

Muriel Lucille Madill Gillespie, born Jan 26, 1925. Died Jan 4, 2015. Burial Greenwood Cemetery, Dufferin Co, Ontario

Peter Gillespie died Feb 13, 1873. Dufferin Co.

Ralph G Gillespie, born Jan 18, 1924. Died April 1, 2008. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Dufferin Co, Ontario

Rebecca Amelia Gillespie, beloved wife of Thomas Wallace, died March 7, 1907, aged 53 yrs 7 months 5 days. Thomas Wallace died Dec 6, 1910 in his 67th year. St Matthews, Shelburne Cemetery, Dufferin Co.

Robt Gillespie’s wife, Catherine Parks, died Aug 9, 1902, in her 37th yeas. Robert died March 6, 1927 in his 76th year.

Robert Gillespie died Sept 26, 1895 aged 85 years 4 months. Native of Scotland.  His wife Elizabeth died June 19, 1900 aged 84 yrs 5 months. McKee Cemetery, East Garafraxa Twp, Dufferin Co.

Robert M Gillespie Nov 20, 1881-Oct 14, 1951. His wife Helen C. B Grant Jan 1, 1881-Nov 10, 1931. St Davids, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

Sarah Ann Gillespie wife of John J Kelly, 1858-1953. John Jacob Kelly 1851-1902. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

Sarah K Gillespie (Mrs Jas A) who died Dec 4, 1884.

Thomas Gillespie 1854-1929. His wife Susan White 1864-. Carmel, Shelburne Cemetery.

Yyonne Gillespie 1919-1985. Her husband Al Fisher. Parents of Darlene, Linda, Derrick Aug 21, 1960-Sept 10, 1987. Sister of Linda  Derrick. Beloved daughter of Al and Yvonne. St Andrew, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Orangeville,  Ontario

Wilbert A Gillespie born 1885. Died 1919. Elmo W.A. M, son of Mr & Mrs E Gillespie born Feb 14, 1914. Died march 23, 1924. St Marks, Shelburne, Dufferin Co, Ontario

William, son of Geo & Elizabeth Gillespie, died Jan 8, 1892, age 2 years, 10 months 13 days. St Andrews, Shelburne Cemetery, Dufferin Co.

Wm Gillespie died Jan 19, 1899, Dufferin Co

Wm Edward Gillespie born April 9, 1865. Died Sept 19, 1866. Mary Angeline born march 18, 1871. Died Nov 24, 1874. Their children Wm John Nov 3, 1859. Died Aug 11, 1860.

William H Gillespie, beloved husband of Jessie A Simpson, born Dec 26, 1869. Died July 14, 1945. Jessie born Jan 6, 1875 died May 11, 1935. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville.

William J Gillespie. Beloved husband of Laura A McConnell. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

Zipha Ann May, wife of John Gillespie, died April 30, 1904 aged 71 years, John Gillespie died Aug 18, 1908 aged 80 years Clara M Gillespie Aug 19, 1903-Dec 8, 1998. Greenwood Cemetery, Orangeville, Ontario

WELLINGTON COUNTYincludes the townships of Minto, Arthur, West Luther, West Garafraxa, Erin, Eramosa, Nichol, Pilkington, Guelph, Pusinch, Peel & Maryborough.

Andrew Gillespie died Jan 23, 1906 in his 60th year. Wife Eva Isdora Howes b Dec 16, 1863. Died Dec 17, 1957 aged 94 years. Mount Carmel Cemetery, Wellington Co, Ontario

Archibald Gillespie died Minto Twp Oct 30, 1918, Wellington Co, Ontario

Elizabeth Gillespie 1853-1928. Her husband James Laing 1850-1898. Their son Andrew 1879-1949. Also their son Captain Robert Laing 1881-1952. Belynde, Fergus, Nichol Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario

Ellen McCort Gillespie b 1895. d 1968   Erin Cemetery, Erin,  Wellington Co, Ontario

Evelyn Reta Pollock Gillespie, born June 20, 1917. Died July 11, 2004. Rockwood Cemetery, Rockwood, Wellington Co.

