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I am enjoying life as a senior, gardening in the summer and serious research during the winter months. I've been collecting Gillespie records for about 40 years, as genealogy is my favourite past-time. I have two adult children, both married, and two grandchildren who live in York Region. My enjoyment is in a rural environment, living on a farm.

MILITARY: United Kingdom Pensions

Source: Chelsea Pensioner’s Service Records¬† ¬†¬†


(All initials UK mean United Kingdom)

Anthony Gillespie birth 1808 Mayo. Pension UK

Charles Gillespie, Pension UK

Charles Gillespie, birth 1792 Tyrone, Pension UK

Chas Gillespie, Pension United Kingdom

David Gillespie, birth Monaghan, Pension UK

Dennis Gillespie, birth Tyrone, Pension UK

Dennis Gillespie, Pension UK

Edwd Gillespie, birth 1776 Down. Pension UK

Francis Gillespie birth 1794 Fermanagh, Pension UK

Francis Gillespie birth 1824 Sligo. Pension UK

Fras Gillespie, birth Fermanagh. Pension UK

George Gillespie birth 1788 Limerick. Pension UK

Henry Gillespie birth 1746. Pension UK

Hugh Gillespie, birth 1817 Monaghan, Pension UK

James Gillespie, birth 1805 Tyrone. Pension United Kingdom

James Gillespie birth 1833 Down. Pension UK

John Gillespie, birth 1792 Fermanagh, Pension UK

John Gillespie birth 1821 Caithness. Pension UK

Joseph Gillespie birth 1822 Sligo. Pension United Kingdom

Matthew Gillespie, birth 1808 Antrim. Pension UK

Matthew Gillespie, birth 1809 Antrim. Pension United Kingdom

Michl Gillespie birth 1791 Mayo. Pension UK

Neill Gillespie, birth 1787 Fermanagh, Pension UK

Neil Gillespie, birth 1804 Antrim. Pension UK

Peter Gillespie birth Derry (Londonderry). Pension UK

Robert Gillespie Pension UK

Robert Gillespie birth 1806 Tyrone. Pension UK

Robert Thomas Gillespie, birth Aberdeenshire. Pension UK

Thomas Gillespie pension UK

Thomas Gillespie birth 1777 Lanarkshire, Pension UK

Thomas Gillespie birth 1786 Down, Pension UK

Thomas Gillespie birth 1802 Donegal. Pension UK

Thos Gillespie, Pension UK

William Gillespie, birth Lanarkshire, Pension UK

William Gillespie birth 1797 Tyrone. Pension UK

William Gillespie birth 1822 Donegal. Pension UK

Wybrants Gillespie, birth Tyrone, Pension UK

To be continued…