CANADA: New Brunswick Deaths

Alice Maud Gillespie birth 1877. Death Feb 6, 1934 Lorneville, St John, New Brunswick

Amanda Jane Gillespie birth 1834, Death Aug 6, 1919 Central Blissville, Sunbury, New Brunswick

Arthur Gillespie birth 1838, death Sept 14, 1894 Saint John, New Brunswick

Barbie Elizabeth Gillespie birth 1913,  Death Aug 10, 1913 Saint John, New Brunswick

Bridget Gillespie birth 1850, Death Nov 30, 1915 Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunwick

Caroline Gillespie birth June 15, 1894. Death Dec 2, 1921. St John, New Brunswick

Caroline Anne Gillespie birth Oct 26, 1863. Death Nov 1, 1933 Scotch Settlement, Westmorland, New Brunswick. Parents Daniel Fraserrr, Caroline Mcphail. Spouse John R Gillespie

Charles A Gillespie, s/o Richard Gillespie & Harriet Johnson,  birth Oct 14, Death Sept 25, 1927 St Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Charles M Gillespie, s/o James Gillespie & Catherine Spear,  birth Oct 11, 1860, Death Feb 18, 1929 Pennfield, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Christian Gillespie birth 1839. Death Feb 27, 1901. Saint John, New Brunswick

Donald Francis Gillespie birth 1907, Death Nov 20, 1907 Grand Falls, Victoria, New Brunswick

Donna Marie Gillespie birth June 25, 1934. Death May 20, 1935 Saint John, New Brunswick. Parents: John Gillespie & Beula Kohlier.

Dorothy Christina Gillespie birth 1897, death Aug 2, 1897 St John, New Brunswick

Earl Woodman Gillespie s/o Thomas Gillespie & Carlene Sheriffe, birth March 22, 1921, Death June 9, 1922 St John, New Brunwick

Edgar C Gillespie birth 1874, death July 20, 1894 Moore’s Mills, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Edmund Patrick Gillespie birth July 11, 1873, Death Feb 5, 1929 Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick. s/o James Gillespie & Margaret Mccusker. Spouse Joana Gillespie.

Edward Gillespie, s/o Thomas Gillespie, Julia Osborne, birth Oct 24, Death Dec 11, 1921 Saint John, New Brunswick

Elda E Gillespie birth 1901, death Nov 13, 1904 Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunswick

Elizabeth Gillespie birth 1835, death Jan 14, 1897 Bathurste, Northumberland, New Brunswick

Ellie May Gillespie, d/o Judson Allen, Calista Mahar, birth Nov 19, 1880, Death Aug 8, 1924, St Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Ernest Gillespie, s/o Theo Gillespie & Sarah Jane Sullivan,  birth 1905, Death April 20, 1921 Blissfield, Northumberland, New Brunswick

Ethel M Gillespie birth 1888, Death July 26, 1917 Birch Ridge, Victoria, New Brunswick

Flossie B Gillespie, d/o Charles M Gillespie & Margret Hanson,  birth Nov 24, 1887, Death July 4, 1923 Pennvield, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Francis Gillespie, birth 1829, death Aug 17, 1903 Grand Falls, Gillespie Settlement, Victoria, New Brunwick

Francis Xavier Gillespie birth 1915, death April 21, 1915 St John, New Brunswick

Frank Gillespie birth June 22, 1860. Death Feb 8, 1935,Hillsborough, Saint John New Brunwick,  s/o James Gillespie & Rosannah Steves, Spouse Mary Daily

Fred Gillespie birth 1900, Death Nov 13, 1920 York, New Brunswick. Parents James Gillespie, Maggie Reynolds

Frederick Maurice Gillespie, s/o Edmund A Gillespie, Bessie Cooke, birth Dec 21, 1924, Death March 7, 1925, Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick

George B Gillespie, s/o George Gillespie & Irene Donahue,  birth Sept 19, 1928, Death Dec 11, 1928 Blackville, Northumberland, New Brunswick

Gillespie, child of Robert Gillespie & Bessie Perkins, birth Oct 15, 1922, Death Oct 18, 1922 St Stepehn, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Hugh Gillespie birth 1855, death March 14, 1899 Tower Hill, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Hughes Daniel Gillespie, birth June 26, 1933, Death June 26, 1933 Edmundston, Madawaska, New Brunswick. Parents Hugh Gillespie, Theresa Carroll

Isabella Gillespie birth 1890. Death Feb 5, 1890 Saint John, New Brunswick

James Gelepie, birth 1850. Death Dec 31, 1892 Saint John, New Brunswick.

