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Adah Phyllis Carlisle Gillespie married Dennis Ravenscroft Sept 1, 1945 Jo’burgh, Springs, St Peter & St Paul Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Adam Corbet Gillespie born 1901, married Isabella Hart Gifford June 15, 1935 Durban, Natal, South Africa

Agnes Isabella Gillespie, born 1859, married July 24, 1879 Henry Herbert Mann, Durban, Natal, South Africa

Aileen Letitia Gillespie, born 1923, married Ferdinand Frederick Johannes Wilfrid Hansen April 29, 1925 at Pietermeartizburg, Natal, South Africa

Allan Stanley Gillespie, born 1930, married Rita Travers Parton Dec 22, 1951 Durban, Natal, South Africa

Anna Gillespie married Charles Meridith Pike Nov 6, 1907 El, St Alban Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Annie Malcolm Gillespie married James Felgate July 15, 1896 Jo’burg, Jeppestown, St Mary the Less Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Brian James Gillespie born 1925, married Joyce Cicely Walters July 2, 1949 Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa – A Mormon Record.   (Correction by family: Brian born Sept 28, 1924. 1st marriage correct.  2nd marriage to Beverly Anne Hale Dec 9, 1965. Brian died Sept 24, 1995 in Muizenberg, Western Cape, South Africa)

Catherine Graham Jane Gillespie married Henry Theodore Zeppenfeld June 9, 1897 Jo’burg, St Mary the Virgin Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Charles Stewart Gillespie married Elizabeth Jane Wilson Feb 16, 1914 CT, Cathedral of St George Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Christina Gillespie born 1886, married April 20, 1910 Hugh Williamson, Greyville, Durban, Natal, South Africa

Constance Gillespie, born 1912, married William Mcknight Dec 27, 1954 Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa

Cornelia Johanna Elizabeth Gillespie born 1900, married Frank John D’Oliveira Nov 1, 1926 Durban, Natal, South Africa

David John Henry Gillespie, born 1896, married Constance Clark Nov 22, 1928 Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa

David Gillespie born 1933, married Elizabeth Kinlock Marshall Feb  14, 1935 Durban, Natal, South Africa

David Phillip Gillespie, born 1931, married Patricia Joan Strong Oct 16, 1954, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa

Denise Fraser Gillespie, born 1924, married James Wallis Short April 20, 1946 Greyville, Durban, Natal, South Africa

Emma Louisa Simpson Gillespie, born 1926, married William Grantly Perry Jan 7, 1929 Durban, Natal, South Africa

Emma Gillespie, born 1833, married June 24, 1857 Joseph Fleetwood Churchill, Durban, Natal, South Africa

Ena Mabel Gillespie married Philipus Hendrick Arend Heydenrych Oct 1, 1949 Jo’burgh, Spring, St Peter & St Paul Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Florence Gillespie married Earnest Bailey Aug 17, 1903 Jo’burgh, St Mary the Virgin Anglican Marriage South Africa

Francis Aloysius Gillespie married Edith Maude Fry March 29, 1914 Jo’burgh Parktown, St Mary the Virgin Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Francis Elizabeth Gillespie married Walter Noel Perry Aug 7, 1937 CT, Belleville & Durbanville, St George & Church of the Transfiguration Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Gavin Lindsay Ross Gillespie, born 1918, married Evelyn Patricia Page Aug 10, 1946 Durban, Natal, South Africa

Gladys Ethel Mary Gillespie, born 1898, married Nov 10, 1923 Eric Whitelaw, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa (see next record)

Glady Ethel Mary Gillespie Whitelaw, born 1898, married William Norman Taylor Oct 16, 1940 Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa (see previous record)

Grace Margaret Gillespie, born 1916, married Roland William Todd Nov 29, 1941 Durban, Natal, South Africa

Gwendolyn Myrtle Clarke Gillespie, born 1911 married Percy Alexander Stone June 3, 1950 Durban, Natal, South Africa

Hilda Jane Maud Gillespie, born 1904, married Sept 5, 1923 Arthur Robert Hedges Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa

Hugh Gillespie, born 1828, married Oct 20, 1858 Marianne Churchill Durban, Natal, South Africa

Hugh William Gillespie, married May 2, 1906 Jeanette Lamport, Durban, Natal, South Africa

Ian Alistair Ross Gillespie, born 1927, married Heather Betty Stewart March 20, 1948 Durban, Natal, South Africa

James Andrew Gillespie, born 1901, married April 10, 1924 Hilda Arnold, Pietermaritznburg, Natal, South Africa

James Richard Gillespie married Ada Elizabeth McLean (nee Branson) March 5, 1938 Jo’burgh, Belgravia, St John the Divine Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Jane Gillespie married Richard John Charles Skea July 19, 1905 Jo’burgh, Witwatersrand, St George Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Jean Carden Gillespie married Walter Davids Lyle Feb 3, 1934 Jo’burgh, Springs, St Peter & St Paul Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Jenifer Aletta Gillespie, born 1947, residence Recrow 86 Staatsmyne Brakpan, married Hendrik Andries Horn Feb 8, 1969 Brakpan, Transvaal, South Africa

Joan Arboyne Gillespie married John Carmeron Willis July 6, 1949 Jo’burgh, Springs, St Peter & St Paul Anglican Marriage, South Africa

John Gillespie, born 1920, married Shelagh Dorothy Peggy Thatcher Feb 8, 1947 Richmond, Natal, South Africa

John David Gillespie married Jean Buchanan Wilkie Nov 15, 1941 Jo’burgh, St George Anglican Marriage, South Africa

