New South Wales Deaths:  Date of Registration………….District…..


Richard BARLETT, death Nov 20, 1888, NSW, age 4, s/o Samuel Barlett and Catherine Gillespie. Burial Tuena, NSW, Australia

Ada A Gillespie, 1875, age 8 months, died Sydney, Australia

Agnes Gillespie, 1860, d/o James & Agnes, died Sydney, Australia

Agnes Gillespie, 1902, d/o James & Elizabeth, Wallsend, NSW, Australia

Alexander Gillespie, 1885, s/o William & Honorah, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Alexander Gillespie, 1889, s/o Alexander, died Waverley, NSW, Australia

Alexander Gillespie, 1902, s/o Robert H & Ellen, Goulburn, NSW, Australia

Alexander Gillespie, 1905, s/o John G, Narrandera, NSW, Australia

Alice M Gillespie, 1874, d/o Elizabeth, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Allan James Gillespie, 1866, s/o James & Janet, Paterson, NSW, Australia

Alma E Gillespie, 1902, d/o Thomas M & Eden, Bega, NSW, Australia

Andrew Gillespie, 1852, died age 83. No other information. NSW, Australia

Ann Gillespie, 1890, d/o James & unknown, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Ann Gillespie, 1907, d/o James, Raymond Terrace, NSW, Australia

Ann E Gillespie, infant, died 1852, No other information, NSW, Australia

Annie N Gillespie, 1885, d/o James & Amelia, Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Archibald Gillespie, 1895, s/o James & Ann, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Arthur A J Gillespie, 1887, s/o Joseph & Mary E, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Augustine Gillespie, 1859, child of Francis & Jane, St George, NSW, Australia

Australia S Gillespie, 1890, child of Ada, Glebe, NSW, Australia

Barbara Gillespie 1842, infant. No details.

Barbara Gillespie, 1893, d/o John & Mary, Inverell, NSW, Australia

Bridget Gillespie, 1868, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, Molong, NSW, Australia

Bridget Gillespie, 1884, d/o Daniel, died Windsor, NSW, Australia

Bridget Gillespie, 1886, aged 56 years, died Newington. District Central Cumberland, NSW, Australia

Bruce Gillespie, 1908, 6 months old, Paddington, NSW, Australia

Catherine Gillespie, 1846, infant. No details

Catherine Gillespie, 1868, died aged 60 years in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Catherine Gillespie, 1872, d/o Edward & Margaret, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Catherine Gillespie, 1876, died age 68 years in Carcoar, NSW, Australia

Catherine Gillespie, 1881, d/o Leonard & Dinah, Tenterfield, NSW, Australia

Catherine Gillespie, 1882, aged 45 years. Died Sydney, NSW, Australia

Catherine Gillespie, 1894, d/o John & Mary, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Charles Gillespie, 1851, infant. No details, NSW, Australia

Charles Gillespie, 1865, aged 40 years, died in Molong, NSW, Australia

Charles Gillespie, 1873, s/o John & Isabella, Inverell, NSW, Australia

Charles Gillespie, 1884, aged 60 years, died in Liverpool, NSW, Australia

Charles Gillespie, 1890, s/o Andrew & Lillie H G, Parramatta, NSW, Australia

Charles Gillespie,  1901, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, St Leonards, NSW, Australia

Charles S Gillespie, 1861, s/o Charles & Ann, Goulburn, NSW, Australia

Charles W Gillespie, 1895, s/o William E & Mary, Wallsend, NSW, Australia

Charlotte Gillespie, 1830, infant. No details

Charlotte V Gillespie, 1890, d/o Allan & Lucy A G, Redfern, NSW, Australia

Christina R Gillespie, 1867, d/o William & Janet, Redfern, NSW, Australia

Clement Gillespie, 1894, s/o Edward & Annie, Goulburn, NSW, Australia

Colin A Gillespie, 1878, s/o James & Amelia, Dubbo, NSW, Australia

David Gillespie, 1884, died age 58 years at Bamain, NSW, Australia

Denis Gillespie, 1860, father unknown. Died at sea (marine). Australia

Denis Gillespie, 1860, died at sea, age 24 years, (marine), Australia

Denis Gillespie, 1863, died at Goulburn, age 74 years.

Dorothy J Gillespie, 1900, d/o Gideon & Ada M, Glebe, NSW, Australia

Edith S Gillespie, 1865, d/o William R & Harriet, Mudgee, NSW, Australia

Edward Gillespie, 1858, s/o Edward & Agnes, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Edward Gillespie, 1873, died about 30 years in Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Edward M Gillespie, 1884, s/o Lawrence & Margaret, Orange, NSW, Australia

Elizabeth Gillespie, died 1859 Sydney, d/o Thomas. NSW, Australia

Elizabeth Gillespie, 1886, died Bega, age 27, NSW, Australia

Elizabeth Gillespie, 1905, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, Burwood, NSW, Australia

Elizabeth Gillespie, 1905, d/o John & Mary, Waverley, NSW, Australia

Elizabeth J Gillespie, died 1906, d/o John & Jane, Glen Innes, NSW, Australia

Elizabeth L Gillespie died 1886, d/o John & Mary A, Lambton, NSW, Australia

Elizabeth M Gillespie, 1882,  d/o Alexander & Catherine, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Ellen Gillespie, 1876, d/o Henry & Mary A, Carcoar, NSW, Australia

Ellen Gillespie birth 1816 Co Donegal. Death Dec 17, 1881 Wheeo, New South Wales, Australia, age 65