James Henry Gillespie 1893-1960. His wife Ellen McCort 1895-1968.  Erin Cemetery, Erin, Ontario

James Robinson Gillespie died Minto Twp April 15, 1885. Wellington Co, Ontario

Jennie Gillespie 1867-1900. Her husband Peter Perry 1855-1931. Percy D 1891-1908; Rex T 1889-1916; Jean Munro 1867-1917. Also wife of Peter Perry Muriel Perry Thilges 1886-1972. Hebroek.  Edna Perry 1888-1972. Beloved wife of Ernest Heyboek.  Belysde, Fergus, Nichol Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario

John Gillispie died Minto Dec 29, 1871. Wellington Co, Ontario

John Gillespie died Jan 5, 1872 aged 94 years. His wife Catherine, died Jan 5, 1889, aged 84 years. Bethel Pioneer Cemetery, Arthur Twp, Wellington Co.

Malcom, son of Anugs and Sarah Gillespie, died Feb 18, 1863, aged 2 years 8 months.  Bethel Pioneer Cemetery, Arthur Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario

Margaret Gillespie d Dec 28, 1928 aged 81 years. Her husband Matthew Moore d Aug 11, 1904, aged 50 years. Reuben and William Gillespie killed in action June 6, 1916 (WW1)  Mount Carmel Cemetery, West Garafraxa Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario

Marjorie Dean Boles Gillespie, born 1931. Died May 26, 2016. Burial Erin Cemetery, Erin, Wellington Co, Ontario.

Author’s Note: Mrs Marjorie McKee of Guelph met me in Erin years ago to walk the cemetery and drive around the area to see the farm of Robert Gillespie where the family was raised, and gave me the background history of this family line to which she was related. Deep sadness to see another Gillespie researcher laid to rest. Marjorie’s story was published in the Gillespie Family History Newsletter Summer 2002. A good reminder that all these names on this page represent lives that were lived and stories to be told.

Mary Gillespie, wife of Robert Stewart, died Feb’y 1848 aged 35 years. Crown Cemetery, Puslinch Twp, Wellington Co, Ontario

Peter William Gillespie, born 1959 Ontario Died July 25, 1994 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Buried Rockwood Cemetery, Wellington Co. Son of William Gillespie & Evelyn Pollock

Robert James Gillespie 1932-1995. Loving husband of Marjorie Boles, Erin Cemetery, Erin, Ontario

William Gillespie died Minto Twp June 27, 1914. Wellington Co, Ontario

William Gillespie died Nichol Twp Sept 23, 1915. Wellington Co, Ontario

William John Brown Gillespie, born July 26, 1916. Died Nov 26, 1993. Rockwood Cemetery, Rockwood, Wellington Co.

GREY COUNTY includes townships of Keppel, Derby, Sydenham, St Vincent, Sullivan, Holland, Euphrasia, Collingwood, Bentinct, Gleneig, Artmesia, Osprey, Normandy, Egremont, Proton & towns of Thornbury/Clarksburg, Meaford, Owen Sound.

Angus Gillespie, s/o Duncan & Elizabeth (Johnson) Gillespie. Born Nottawasaga Twp on Jan 27, 1863. Married Carolyn Armstrong of Thornbury Oct 6, 1886. Died Nov 29, 1934. Grey Co, Ontario

Archibald Gillespie died Sullivan May 12, 1908, Grey Co, Ontario

Catherine J Brown Gillespie b 1912. Died 2000. Maplewood Cemetery, Grey Co

David J Gillespie b 1901. d 1986 Maplewood Cemetery, Grey Co, Ontario

James Lotham Mitchell, died July 12, 1945, 95 years old. Son of Alexander & Mary (Gillespie) Mitchell. Born at Picton, Ontario. Husband of Jane Tait. Clarksburgh, Ontario

Janet Gillespie, born 1921. Died 2000. Desboro Cemetery, Desboro, Grey Co

John Gillespie died March 8, 1934. Grey Co, Ontario

Mrs Henry Farquhar McRae died Jan 15, 1948, daughter of John Gillespie & Elizabeth McCullum. Born in Ireland and came to Canada 1882 alone.