John George Gillespie, born 1889, married Marie Marguerite Pugin Christoforos July 1, 1954 Durban, Natal, South Africa

John Scott Gillespie, born 1901, married Mercia De Beer Oct 5, 1929 Greyville, Durban, Natal, South Africa

John William Gillespie, born 1941. Residence Noordsig Woonstel No 5 Ballie Park Potchefstroom, married Oct 7, 1967 Zadyda Gertuida Wessels, Netherdutch Reformed Church, Brakpan, Harmonie, Transvaal, South Africa

1907, February 9th 1907 Alfred Stanwell Gillespie
aged: 31, Bachelor,  occupation: Bank Clerk
residence: Johannesburg married Kathleen Agnes Currie, aged: 22, Spinster, residence: Grahamstown
were married in the Cathedral at Grahamstown
February 9th 1907 after Banns, by Robert J. Mullins
This marriage was solemnized between us
groom signature: Alfred Stanwell Gillespie
bride signature: Kathleen Agnes Currie
witnessed by: Jos. Currie , Olive A. Currie
Source: Grahamstown – St George (Anglican), Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. marriage register, 1871-1923, page 214, entry no 1224. 

Kathleen Elizabeth Gillespie, born 1920, married George Garrett Jackson Aug 26, 1944 Berea, Durban, Natal, South Africa

Kenneth Alan Ross Gillespie, born 1923, married Enid Stamp April 8, 1950 Durban, Natal, South Africa

Lawrence Fleetwood Gillespie marrried Una Green May , 1936 Jo’burgh, Parktown, St George Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Leslie George Gillespie married Lettie Sophie Van Aswegen Dec 9, 1901 at Johannasburgh Witwaterstrand. St George Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Louis Gavin Argo Gillespie, born 1903, married Daphne Eugene Till Nov 18, 1839 Ladysmith, Natal, South Africa

Madeleine Churchill Gillespie, married April 17, 1890 Ernest Leslie Acutt,  Durban, Natal, South Africa

Margaret Coghlan Gillespie, married May 25, 1904 Hugh Alexander Taylor Durban, Natal, South Africa

Margaret Edith Gillespie married Herbertg Edwin Bruce June 3, 1915 CT, Cathedral of St George Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Marjorie Belle Gillespie, born 1911, married Jasper Wessels Human Oct 21, 1944 Durban, Natal , South Africa

Maria Gillespie, married Aug 3, 1859 Frederick Mason, Durban, Natal, South Africa

Maria Gertrude Gillespie married Jan Remiguis Cellarius Jan 1, 1903 Graaff-Reinet, St James Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Marion Winifred Gillespie, born 1899, married Oct 3, 1925 Douglas Regbinald De Mortimer Mcintosh, Berea, Durban, Natal, South Africa

Mary Ann Gillespie married James Richard Elford June 20, 1921 Jo’burg & Pretoria, St Mary Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Minnie Gillespie, married May 21, 1906 Robert John McKenzie Durban, Natal, South Africa

Natalie Gillespie, born 1914, married Charles Nicles Robert Bestel July 31, 1937 Durban, Natal, South Africa

Natalie Doreen Gillespie, born 1927, married Kenneth Bernard Timm June 25, 1949 Greyville, Durban, Natal, South Africa

Naomi Mary Bridger Theobald Gillespie born 1919, married Horace Arthur Howard Hardy Theibald Jan 24, 1952 Estcourt, Natal, South Africa

Oonagh Shera Gillespie, born 1929, married Douglas John Barbourne June 2, 1954, Durban, Natal, South Africa

Dr Paul Archibald Gillespie from Cannington, Ontario Canada married Johanna Elizabeth Sophia Satchwell about 1916.

Pierre Duncan Gillespie, born 1909, married Norah Patricia Hansen June 29, 1940 Vryheid, Natal, South Africa

Ruth Pepperel Gillespie married Anton Bredell June 29, 1940 Jo’burgh, Srpings, St Peter & St Paul Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Sarah Gillespie married Pieter William Bouwen June 26, 1924 Pretorian, St Alban the Martyr Anglican Marriage, South Africa

Shelagh Dorothy Peggy Thatcher Gillespie, born 1925, married Vernon Lloyd Herbert Sept 3, 1953 Durban, Natal, South Africa

Sidwell Humphrey Gillespie, born 1920, married Naomi Mary Bridget Hardy-Theobald Aug 29, 1946 Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa

Sidwell Gillespie, born 1923, residence Plot 45 P K Largo Oor Springs, married Dec 8, 1951 Susanna Johanna Magrietha Catrina Mostert, Netherdutch Reformed Church, Petoria, South Africa

Thomas Fraser Gillespie born 1894, married Oct 18, 1922 Ena Templeton Todd Verulum, Inanda, Natal, South Africa

William Gillespie born 1868, married May 10, 1900 Rose Emma Maude Harrison, Avoca, Natal, South Africa

William Bryan Gillespie married Gwendoline Myrtle Clark June 17, 1940 at Johannasburgh Cathedral, St Mary the Virgin Anglican Marriage, South Africa

William Jamieson Gillespie, born 1899, married Edith Joyce Mcfadden June 3, 1950 Durban, Natal, South Africa

William Jamieson Gillespie, born 1900, married Sept 16, 1925 Jessie Adams, Durban, Natal, South Africa

William John Gillespie married Gladys Herbert Evans March 15, 1906 Pretoria, Pietersburgh Christ Church Anglican Marriage, South Africa



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