Ellen Gillespie died 1881, d/o Daniel & Honoria, Gunning, NSW, Australia

Ellen Gillespie died 1897, d/o Edward & Ann, Woollahra, NSW, Australia

Elsie R Gillespie, 1891, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, Bega, NSW, Australia

Emily Gillespie, 1852, infant, no details, NSW, Australia

Ernest A Gillespie, died 1895, s/o Georgina M, Dubbo, NSW, Australia

Ethel Gillespie died 1879, John & Isabella, Inverell, NSW, Australia

Ethel Ann Gillespie , youngest daughter of Mr. Charles Gillespie of Goulburn, died at her parent’s residence Icinvaia on December 23, 1897, age 26  (b 1871). Published in the Freeman’s Journal, Sydney, Australia Jan 8, 1898, page 14. (2nd record gives mother as Ann.)

Evan Gillespie, died 1896, s/o William & Hannah, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Evelyn Gillespie, 1888,  d/o John & Mary A, Waratah, NSW, Australia

Female infant Gillespie, 1868, d/o James & Francis, Goulburn, NSW, Australia

Frank Gillespie, 1905, died age 70 yrs at Paddington, NSW, Australia

Francis Gillespie, 1903, child of Joseph, Marrickville, NSW, Australia

George Gillespie, died 1874, age 35 years in Wentworth, NSW, Australia

George Gillespie, died 1902, s/o John, at Waterloo, NSW, Australia

George A Gillespie, 1892, s/o James & Abigail, Broken Hill, NSW, Australia

George A Gillespie, died 1896, s/o Henry & Mary A, Tuena, NSW, Australia

George A Gillespie, died 1899, s/o Thomas & Catherine, Tuena, NSW, Australia

Georgina Gillespie, 1902, d/o William S & Eve G M, Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Gillespie, birth 1865.Death Dec 27, 1865 NSW. Father James Gillespie, mother Frances Hayward. Burial Gullen, New South Wales, Australia.

Hamilton Gillespie, 1839, died age 86, NSW, Australia

Hannah Gillespie, death Sept 29, 1860. Married. Spouse Robert Gillespie, NSW, Australia

Harold A Gillespie, died 1894, s/o Mary E, Wollahara, NSW, Australia

Harriet Gillespie, died 1903 in Sydney, NSW, Australia

Harriet A Gillespie, d 1887, d/o William J & Mary, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Harry L Gillespie, 1897, s/o William & Eliza, Taree, NSW, Australia

Henry Gillespie, died 1870, s/o Charles & Anne of Gouburn, NSW, Australia

Henry C Gillespie, 1890, s/o John & Mary A, Waratah, NSW, Australia

Henry M Gillespie, 1899, s/o Martin & Caroline, MacLean, NSW, Australia

Henry P Gillespie, 1902, s/o John P & Lillian, St Marys, NSW, Australia

Homea Gillespie, 1900, child of Thomas & Frances, Tuena, NSW, Australia

Honorah Gillespie, 1898, child of Charles & Mary, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hurtle J Gillespie, 1907, child of Florence J of Broken Hill, NSW, Australia

Infant Gillespie, died 1870, child of Daniel & Elizabeth, Bega, NSW, Australia

Isabel Gillespie, 1907, d/o Thomas & Mary M, Windsor, NSW, Australia

Isabella Gillespie, 1908, d/o Donald & Anna, Inverell, NSW, Australia

James Gillespie, died 1856, NSW Australia

James Gillespie, died 1856 age 80.  Died in Balmain, NSW, Australia

James Gillespie, died 1859, s/o William. Died at Wollongong, NSW Australia

James Gillespie, died 1871, s/o Thomas & Christina, Sydney, NSW, Australia

James Gillespie, died 1878, s/o Andrew. Died Bombala, NSW, Australia

James Gillespie, died 1882, s/o James & Margaret, Orange, NSW, Australia

James Gillespie, died 1889, s/o James & Susan, Sydney, NSW, Australia

James Gillespie, 1901, s/o John, Windsor, NSW, Australia

James Gillespie, died 1903, aged 43 years at Jerilderie, NSW, Australia

James Gillespie, 1905, s/o Adam & Georgina, Narromine, NSW, Australia

James Gillespie, 1908, s/oJames, Windsor, NSW, Australia

James A Gillespie, 1884, s/o James & Grace, Wallsend, NSW, Australia

James E Gillespie, 1901, s/o James E, Wallsend, NSW, Australia

James H Gillespie, 1865, s/o Samuel & Ann, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Janet Gillespie, died 1843, infant, NSW, Australia

Janet Gillespie, died 1853, infant, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Millicient Ann Gillespie, birth 1880, death Jan 12, 1901 Glen Inns, New South Wales. Age 21. Burial Jan 13, 1901

Patrick Gillespie, birth 1811 Co Donegal. Death Sept 10, 1891 age 80. Burial Wheeo, New South Wales, Australia

Rowland Gillespie, birth 1889. Death Sept 28, 1889. S/o James Gillespie, Jr. Mother Annie OBrien. Burial Crookwell, New South Wales, Australia

Vera May Gillespie, birth 1888. Death July 9, 1919. Burial NSW. Age 31, married, spouse James Gillespie. Australia

William Henry Gillespie, birth 1894. death April 21, 1963. Burial Crookston, New South Wales, Australia, age 69.

HUGGETT, female, birth 1890. Death June 19, 1890 NSW. d/o Edward Huggett & Eliza Gillespie .Burial Mt Cestigan, New South Wales, Australia


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