Male Gillespie died Sydenham Twp June 11, 1897, Grey Co, Ontario

Marie Gillespie 1917-1987, wife of Austin Walsh. John A Walsh 1886-1968. His wife Johanna Murphy 1880-1976. Daughter Terese Walsh 1955-1974. Olga M Boehm 1919-1964, wife of J W Walsh. Vincent William Walsh 1901-1989. Mount Hope Cemetery, Waterloo, Ontario

Marion E Knox Gillespie, b 1898. D 1989  Southgate, Mount Forest Cemetery, Grey Co, Ontario

Peter Gillespie, died Sullivan Twp Feb 9, 1892, Grey Co, Ontario

William Gillespie b 1894 d 1907 Saint Matthias’ Anglican Cemetery, Berkely, Grey Co

William Gillespie, missing World War II, July 27, 1944. s/o Mrs W. L Gillespie. He is a member of the RCAF bombing squadron. His father was killed in action in 1916. Thornbury, Ontario

William A Gillespie born 1934. Died 1998. Burial Mt Forest Cemetery, Southgate, Grey Co, Ontario

BRUCE COUNTY: Includes the townships of St Edmunds, Lindsay, Eastnor, Albermarle, Arnabel, Arran, Saugean, Bruce, Elderslie, Brant, Greenock, Kincardine, Huron, Kinloss, Culross & Carrick.

JOHN GILLESPIE, born at Fort George, Scotland 1797. Died in Culross Feb 6, 1867. Agnes Gibson, his wife, died in Glasgow, Scotland Feb 19, 1835. George Gillespie born in Glasgow, Scotland March 16, 1832, died in Denver, Colorado Oct 27, 1914. Isabella Murray Gillespie born in Glasgow, Scotland June 5, 1827 died in Culross Nov 23, 1863. Beloved daughter of William & Flora Gillespie, born in Culross Dec 27, 1862. Died in Culross July 30, 1884. Teeswater Cemetery, Bruce Co, Ontario

Mabel Catharine “Mambel” Hodgins Gillespie, b Aug 25, 1905. D Dec 19, 1941. Greenhill Cemetery, Lucknow, Bruce Co

Robert Gillespie died in Arran Twp, March 8, 1970. Bruce Co, Ontario


Agnes Gillespie. Garnet E Farrier 1910-1976. Wingham Cemetery.

Catherine Gillespie 1857-1835. Her husband John McMillan 1853-1930. Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth, Huron Co.

Catherine Gillespie 1886-1964. Her spouse Charles F Marin 1885-1968. James Martin died Dec 4, 1908 aged 70 years 7 mnths. His wife Charlotte Wight died Feb 12, 1929 aged 85 yrs. Wingham Cemetery.

Chas Gillespie’s wife 1905-1941. Catherine Hodgins d Aug 24, 1910 aged 40 years. Jas M Hodgins 1874-1965. His wife Meretta Armstrong 1881-1970. Greenville Cemetery, Ashfield Twp

Frieda Bertha Wicke Gillespie, 1906-1987. Exeter Cemetery, Exeter, Huron Co.

Grace H Gillespie 1921-1982. Her daughter Alena E Steels 1941-1961. Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth.

Helen E Gillespie b 1891  d 1916  Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth, Huron Co, Ontario

James Gillespie 1835-1916. Maria Elliott 1841-1920. Their son John 1864-1905. Daughter Alice 1875- Blyth Union Cemetery, Huron Co.

James P Gillespie 1851-1932. His wife Mary L McMillan 1856-1933. Their children: R Arthur 1894-1895, Helen F 1891-1916, Mary A 1888-1968, William 1882-1934, His wife Violet J Carter 1887-1952. Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth, Huron Co.

John Gillespie born Dec 4, 1848. Died Aug 13, 1936. His wife, Mary R Barn born May 29, 1848. Died Dec 9, 1918. A native of Fifeshire, Scotland.  Maintlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth, Huron Co.

