Located in Ontario, CANADA, the staff of this genealogy library collects and preserves family history records for the last name GILLESPIE, and its many variant spellings, from across the world. The Archives in the library preserves the work of other Gillespie researchers. This site brings Gillespie records to one location for the researcher.

Genealogy records are found on this site by country or subject. Use the left menu bar for family history research. Thousands of other last names are also listed on this website. The top menu bar represents personal interests and activities.

The name Gillespie originated in the British Isles but not from one individual and descendants of that person. Rather there is an occupation hint  by which early individuals in Ireland and Scotland used variant spellings of the name linked to a religious context, meaning  “servant of the Bishop.” 

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                                                                     The Pioneer Experience

                                                                  Voyage to Quebec 1821

                                                     1837 Voyage New York to Canada                     

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