James Gillespie birth June 29, 1856, Death March 12, 1931, Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick. Parents James Gillespie, Rose Steeves. Spouse Jane Gillespie

James H Gillispie birth 1861. Death April 12, 1916 St John, New Brunswick

James T Gillespie birth 1915, Death Aug 21, 1915 Saint John, New Brunswick

Jane Blanche Gillespie, birth Jan 8, 1925. Death Dec 5, 1937. Shediac, Westmorland, New Brunwick. Parents Ernest G Gillespie & Elizabeth Valenine Mcloughlin.

Jean Burns Carlyle Gillespie death March 6 (no year given), Tower Hill, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Johanna Gillespie birth 1840, Death April 25, 1919 Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunwick

John Gillespie birth 1813, death Feb 18, 1899 Bocabee, Charlotte, New Brunswick

John Gillespie birth Feb 12 1850, Death Jan 22, 1927 Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick, s/o James Gillespie, Rose Steeves.

John Gillespie birth 1851, death Aug 14, 1891 Saint John, New Brunswick

John Gillespie, s/o John Gillespie & Martha White, birth March 1881, death Aug 28, 1923 Saint John, New Brunswick

John C Gillispie birth Nov 16, 1859. Death March 16, 1930. Tower Hill, Charlotte, New Brunswick. Parents: Robert Gillispie, Jean Carlyle

John H Gillespie, birth 1892, death April 23, 1892 Winston, New Brunswick

John Hugh Gillespie birth April 17, 1857. Death July 13, 1936. Moncton, New Brunswick. Parents James Gillespie &Margaret Mccloskey. Spouse Isabella Forbes

Joseph Gillespie birth 1891, death July 20, 1891 Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Joseph Thomas Gillespie birth Nov 3, 1915. Death Aug 31, 1921 Edmundston, Madawaska, New Brunswick. Parents Wm Gillespie, Alice Murchison

Julia Gillespie birth 1842, death Dec 11, 1913 Saint John, New Brunswick

Louise Gillespie birth 1861, death Feb 4, 1910 Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunswick

Magrite A Gillespie, d/o Caleb Cosscrow Cleveland,   birth March 3, 1835, Death May 23, 1929 Red Rapids, Victoria, New Brunswick

Margaret Gillespie birth Jan 10 1863. Death April 9, 1934 Lorneville, St John, New Brunswick. Parents John Reynolds, Spouse James H Gillespie

Margaret Ann Gillespie birth 1848, death May 4, 1906 Charlotte, New Brunswick

Margaret Ellen Gillespie birth June 29, 1846, Death Sept 27, 1925, d/o Kennedy Gage, Jane Crickard, Pennfield, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Mary Gillespie, d/o Robert Gillespie & Jane Carlisle, birth June 1850, death March 12, 1924, St Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Mary A Gillespie birth March 1, 1860. Death March 24, 1930. Saint John, New Brunswick. Parents Andrew Mccastlin. Spouse Edward Gilespie

Mary Ann Gillespie birth 1857, death June 5, 1905 St Andrews, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Mary Ann Gillespie, birth 1862, deateh Sept 3, 1904 Grand Falls, Victoria, New Brunswick

Mary Ann Gillespie birth May 23, 1861. Death July 7, 1935 Gillespie Settlement, Victoria, New Brunswick. Parents Frank Gillespie & Nancy Reardon

Mary Mutherrin Gillespie birth 1868, Death Nov 3, 1907 Grand Falls, Victoria, New Brunswick