John Gillespie Feb 24, 1856-Aug 9, 1945. His wife Agnes Bailey 1860-1948. John Gillespie died Oct 10, 1889 aged 66  yrs 4 months. Native of Glasgow, Scotland. Jean Hamilton, wife of John Gillespie, died Oct 11, 1928 in her 100th year. Charles Gillespie died Nov 7, 1901 aged 44 yrs. His wife Margaret Paul March 26, 1936 aged 67 years. Paul E Gillespie buried in Arras, France Sept 7, 1918 aged 19 years. Wingham Cemetery, Huron Co.

John Gillespie 1858-1913. Jennie Love, his wife. Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth, Huron Co.

John G Gillespie, March 31, 1882-June 19, 1959. His wife , Minnie Rintoul died Feb 22, 1911 aged 26 years 9 months. Also their infant daughter Minnie, died March 13, 1911 aged 20 days. John’s wife Eunice Peddle April 9, 1882-Feb 22, 1874. Wingham Cemetery, Huron Co.

Margaret Gillespie, wife of Thomas McKenzie, died March 26 1880, aged 64 yrs. A native of Kirkintillock, Scotland. Free Presbyterian Cemetery, Huron Co.

Marjorie Gillespie 1878-1935. Her husband James Fulton 1880-1980. Marjorie Fulton 1905-1844. Wife of James Fulton. Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth.

Mary Ann Gillespie 1828-1923. Her husband Lawrence Lovell died May 16, 1907 aged 81 years. Native of Ireland. George Lovell 1853-1920. Catherine Lovell 1870-1920. Joseph Lovell March 4, 1864-July 24__  Wroxeter Cemetery, Howick Twp, Huron Co.

Minnie Rintoul Gillespie, born Feb 20, 1911. Died March 13, 1911. Wingham Cemetery, Wingham, Huron Co.

Neil McK Gillespie 1864-1946. His wife Elizbeth Laing 1870-1950. Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth.

R Arthur Gillespie b 1894 d 1895 Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth, Huron Co, Ontario

Robert A Gillespie, son of J & R Gillespie, died Aug 29, 1896, aged 25 years 5 mths 12 days. Also an infant. Rachel A Barker wife of John Gillespie, died Jan 7, 1898 aged 50 years 3 ms 21 days. John Gillespie died Oct 17, 1921 aged 79 years 5 mths. Exeter Cemetery, Huron Co.

William Gillespie 1852-1931. His wife Agnes Hill 1854-1936. Maitlandbank Cemetery, Seaforth.

William Gillespie 1877-1955. His wife Elizabeth Ritchie 1879-1949. Brussells Cemetery, Morris Twp, Huron Co.

William James Gillespie 1901-1957. His wife Frieda Bertha Wicke 1906-   Exeter Cemetery, Exeter, Huron Co.

William T Gillespie 1873-1939. Agnes, his wife 1872-1945 Exeter Cemetery, Huron Co.


Bert Gillespie b 1905. d Dec 1952. Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, Perth Co

Colette Florence Erard Gillespie, born 1924. Died 2008. Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, Perth Co, Ontario

Duncan Gillespie died Hibbert Twp Feb 12, 1884. Perth Co, Ontario

George Gillespie  b 1900  d Oct 1962  Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, Perth Co

James Gillespie 1819-1851, Duncan 1860-1885. Mary 1867-1895. Jessie 1868-1951. Agnes McKellar 1831-1921, wife of James Gillespie. Cromarty Presbyterian Cemetery, Hibbert Twp, Perth Co.

James Gillespie died Hibbert Twp July 13, 1895. Perth Co, Ontario

Janet Elizabeth Gillespie died Hibbert Twp Jan 30, 1894, Perth Co, Ontario

Marlene G Carter Gillespie, born June 11, 1941. Died Jan 9, 2005. Burial Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, Perth Co. Wife of R Ernest Gillespie.

