BLOGGING: December 2020

The ending of another year, probably the worst one for many of us because of the world-wide pandemic with its accompanying restrictions and deaths. But out of any experience, one can learn new things, and grow emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise. We can overcome  tragedy in a positive way, if we make wise choices, but that is a subject for another time.

I started this website because my children didn’t know what to do with the genealogy records in 85,  two-inch binders on bookshelves, and a 4 drawer cabinet of correspondence/records of others. It was too expensive to send it to the Mormons.

But when death stalks the periphery of one’s life, it is time to get ready to face the end. My son gave me the website to help me make the transition.  I developed it from its empty space. He monitors it and preserves it, the techie stuff, pays the fees to keep it functioning and I pay him back.  He fixes things, as needed. He has promised to keep this website going after I am gone, and to preserve the filing cabinet of records, and my own family records,  unless I make other arrangements, which I am considering seriously.  Want to buy it?  Someone out there in cyberspace will hopefully want to continue this work for others.

Anyone can download a page easily for your own research and even link to them from other sites. I have not blocked that at all. Records themselves are not copyright protected, but the presentation certainly is.  That is why these records are hand typed, and it takes about an hour to do 40 records in one sitting.

I have people  who keep pushing me to change the appearance of my website, to make it more attractive and ‘modern’ to attract more visitors.  Yes, naturally I want many people to use it to help them in their research, but being modern is not my focus.  I prefer it to be as old fashioned as possible,  because it reflects the past, not today, not the future, unless someone else takes it over and does so.  Interested?

I wanted it simple and easy to use. I have accomplished that. I receive lots of encouragements from folk who appreciate what I ‘ve done.  Thank you.

Part of the difficulty is two fold: As I am putting these records online  I  am destroying my library in print and ending my dream of a log cabin on a ranch to house them for visitors. But the real reason is that I have no training in web design,  and no real interest. Yes, I have the latest big WordPress volume to study, but its jargon so quickly becomes meaningless to me.

It takes most of my energy to get my routines established again, and I’m getting there.  This has been a year of upheaval personally. Everything is new, even my laptop, but that is kind of nice, too.  Enough for today.  How do I introduce blogging on my website, and let you make comments in return?  Let me post it temporarily until I can figure this out, if I can.