Merritt Gillespie, child of Thomas Gillespie & Amanda, Spouse Edith McLaughlin, birth 1864, death Jan 9, 1929 Central Blissville, Sunbury, New Brunswick

Michael Gillespie birth 1809, death Jan 9, 1894 Campbellton, Restigouche, New Brunswick

Michael Gillespie birth 1889, death Sept 19, 1905 Moncton, Westmorland, New Brunswick

Michael M Gillespie, d/o Edward Gillespie & Mary Hutcheson,  birth July 4, 1953, Death April 20, 1926, Woodstock, Carleton, New Brunswick

Owen Gillespie birth Aug 5, 1871. Death June 16, 1937 Grand Falls, Victoria, New Brunswick. Parents: Francis Gillespie & Nancy Riordon

Nancy Almeda Gillespie birth 1879, death March 30, 1910 Saint Andrews, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Perley Gilispie birth March 7, 1906, Death Nov 28, 1931 Blissfield, Northumberland, New Brunswick

Richard Edward Gillespie, birth Dec 19, 1907, Death Nov 14, 1913 Birch Ridge, Victoria, New Brunswick

Richard Murray Gillespie birth 1836, Death Jan 2, 1916 Birch Ridge, Victoria, New Brunswick

Robert Gillespie birth 1811 death Nov 27, 1897 Lower Hill, Charlotte, New Brunswick

Thomas Gillespie birth March 1, 1863, death March 22, 1935, Saint John, New Brunswick, Parents: John Gillespie & Margaret Stoker. Spouse Caroline Gillespie.

Thomas Gillespie birth April 4, 1873. Death Feb 17, 1930 Canterbury, York, New Brunswick. Parents James Gillespie, Catherine Dickenson

Thomas Gillespie birth 1896, death Sept 22 1899 Grand Falls, Gillespie Settlement, Victoria, New Brunswick

Verna Pearl or Velna Pearl Gillespie, birth Aug 16, 1931, Death Aug 17, 1931 Gilks, Northumberland, New Brunswick. Parents Perley Gillespie, Jennie Ward.

William Craig Gillespie, birth March 10, 1863. Death May 1, 1935 Saint John, New Brunswick. Parents: William Gillespie & Ann Mcinnes. Spouse Gertrude Gillespie



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Dr Terry Gillespie, a giant in the field of

Cystic Fibrosis has died in New Brunswick, Canada.   Dr. Terry Gillespie, who was in his 90th year when he died last week in a Sackville, N.B., hospital, occasionally remarked that he learned more about medicine from being sick than he did from medical school.

For more than a quarter century, Dr. Gillespie headed the cystic fibrosis clinic at the IWK. When he took the job, those with CF rarely lived into their teens. When he retired in 1992, the life expectancy of Maritimers with CF was several times greater and among the world’s best.

It’s hard to definitively define the “Gillespie genius,” but certain things are clear. He recognized sooner than most that CF needs to be treated every day. For example, he recognized the importance of good nutrition — a high-fat diet — long before the rest of the world.

Secondly, he was absolutely dedicated to his patients.He was on call 24 hours a day. He would fight with governments, administrators and even other health professionals to ensure his patients received the best possible care.

Thirdly, because he contracted tuberculosis before he entered medical school and spent months isolated in a sanitarium, he knew how it felt to be sick and alone. That wasn’t going to happen to his patients, which is why he was often seen reading stories to a sick child late into the night.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, notwithstanding magnificent technological advances and the emergence of multiple medical sub-sub-specialties, Dr. Gillespie knew he was treating people, and their families, not just a disease.

In 2008, Dr. Gillespie was named to the Order of Canada.And, just weeks ago, a study reported that the average Canadian with CF lives 50.9 years, 10 years longer than the average American with CF. The study speculated on the reasons for this extraordinary gap. But it’s clear that universal CF care in Canada has contributed enormously to Canada’s remarkable survival statistics. And among those who treated those with CF in Canada, Dr. Gillespie was a giant. His life, and death, will be formally acknowledged at a funeral in Sackville, N.B. on Friday.