Mary Gillespie died Hibbert Twp Aug 19, 1895. Perth Co, Ontario

William Gordon Gillespie, born 1923. Died 2014. Avondale Cemetery, Stratford, Perth Co, Ontario

WATERLOO COUNTY includes the townships of Wellesley, Woolwich, Wilmot, North Dumfries & Cities of Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge. 

David Gillespie, died N Dumfries Twp Nov 5, 1874. Waterloo Co, Ontario

George E Gillespie, born 1914. Died 1963. Ayr Cemetery, Ayr, Waterloo Co

George Thomas Gillespie, born March 12, 1912. Died May 10, 2008. Ayr Cemetery, Ayr, Waterloo Co

Jannet Gillespie (female) died North Dumfries Twp June 1, 1887. Waterloo Co, Ontario

Jean Isabel Gillespie died North Dumfries Twp Sept 17, 1921. Waterloo Co, Ontario

John Gillespie died North Dumfries T wp March 5, 1877. Waterloo Co, Ontario

John Howard “Jack” Gillespie, born March 15, 1930. Died Sept 1, 2010. Burial Mountview Cemetery, Cambridge, Waterloo Co, Ontario

J Wallace Gillespie b 1911. Died 1992. Ayr Cemetery, Ayr, Waterloo Co

Margaret Jane Gillespie (Mrs Houston) Will 1891, Died Waterloo Co, Ontario

Mary J Gillespie died Wellesley Twp July 26, 1890, Waterloo Co, Ontario

Olive G Sweet Gillespie, born 1914. Died 2002. Ayr Cemetery, Ayr, Waterloo Co

Richard Leslie Gillespie died Wellesley  Twp Sept 22, 1890, Waterloo Co, Ontario

Sadie E Gillespie died Wellesley Twp Sept 7, 1889. Waterloo Co, Ontario

Thomas Stewart Gillespie died North Dumfries Twp Sept 11, 1906, Waterloo Co, Ontario

WENTWORTH COUNTY includes townships of E & West Hamborough, Beverly, Ancaster, Barton, Glanford, Saltfleet, Binbrook, and  City of Hamilton.

Agnes Gillespie died Hamilton August 6, 1921.

Agnes G Gillespie died Hamilton April 8, 1887. Wentworth Co, Ontario

Albert Gillespie, husband of Eleanor, born 1882. Died 1935. Hamilton Cemetery.

Alex Gillespie died Hamilton April 3, 1900.

Alexander H Gillespie died Hamilton June 5, 1898.

Alexander Ramsay Gillespie born at Edinburgh Jan 29, 1829, died at Toronto Dec 19, 1815 in his 87th year. Buried Hamilton Cemetery.

Annie Gillespie died Hamilton Sept 11, 1892, Wentworth Co, Ontario

Annie Gillespie died Hamilton Oct 19, 1898.

Annie Gillespie died Hamilton Nov 24, 1898.

Arch’d Gillesby died April 16, 1866, aged 74 years. Fanny Gillesby died May 22, 1845 aged 52 years. Ann Gillesby died June 9, 1857 aged 25 years. Mary Gillesby their eldest daughter died June 23, 1908, aged 83 years. Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, Ontario

Cecelia Gillespie died Hamilton Feb 25, 1902.

Christina Gillespy died Hamilton April 2, 1911.

Earl Franklin Gillespie died Hamilton Feb 15, 1897.

Elenor Gillespie, died Hamilton Nov 19, 1879. Wentworth Co, Ontario

Eleanor Gillispie, wife of S Gillispie, born Feb 6, 1827, departed this life Oct 24, 1883 in her 57 year. Hamilton Cemetery, Ontario

Elizabeth Gillespie died Hamilton Dec 5, 1890, Wentworth Co, Ontario

Elizabeth J Gillespie died Hamilton Aug 29, 1915.

E.R. Gillespie wife of W Addison, born June 11, 1854. Died Oct 20, 1907. William Addison born Feb 9, 1947.Died Aug 20, 1912. Hamilton Cemetery.

Ernest James Gillespie died Hamilton May 29, 1893, Wentworth Co, Ontario

George H Gillespie died Hamilton April 24, 1900.

George Hamilton Gillespie born at Biggar Park, Lanarkshire, Scotland Aug 10, 1817. Died at Hamilton April 24, 1900. Elizabeth Jessie Gillespie, born Nov 26, 1866. died Aug 29, 1915. In loving memory of Elizabeth Agnes, beloved wife of George H Gillespie, born Lanarkshire, Scotland, Oct 6, 1827. Died in Hamilton Dec 5, 1890. William Gillespie PHD, born in Hamilton Nov 3, 1870. Died in Princeton, New Jersey Sept 13, 1947.  In memory of Jessie M Gillespie, daughter of Alexander Gillespie of Sunnyside, born in Lanarkshire, Scotland April 1831. Died at sea Dec 1897. Grace Mary Gillespie born June 14, 1868. Died April 22, 1914. Hamilton Cemetery.

Gordon Hillyer Gillespie died Hamilton Aug 23 1898.

Helen Hamilton Gillespie, Lady Alexander, born at Hamilton Dec 16, 1863. Died March 19, 1923, Hamilton Cemetery.

In memory of Hugh Gillespie died May 17 1908 aged 82  years. His wife Martha McAlister died Jan 13, 1912 aged 74 years. Agnes Gibson died April 8, 1887 aged 23 years. Annie died Nov 24, 1898 aged 19 years. John W died Feb 4, 1889 aged 33 years. Isabel Murray died March 28, 1898 aged 34 years.

Isabella Gillespie died Hamilton Feb 18, 1908.

Isobel Murray Gillespie died Hamilton March 28, 1908.

Jessie L Gillespie 1862-1945. Hamilton Cemetery.

John Gillespie died Hamilton June 10, 1885. Wentworth Co, Ontario

John Gillespie died Hamilton Sept 2, 1907.

John W Gillespie died Hamilton Feb 4, 1899.

John Gillespie died Hamilton Aug 4, 1893, Wentworth Co, Ontario

Joseph Gillespie died Hamilton Jan 31, 1891, Wentworth Co, Ontario

J Rowan Gillespie, wee sonnie, died Dec 26, 1919, aged 2 years 10 months 28 days. Hamilton Cemetery.

Margaret Gillespie died Hamilton Dec 31, 1908.

Margaret A Gillespie, born 1926. Died 1984. Burial Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Stoney Creek, Ontario

Marion B Gillespie died Hamilton Oct 22, 1916.

Maude L Gorman Gillespie b 1901 d 1952 Woodlawn Cemetery, Hamilton, Wentworth Co

Minnie Gillespie died Hamilton April 5, 1924.

Norman Wardlaw Gillespie, born April 5, 1922. Died Dec 21, 1995. Ayr Cemetery, Waterloo Co

Rebecca Gillespie died Hamilton April 16, 1911.

Robert Gillespie’s wife, Marion Braidwood Gillespie, 1883-1918. Mary Duncan, beloved wife of the late James Gillespie, 1862-1925. Hamilton Cemetery.

Roy Gillespie died Hamilton Nov 23, 1914.

Ruth Amy Gillespie’s husband, Walter S Talmage, Sept 1, 1882-Oct 8, 1960. Hamilton Cemetery. (Note: My father’s half sister). 

Sarah Gillespie died Hamilton Feb 21, 1890. Wentworth Co, Ontario

Sarah Jane Gillespie died Hamilton April 28, 1905.

Sarah Jane Gillespie 1856-1929. Her husband William Gatenby, died April 13, 1915 in his 71st year. Pte Arthur Gatenby fell in action Oct 1, 1918 aged 25 years. Hamilton Cemetery.

Sarah Jane Gillespy 1863-1942, Hamilton Cemetery. Note foodstone “Stroud”

Sybil L Gillespie, born 1921. Died 1999. Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, Wentworth Co, Ontario

Virginia Maude Gillesby, died Hamilton June 8, 1888. Wentworth Co, Ontario

William Gillespie died Hamilton Dec 10, 1887, Wentworth Co, Ontario

William Gillespie died Hamilton Feb 21, 1916.

William Gillespie b 1894 d 1948  Woodland Cemetery, Hamilton, Hamilton Municipality, Ontario

William F Gillesby Nov 4, 1943. His wife Virginia Nov  14, 1943. Virginia M Gilelspie 1888-1933. Hamilton Cemetery.

William G Gillespie died Hamilton Sept 14, 1886. Wentworth Co, Ontario


Includes the townships of: N & S Grimbsy, Clinton, Caiston, Gainsborough, Lough, Grantham, Niagara, Pelham, Thorold, Stamford, Crowland, City of Welland, Willborghby, Bertie, Humberstone & Waintfleet in Niagara County.

Alexander D Gillespie Aug 31, 1934. Enid Verna July 12, 1938-1992. Overload Cemetery, Bethel, Port Colburne.

Archibald Gillespie died Niagara Falls March 22, 1908.

Donald Gillespie died Niagara Falls Oct 30, 1901.

Evelyn Gillespie 1899-1973. Loving wife of Samuel Todd, buried in Belfast 1965. St John’s Anglican Cemetery, Fort Erie.

Fay Marguerie (Ross) Gillespie born 1928. Died Aug 5, 1999, spouse of Kenneth. Children: Peter, Richard, David. Siblings Donna, Pat. Died St Catherine’s Hospital. Vineland Cemetery.

Flora Gillespie died Niagara Falls July 4, 1895.

Francis Gillespie (male) died Niagara Falls Aug 3, 1915.

Frederick Wm, died May 24, 1865, aged 2 years, 9 months. Robert Tweedy died Nov 20, 1877 aged 17 years 3 months. Children of James & Rebecca Gillespie. Queen’s Lawn Cemetery, Grimsby, Wentworth Co, Ontario

George, Son of J. B. L&L Elizabeth Gillespie, died July 27, 187_  Queen’s Lawn Cemetery, Grimsby, Wentworth Co, Ontario

George J Gillespie, born 1917. Died 1996. Chapel Hill Memorial Gardnes, Stoney Creek, Hamilton Municipality

George Thomas Gillespie husband of Margaret Helen Stolz, Victoria Lawn Cemetery.

Hector Gillespie died Niagara Falls Sept 6, 1819.

Herbert Gillespie, died Niagara Oct 6, 1918.

James Gillespie died St Catharine Sept 6, 1890, aged 69 years. His wife Rebecca died April 16, 1911 aged 79 years. Florence H daughter of James & Ellen C Gillespie died Feb 11, 1896 age 8 weeks. Alice May Gillespie 1872-1949. Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St Catharines.

J Albert Gillespie April 28, 1882-March 17, 1954. Mary Carrick, his wife, Feb 19, 1885-May 24, 1952. Hugh C Gillespie Aug 22, 1924-Aug 25, 1973. Jean Irene Keith wife of Hugh, Dec 15, 1922-July 22, 1991. Victoria Lawn Cemetery, St Catharines.

John Gillespie June 21, 1857-Oct 29, 1945. Mary E Wilmot, beloved wife of John, Dec 11, 1858-Oct 26, 1927. Isabell Gillespie, wife of Ralph Tracy Sept 7, 1889-Aug 30, 1945. Harold Wilmot Gillespie Dec 11, 1887-June 25, 1970. Norma L Evans, wife of Harold W Gillespie Aug 11, 1892-Nov 28, 1955. Buried Queens Lawn Cemetery, Grimsby.

Travers Gillespie died Niagara Falls Aug 3, 1915.


Includes townships of Seneca, Oneida, Walpole, Rainham, N & S Cayuga, Camborough, Dunn, Moulton, Sherbrooke and City of Cayuga.

Peter Gillespie died Haldimand Feb 6, 1873.


Includes townships of: Burford, S Dumfries, Onondaga, Tuscarora, Oakland, and city of Brantford.

Anne Gillespie, wife of Thomas Francis Rowan. St Joseph’s Cemetery, Brantford.

Charles Henry Gillespie died Brantford Nov 29, 1879.

David Gillespie born Oct 21, 1874. Died Nov 5, 1874. Mary, wife of Samuel Wallace, died Dec 29, 1885 aged 68 years. Ayre Cemetery.

Eugene Henry Gillespie 1900-1959. Mount Hope Cemetery, Brantford.

Jack Gillespie died Oct 31, 1999 at Cambridge Memorial Hospital, spouse Kathleen. Children: Chris Fallows (Bill), Bill Gillespie (Cathy).

John Gillespie died Brantford Twp Aug 25, 1874.

Joseph Gillespie died Feb 23, 1908 aged 70 years, 6 months & 30 days. Marion Wallace, his wife, died Oct 31, 1918, aged 77 years. John Gillespie 1877-1969 Ayre Cemetery.

Lavina Reid Gillespie 1885-1967. Priscilla Craig 1887-1969, Margaret May 1891-1973. Farringrton Church Cemetery, Brantford. (Note: Born Erin, Ontario)

Mabel Gertude Gillespie died Brantford Jan 4, 1877.

Mary Gillespie died Burford Aug 6, 1872.

Rhoda Cotton Gillespie b 1898 d 1995. St James Anglican Church Cemetery, Paris, Brant Co

Samuel Gillespie died Brantford Twp Aug 8, 1872.

William Gillespie‘s wife, Margaret B Gemmell, died Dec 11, 1919 in her 35th year. Mary Gillespie, wife of George C Smye 1882-1952. George C Smye 1884-. Ayre Cemetery.

William C Gillespie b 1900 d 1981 St James Anglican Cemetery, Paris, Brant Co (see next record)

William G Gillespie 1900-1984. His wife Rhoda Cotton 1898-1995. Paris Cemetery.  See above record (may be the same person with two different records)


Includes townships of Windham, Townsend, Charlotteville, N & S Walsinghan, Middleton, and City of Simcoe.

At Walsingham on 9th Jan, 1835, John Monroe, only child of William & Harriet Gillaspy in his 19th year.


Lloyd Arthur Gillespie born 1933. Died 2011. Burial McAffee Cemetery, Fort Erie, Ontario


Includes the townships of: E & W Zorra, E Nissouri, E  W Oxford, and the City of Woodstock. 

Adam Gillespie died E Zorra April  15, 1874.

Andrew Bell Gillespie died E Zorra July 11, 1879.

James Gillespie died E Zorra May 21, 1891.

Mary Gillespie died Woodstock Nov 18, 1897

Ruth Gillespie died E Zorra April 29, 1925.

William Gillespie died E Zorra Oct 23, 1900.


Includes the townships of: Aldorough, Dunwich, Southwold, Yarmouth, S Dorchester, Malahide, Bayham and City of St Thomas.



Includes the City of London.

John Gillespie died Lobo Twp July 2, 1873.

Madeline L Gillespie, born Jan 13, 1913. Died Feb 9, 1996. Campbell Cemetery, Komoka, Middlesex Co, Ontario

Max Nelson Gillespie, born May 28, 1934. Died April 6, 2005. Burial Woodland Cemetery, London, Middlesex Co, Ontario

M Evelyn L Phillips Gillespie, born Feb 11, 1937. Died Oct 23, 2015. Burial Saint Peters Cemetery, London, Middlesex Co.

Thomas L Gillespie b Jan 12, 1900. d May 20, 1989  Campbell Cemetery, Komoka, Middlesex Co, Ontario


Laura May Ruddick Gillespie, born March 1910. Died May 31, 1996. Bear Creek Cemetery, Brigden, Lambton Co


Gordon Gillespie  born 1932. Died July 23, 1976. Burial Evergreen Cemetery, Blenheim, Kent Co, Ontario

Myra Gillespie died Jan 6, 2000 at Windsor Hospital. Spouse Joseph (1984), Children: Myra Lynn Meyers, Mark Woolson. Grandchildren: Nichole Bonner (Cameron), Great Grandchildren: Tabitha & Cory Meyer, Kirsten, Lawton, Sta Lawton, Tai & Lisa Woolson.


to be continued…..